It is best to drink these tea for a pregnant woman!

Pregnant women are a special group, so they must pay special attention to the diet of pregnant women, so would someone ask pregnant women to drink tea?What tea can I drink?In fact, it is good for pregnant women to drink some tea appropriately, but it cannot be excessive or too strong.Because if you drink too much strong tea, you may cause pregnancy anemia, and the fetus may also have congenital iron deficiency anemia.

What are the benefits of drinking tea for pregnant women?

A variety of ingredients contained in tea are good for the human body, including nutrients such as tea polyphenol, aroma, minerals, protein, vitamins and other nutrients.If pregnant women can drink 3 to 5 grams of tea a day, especially light green tea, they can strengthen cardiac and kidney function, promote blood circulation, help digestion, and prevent pregnancy edema.

1. Green tea

Green tea is rich in zinc, which can promote fetal growth and development.

2. Rose tea

Rose tea is rich in vitamin C and has a good beauty effect, and it is also conducive to the absorption of iron. Therefore, it has the effect of eliminating anemia.Rose tea is very suitable for drinking in the middle of pregnancy.

3. Dandelion tea

It is rich in vitamin A, calcium and iron. The roots and leaves of dandelion help relieve mild puffiness and nourish the liver.

4, chamomile tea

Rich calcium and magnesium can help relieve the symptoms of insomnia and joint inflammation.

Precautions when pregnant women drink tea:

1. Pregnant women should not drink black tea, because tea contains 2%-5%caffeine, and a large amount of tea that drinks stronger, especially black tea, will have a certain excitement for the human body, thereby stimulating the increase in fetal movement, which may even affect the fetusThe development of its weight is alleviated.

2. Avoid drinking strong tea. Tea contains tannic acid, camellia, caffeine and other substances, especially tannic acid. It can be combined with iron elements into a complex that cannot be absorbed by the body, which hinders pregnant women’s absorption of iron.Therefore, if you drink too much strong tea, it will cause the danger of pregnancy anemia, and the fetus may also suffer from congenital defects.Drinking strong tea for a long time will also accelerate the heartbeat, increase urine output, and increase blood circulation, which will undoubtedly bring a burden on the heart and kidneys to pregnant women who are weak.

Therefore, pregnant women who are pregnant remember not to drink a lot of strong tea.

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