It is not difficult to prevent the prevention and treatment of piglets, and it is not simple to say simple.

my country has now entered the early autumn stage, and the weather starts to turn slightly in the morning and evening. The breeding of piglets needs to be correctly managed. Autumn is also a high incidence season for various pig diseases, such as blue -ear disease, pseudo -rabies, infectious gastroenteritis, and pig flow behavior. Diarrhea, swine fever, foot -and -mouth disease, wheel -like virus, erythrocyte body, toxoplasty, parasitic disease, etc., all harm the health of piglets. Among them Discover in time and treat them in time.

It mainly refers to a kind of acute, highly contact digestive tract disease caused by coronary virus infection. Clinically, there are contagious gastrointestinalitis, epidemic diarrhea, and rotary virus. Diarrhea symptoms are relatively similar, and it is more difficult to diagnose and treat; as early as 2011, such diseases frequently occurred in my country’s pig farms. In the detection of across the country in 2013 It is 2.65%, (PEDV) 24.49%, and (PROV) 3.2%. From this, it can be seen that the infection rate of epidemic diarrhea is higher.

Clinical symptoms:

Pig infectious gastrointestinal gastroenteritis and pig flow diarrhea are more similar in clinical manifestations. Both diseases are very fast in spread, and they are popular in local.At the beginning of the white, then yellow or green, the undertaking milk condensation can be seen in the feces, and then the appetite decreases, and the milk will be stopped.7-10 days of disease, 5-year-old pig’s mortality rate can reach more than 80%, and the mortality rate of pigs from 15-30 years old is 20-40%, and less than 5%of more than 8 weeks.

The clinical symptoms of wheel viruses are weak, not breastfeeding or stopping milk, and then water -like diarrhea appears. The feces are yellow and white or dark.The symptoms of piglets are worse.

The differences between these three viruses are that pig contagious gastroenteritis and pig flow diarrhea occurred in April of the following year. Vomiting accompanied by water-like diarrhea. Most of the soft virus occurred in 13-38 years old.Pigs, no disease at 7 days.


Strengthen breeding management, avoid excessive changes in the temperature difference between pig houses, keep the pig environment clean and hygienic, regularly disinfect the use of jets and equipment for pig houses, and perform second -couples of dotid vaccine injection of pregnant sows 25 days before giving birth, which will produce.After antibodies, the first -born pigment can be passive immunoconis through milk. Drug prevention can add 50%of astragalus polysaccharides to the feed.

Mainly refers to a acute, deadly intestinal infection disease caused by piglets infected with E. coli (piglets yellow, white diarrhea), and Weashalm (piglets red). Disorders have disorders, and the internal fungus of the intestine is unbalanced, causing a large number of harmful bacteria to reproduce. In recent years, the incidence in my country has grown in growth. According to research, the annual incidence of the country is 46.5%and the mortality rate is 10.3%. From this, it can be seen. It can be seen that it can be seen. It can be seen that. It can be seen. Such diseases bring huge economic losses to the pig industry.

Clinical symptoms:

The piglets of the piglets occur at 3-7 days old suckling pig, pulling yellow or yellow-white water-like feces, and sometimes sprayed with yellow dung, gradually losing weight, and finally died due to dehydration.Death, loudly shouted when you touched or caught.

The piglets are mainly pulling white or gray -white feces. The temperature is normal. If it is not treated in time, the piglets start to be weak, thin, unstable, afraid of cold, tie, and then complications, respiratory diseases with cough, etc.-7 days can die, and the long course of the disease will form a stiff pig even if it is restored.

The clinical symptoms of the piglets of piglets are that the stools are dry at first, and then the abdomen begins to swell, mental anxiety, mania and restlessness, and often cannot be pulled out. In the later period, red or red -brown feces began.Fragment.


The first is to do a good job of vaccination for sow, to inoculate the sows in vaccination of colonobacterium, and strengthen the management of gestational sow sows and mammals.For disinfection procedures, some digestive drugs can be given to the occurrence of diarrhea after the birth of the piglets.

Parasites that can make piglet diarrhea are mainly balls, tapeworms, round nematodes, and whip worms. Most of them are due to poor conditions of pig houses and do not meet the standards.substantial improvement.

Clinical symptoms:

Balls are mainly infected with piglets for 7 to 21 days. The infected parts are mainly empty intestines and intestines. After 1 to 2 days infection, it pulls yellow -brown to gray -white thin manure and mixed with blood.Death.

The piglets who are mainly infected with the infection of March-May. After the infection, the body temperature rises, accompanied by cough, loss of appetite, diluted, vomiting, jaundice and other symptoms. In severe cases, it can cause death.

Most of the circular width occurred in the rainy season. Predicts mainly infected with 3-4 weeks of age. The common symptoms after infection are yellow water-like dung, loss of appetite, anorexia, and vomiting.

The main infected parts of the whip worm are in the cecum. The pigs who are infected are unstable, the limbs are weak, the body temperature is rising, the mental is not stimulating, and the dilute feces are pulled. Sometimes in the feces, they can occur all the way throughout the year.


The prevention of parasites must be cleaned well to prevent the staff from bringing the eggs to prevent pets and mice from entering. You can also add the drugs that antibisiers are used to drink water at the age of 5 days.Drinking piglets can effectively prevent it.

In addition to the above three cases, there are some other factors that can also cause pigs diarrhea, such as the low temperature of the pig house, humid ground, indigestion, dirty water, etc., Make up in advance to prevent random drinking, comprehensive breeding management must be in place.

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