It is said that people with these 5 signs are easier to get pregnant. Do you have it?

There are always two kinds of people in this world. Some people are happy and some are worried, and so is the matter for children.Some people are born with pregnancy. Such people do not need to prepare any preparation at all."Do you think who does not want to become a pregnancy -prone constitution? Next, let’s talk about several characteristics of pregnancy.

Features 1: Never overdo the flow and drug flow

You know, whether the flow of people or the medicine is very harmful to women. They can make the uterus adhere, affect women’s conception, and make the endometrium thinner and thinner, leading to infertility.But now many girls do not pay attention to their own health, and they have taken the road of abortion and medicine. If you want to become a pregnancy -prone constitution, these two abortion methods must not have been done.

Feature 2: The characteristics of the front of the uterus

Many people do n’t know that the uterus is actually divided into the front, middle and back, and sisters in the front of the uterus. It ’s very easy to get pregnant, because this position is the closest to the cervical mouth. When the sperm enters the cervixIt is, but if your uterus is back, it is far from the cervix. In this case, it is more difficult to conceive, so prepare for pregnant sisters to see where your uterus is.

Feature three: Weight reaching standards

Presumably everyone wants to be perfect, but for the sisters who are preparing for pregnancy, too thin or too fat will affect pregnancy.If it is too thin, it is difficult to bear a new life in women’s nutrition in women.But too fat will cause endocrine disorders or menstrual disorders, so that your ovulation will be abnormal and will affect pregnancy, so women must adjust their weight during pregnancy.

Feature 4: The characteristics of warm hands and feet

Most palace Han is because the spleen or body is too much moisture, which causes insufficient yang in women.If there is a problem with Gonghan, it will easily affect the development of the fetus, and it is even difficult to get pregnant.Therefore, if there are women in Gonghan, you must condition your body during pregnancy, remember to keep warm, and eat less cold food.

Features 5: Auntie is very regular

The "Auntie" here is actually our "good sister" -the menstruation. It will come to patronize every month, but every time we come, it will make us pain and unbearable, especially sisters with severe dysmenorrhea are "painful".Once you don’t come, we will "think about", so only regular aunts can make our health healthy. Once various gynecological diseases occur, we will adjust in time.

As a person who comes, I want to remind everyone that you can get pregnant quickly as long as you have these characteristics. If you want to get pregnant quickly, you need to find your own ovulation period.Baby in my own.

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