It may not necessarily bleed for the first time, but more bleeding, you need to be alert to the disease, don’t care

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I am 23 years old. I am a more conservative girl. My husband also pursued me for three years before getting married. Before, my husband also wanted to have a husband and wife with me earlier. It was forced to keep my mouth and pull a hand.It’s not too strong.On the day of the wedding day, the husband was happy with me. The two were very satisfied, but I found that my husband was obviously unhappy in the morning.By: I will only have a man, and I don’t know why?Do you want to bleed for the first time?

In ancient culture, falling red, represents the chastity between the ancient newlyweds and wife, and also represents the beauty of the wedding night.Then rush out of the house.With the slow progress of medicine, it is no scientific basis for this kind of speech in ancient times. The reason why it is red because of the hymen rupture. The hymen is part of the female reproductive system. It is located between the vaginal opening and the cervix. ItIt is a layer of film, which is composed of fat cells, connective tissues and blood vessels. Its thickness and shapes vary from person to person. Some people have thicker hymen and some people’s hymen are thinner.

The hymen has two main functions: one is to protect the internal organs of women, such as cervix and uterus to prevent bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances entering; second, when sexual behavior, protect women’s reproductive organs, prevent sexual transmission of diseases and pregnancy, and pregnancy.EssenceThe rupture of the hymen is a common phenomenon, but not every woman will have the experience of hymen rupture.Generally speaking, the rupture of the hymen may be caused by sexual behavior, sports activities (riding bicycles, splits, etc.) or other reasons. It may have pain when the hymen is ruptured, but it may not be not.So for the first time, it does not mean that it does not mean that it is chastity. Male friends must understand clearly.

The first intercourse bleeding may be caused by tension, excitement or sexual stimulation, but it may also be caused by gynecological diseases.If the amount of bleeding is large, it may be caused by gynecological diseases.

Cervicitis is a common gynecological disease that can cause inflammation, bleeding or dysmenorrhea.Symptoms of cervicitis include vaginal hemorrhage, abnormal leucorrhea, itching of vulva, and abdominal pain.Uterine polyps may also cause the first intercourse bleeding. It is a lesion caused by excessive growth of the endometrium.It may cause symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, bleeding, abdominal pain.

Cervical erosion may also be the first cause of bleeding in intercourse. It is caused by the degeneration of cervical tissue, which may cause symptoms such as bleeding, leucorrhea abnormalities, and dysmenorrhea.Vaginitis may also be the cause of bleeding for the first time. It is caused by excessive reproduction of bacteria in the vagina, which may cause symptoms such as leucorrhea abnormalities, dysmenorrhea, and abdominal pain.

If such symptoms occur, you should seek medical treatment in time for timely diagnosis and treatment.Timely medical treatment can not only improve the condition, but also prevent more serious diseases.

Some women are afraid of the other half of the virgin complex, and they will choose to perform virgin repairs. So is there any risk of hymen repair?

Membrane repair (VM) is a medical surgery that is used to repair women’s hymen.It can help women restore the hymen.Mulberry repair is a safe and effective surgery, but there are certain risks.

First, hymen repair may lead to infection.Because hymen repair is a surgical surgery, there will be pollution of bacteria, viruses and other bacteria during the operation.If the surgery is improper or disinfected, it may cause infection.In addition, sometimes hymen repair will occur after surgery, which will also increase the risk of infection.

Secondly, hymen repair may also cause inflammation.After hymen repair, inflammation caused by hymen injury may cause pain and pain.In addition, the formation of connective tissues may occur after hymen repair, which can also lead to pain and pain.

Hyater repair has certain risks, including infection, inflammation and pregnancy complications.Therefore, before hymen repair, you must consult the doctor to understand the risks of the postoperative surgery in order to make the right choice.

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