It turns out that a good pregnancy book can really improve your sense of happiness during pregnancy

What is the biggest feeling of the first pregnancy?I have asked this question almost all the girlfriends and sisters who have experienced around.

After experiencing such a major surprise in life, there is no need to say joy and excitement.

But basically everyone mentioned that after the surprise, what followed was "懵" and "anxiety".

Not only are you doing "hair", but also panic and overwhelmed by your physical changes, and worry about the anxiety of the fetus because of what he did or did not do anything.

Search on the Internet. The information on the Internet is too complicated.

Buy this pregnancy book and want to give yourself a science of science. The book is thick and heavy. Opening a look at it is some professional terms that make people feel stunned. As a result, I basically discarded it without reading a few chapters …

What we need is a science popularization of pregnancy that allows pregnant mothers to read and help us relieve anxiety.

"Good pregnancy: care of handling hand accounts" is such a book.

The author’s six -story floor, not only the obstetrician and gynecologist of a well -known three hospital in Beijing, but also a big V in the field of women’s health science popularization. He deeply understands the needs and pain points of pregnant mothers.Just right, let ordinary people read easily.

As a reference book with pregnancy, the book is divided according to the timeline of pregnancy, divided by the unit, and in the week of space, cover the physical changes, common problems, and reminder of key matters of the pregnant mother.It only needs to look at the content of the first week for a few weeks of pregnancy, which is simple and clear.

At the same time, it is also a delicate handbook. It has set a practical section such as recording physical condition, mood feelings, and saying to the baby to help expectant parents improve the interaction while also filled the ritual of pregnancy.

The benefits of this book are not only there. Below, let’s take a look at how a good pregnancy book improves your pregnancy happiness?

1. Protection of obstetrics and gynecologists to make your pregnancy more relaxed and happy

Even people who have not experienced their pregnancy should have heard a lot of taboos about pregnancy.

Such as "what you can’t eat during pregnancy, what will happen to the child?" "Antibiotic drugs cannot be used during pregnancy, otherwise the fetus will be deformed."etc.

Regarding the taboos of different opinions, pregnant mothers will inevitably produce anxiety or even panic, and feel that "life is dangerous everywhere."

In fact, the reason why we are anxious is not due to difficulties, but because of unknown.

The most effective way to relieve anxiety is to understand it.

Regarding all kinds of rumors, the sixth -story floor pointed out relentlessly in the book, "Many lies that have been circulating for many years have always been regarded as the truth that we can’t break." At the same time, he will be the rich clinical experience and data accumulated as an obstetrician and gynecologist.In the stories of a few typical pregnant women, they are educated and enjoyed, making professional and clear suggestions for the common problems and pain points of pregnant mothers:

As long as the daily food is "purchased regularly", "cleaning before cooking", "guarantee to be cooked before consumed", it can be eaten during pregnancy; if pregnant women have inflammatory infections, can use cephalosporin under the premise of obeying the doctor’s advice.Waiting for antibiotic drugs for treatment; fetal protection has nothing to do with the age of pregnant women. "It is necessary to protect the fetus only when it is determined that there are problems such as luteal function abnormalities and habitual abortion", and so on.

At this point, pregnant mothers not only break the misunderstandings under the guidance of a doctor, but also help themselves and their families to eliminate a lot of unnecessary anxiety. Some doctors’ professional experience will endorse, and our pregnancy will become more at ease, healthy and happy.

2. By combing life and improve the planning of individuals and families

With the professional opinions and guidance of the obstetrician and gynecologists, we will make a proper plan for the later pregnancy and even postpartum life.

The sixth floor suggested that "the expectant mothers at work do a good job of work and residential planning during pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy."

What this plan is first involved is the choice of selection of archive hospitals.Because there are many times the number of pregnancy tests during pregnancy, especially the frequency of going to the hospital in the later period, the distance from the hospital to the home and the hospital to the unit should be as close as possible, followed by the hospital’s medical level and the physical condition of the pregnant woman’s own physical condition.

Then there is the problem of whether to continue working during pregnancy. The main basis, the working environment, and psychological state of the pregnant mother should be based on the family’s economic level.

In fact, it is not only during pregnancy, but also related matters related to the postpartum should also be included in the plan in advance, such as going to the confinement center or at home; ask the moon to ask your family to help take care of the mother and baby.

As a pregnant mother, these decisions may be related to the convenience of your pregnancy and postpartum life, the health of physical and mental health, and the quality of childcare life.

To make a plan in advance, you can avoid the rush decisions that are in arrears, and even trigger a follow -up chain response.

The pregnant mothers have sorted out their lives during pregnancy, which also helps her psychology and physiology to reach a more orderly and good state, and enhance the happiness during pregnancy.

Third, record doting during pregnancy, create precious memories of the family

Of course, pregnancy is hard. No matter how detailed the planning, it is not possible to ensure that pregnant mothers can easily face all changes and discomfort.

As the psychologist Jim Lore’s "Energy Pyramid" principle said, "When the body feels uncomfortable, the mood will not be good. This is physical fitness affecting emotions."

The pregnancy that needs to be undergone huge physical changes may be the period when women need psychological care and emotional venting in their lives.Many times, as long as it is expressed, the inner pressure can be released.

For this reason, "Good pregnancy: care of handling hand accounts" has set up many sections that pregnant mothers can write their own physiological and feelings.Even if you just record the boring emotions, when the text flows out of the pen tip, you can feel the anxiety of anxiety.

Pregnancy is not a matter of expectant mothers, it needs the system’s system efforts.The prospective father’s care for the mother’s mother and the degree of participation during the entire birth process of the wife can also enhance the happiness index of expectant mothers during pregnancy.

From the 5th weeks of the handbook part of the book, a section of "Daddy said to the baby" has been set up, which also reflects the author’s good intentions -let men enter the role of "dad" as soon as possible.The care of his wife and dialogue with the baby, more involved in the pregnancy process of his wife.

In addition to his own journey, expectant dad and expectant mothers can also record the performance of the baby’s 0 -year -old, such as the appearance of the baby in the B -ultrasound, the first fetal movement, the first family portrait, and so on.

When this book is full, the prospective father and expectant mother will not only officially welcome the arrival of new life, but also leave precious memories and memories for the important journey in this life.

The concept of creating "Good pregnancy: care of the hand during pregnancy" is to help pregnant mothers recognize that "pregnancy can be a happy thing."Behind this happiness is the effort of all members of a family.

The deeper significance of this book is to hope that women can better sort out their lives and planning through this important stage during pregnancy, get better growth, and complete the improvement of self -awareness.

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