It turns out that your little cute knows you are pregnant

Hi!Presumably many people have a lot of lovely pets such as kittens and puppies at home. These pets are also family members. They accompany us when we are lonely. When we want to play, we are also happy with us.Therefore, pets are a very good attention at home.

Having said that, many small animals raised at home are cats and dogs, so if the owners are pregnant, will they notice this?

In fact, if someone is pregnant at home, in most cases, kittens and puppies will notice it because their sense of smell is very sensitive. They can distinguish some of the human body.Some hormones, such as the secretion of levels such as progesterone, will increase. At this time, they will be aware of the situation of the owner’s pregnancy, so in this case, they will not collide with it.The master will become particularly good, knowing that the owner has a baby in his belly, so they can be perceived.

There are also family members who are pregnant. Generally, the emotional changes will be particularly large, and the behavior of pregnancy will indicate the owner and pregnancy. These emotions and behaviors will be seen by them.The owner is already pregnant, so it is not difficult to see that the kittens and puppies are a very smart animal.

Kitten and puppies are particularly clever and well -behaved. If they really observe the owner’s pregnancy, they will try to protect their pregnant owners and prevent the owner from being harmed a little.Therefore, it is not difficult for us to understand through observation that kittens and puppies are particularly loyal to their owners. Once they find that the owner is pregnant, we will try to protect the owner, let the owner be healthy and healthy, smooth and sharpGive birth to his own baby.

So, if we have a kitten and puppy at home, if we are pregnant, do not worry about them that they will hurt themselves and their babies, they will try their best to protect the pregnant owner

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