Itchy on pregnant women may be a sign of serious illness!Glance for the baby

Pregnancy is a very special stage of women. In order to give birth to a healthy fetus, pregnant mothers will pay attention to various changes on their bodies.But after all, we are not professional medical staff, and we cannot distinguish some small symptoms.For example, itching of the skin.

A while ago, a foreign beauty was so itchy during pregnancy, so she posted on the Internet to complain.As a result, many netizens left a message for her to check.Fortunately, I found that the time was early and did not affect the fetus.

Healthy people usually have a dry skin and mosquito bites. Itching of the skin will also appear, while the pregnant mothers have a lot of skin itching. This is because the skin will become extremely sensitive as the hormone increases, and itching symptoms will appear frequently.

But it is such a small symptom, but it also indicates a serious illness during pregnancy!Pregnant mothers can be regarded as normal skin phenomena!

1. Pileposomy in the liver during pregnancy

Danger index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Occurrence time: usually occur after 7 months of pregnancy

Causes: The increase in progesterone affects the metabolism of bile in the body, increased gall salt and bile acid, and cause itching of the skin.

Symptoms: The itching caused by this disease is mostly in the palm and feet. As the pregnancy is delayed, it spreads to the four feet and even the face.And show the light and heavier nighttime.

Harm: It can lead to distress or even death in the fetus, and the mortality of newborn is also relatively high.

2. Herpes during pregnancy

Danger index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Time: It often appears in 3-6 months of pregnancy

Cause: A rare, easy to recur self -immune disease.

Symptoms: The rash often appears in the four feet, and it can also affect the trunk and head and surface.At first, the red urticaria -like plaques were mostly soybean -sized, and herpes were slowly appeared near the plaques.Bles are often accompanied by strange itching, making pregnant women restless.

Harm: There is generally no effect on pregnant mothers, but it may cause infant analogy, low weight of newborns, and even death.

3. Eczema during pregnancy

Danger index: ★ ★ ★

Occurrence time: usually occurred in the 4th-9 months of pregnancy

Cause: It is a more common skin inflammation caused by environmental and climate change, which is more common in pregnant women who are metabolized, obese or easy to sweat.

Symptoms: It is mainly itchy in the belly, and small rashes can be obviously seen in itching, and it looks like mosquito bites.

Harm: Eczema during pregnancy generally does not affect pregnant women and fetuses, but if pregnant women are caught hard, they will cause infection, which will affect fetal health.

4. Pregnancy skin disease

Danger index: ★

Occurrence time: usually occurred in the 6th-7 months of pregnancy

Cause: related to the increase in estrogen during pregnancy.

Symptoms: Itching can be Man and the whole body without other abnormalities.

Although the symptoms of skin itching are common, it will increase the psychological burden of pregnant women. Therefore, the cause should be found in time and symptomatic treatment should be found.

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