It’s so hot | Is the mung bean soup and Huoxiang Zhengqi, who are always prepared in summer, really to relieve the "weapon"?

CCTV News (Reporter/Yao Shunting): Every summer, many people will prepare mung bean soup and Huoxiang Zhengqi. They seem to be the "weapon" in people’s hearts.Once some people have symptoms such as heat stroke, diarrhea, dizziness, etc., they have irrigated mung bean soup and Huoxiang Zhengqi; in order to prevent heat stroke, some people even drink a dose of Huoxiang Zhengqi water before outdoor activities.

So, does mung bean soup and Huoxiang Zhengqi really have the effect of relieving the heat?In response, a reporter from the CCTV "News+" column interviewed Yang Jun, deputy chief physician of the emergency department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital.

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"News+" Reporter: Can mung bean soup really relieve heat?What are the problems need to pay attention to drinking mung bean soup?

Yang Jun: Mung bean soup does have a certain effect of removing heat. Because the mung bean is sweet and cold, during the heat, drinking some mung bean soup in moderation can indeed eliminate heat, anti -inflammatory, enlargement, anti -inflammatory, and rich in mung bean soup.Protein, minerals, and vitamins, etc., will help relieve indigestion function caused by hot weather.

However, there is a problem to note that the osmotic pressure of mung bean soup itself is high. Most people also have the habit of adding sugar. Sometimes they will produce penetration diuretic. In fact, it will increase water loss in the invisible.Although mung bean soup has a certain effect of alleviating the symptoms of heat stroke, it cannot be regarded as a solution of heat.If heat stroke has occurred, it is not appropriate to drink a lot of mung bean soup.

In addition, there is a special attention to everyone. We often say that mung bean soup can solve the medicine.There are some protein ingredients in mung bean soup that may be combined with compounds in some drugs to form tannicides, which affects the body’s absorption of drugs. Therefore, when taking western medicine, we are not recommended to drink mung bean soup, which may affect the efficacy.

"News+" Reporter: Can Huoxiang Zhengqi prevent heat stroke?Should I drink the symptoms of heat stroke?

Yang Jun: Huoxiang Zhengqi has capsules and water agents. From the perspective of pharmacological speaking, Huoxiang Zhengqi can solve the surface of wetness and qi.Unwilling, Huoxiang Zhengqi can indeed play a certain treatment role, which can alleviate heat stroke.

Therefore, it must be drinking Huoxiang Zhengqi after symptoms. It can relieve symptoms, but there must be no preventive effect.And Huoxiang Zhengqi may be effective for alleviating heat stroke, but it is not actually used to treat heat stroke.

Because in the environment of high temperature, high humidity and poor ventilation in summer, even young people who are usually very strong, are prone to heat stroke reactions.If the performance of the heat stroke response is relatively mild, as long as you get rid of the high temperature and high humidity environment, to a better ventilation and cool place, rest slightly to supplement some moisture, or drink some drinks with electrolytes can also effectively relieve it.

Even if you don’t drink Huoxiang Zhengqi, you can slowly recover by leaving the environment. If the situation is serious, you must seek medical treatment in time. Do not doubt that you can drink Huoxiang Zhengqi.

"News+" reporter: Who is not suitable for drinking Huoxiang Zhengqi?

Yang Jun: Here, I still suggest that taking medicine should be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor. Don’t take it for granted.Because Huoxiang Zhengqi water contains alcohol, it may cause irritation to the patient’s gastrointestinal tract again. Not only can it not alleviate the original symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract, but also new stimulus symptoms.

In addition, pregnant women should use it with caution, and cannot be used with nourishing Chinese medicine.Therefore, when taking Huoxiang Zhengqi, whether it is capsules or water, you must consult a doctor or pharmacist before using it.

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