Just after giving birth to the twins and pregnant with the twins

Two childs are pregnant with eight!

Yes, you are not mistaken

And naturally conceive

Mother who creates miracles

Is Ms. Hao, who is working in Zhejiang

In June last year, 31 -year -old Ms. Hao

Successful childbirth, one woman, three men and four twins

Creating the attention of many netizens

Mid -April this year,

Ms. Hao on the short video platform

Proclaim to netizens:

I am pregnant again

And the twins!

A good news for Ms. Hao

Netizens have opened their mouths

I feel incredible

Some netizens have doubts about the authenticity of this matter

Recently, Ms. Hao told reporters

Reasons for the four consecutive pregnancy:

"Three consecutive generations of my family are twins". "

However, in the face of the second pregnancy

Is it born or not?

This time

Ms. Hao will face difficult choices again

After the twins in a row, Baoma was questioned by netizens

Ms. Hao’s earliest confirmation was April 16 this year.When Ms. Hao was excited, she also shared this good news with netizens during the live broadcast.Many netizens have sent blessings, but some netizens have doubts about the authenticity of the incident.

Ms. Hao said

This time the four twins were unexpected

"Because we are defense

But I didn’t expect four children

Come to me again "again"

Ms. Hao told reporters that she was inherited by her twins, and eight children were naturally pregnant.Ms. Hao also recalled the difficult process of the first birth of the first birth last year.

In December 2021, Ms. Hao was found by the hospital that it was likely to be pregnant.The couple are happy and worried after learning about this news. What I like is to have a love crystallization through natural pregnancy. What is worried is that both of them are not high in income from migrant workers.Essence

"At that time, the doctor suggested that I would either reduce the fetus, reduce two, and leave two. Either all the re -arms, or prepared 1 million funds, but they may not be able to keep it." Ms. Hao recalled that she and her husband thought this.The four children were gifts from God, so they contacted the Maternal and Children’s Hospital of Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan University, Hubei.

After the hard work, on the morning of June 26 last year, the dragon and phoenixes were born smoothly. The doctor first gave birth to a 1.83 kg baby girl, and then the three baby boys gave birth in turn.The lightest 1.5 kg.Four babies were immediately put in the transit thermal box and sent to the pediatric NICU (newborn monitoring ward). After careful care, they were discharged and returned home.

Husband and wife resign and take care of the twins

Local governments are funded by the local government

Ms. Hao told reporters that she is from Shijiazhuang, Hebei, and her husband, Mr. Feng, is a rural in Taizhou."My husband used to have a job before. I also did sales before. Since I have had four twins in my family, although I have invited two nanny, I still can’t see it. At presentTake care of the children. "Ms. Hao said.

The couple also opened their accounts on the short video platform. They often share the daily conditions and interesting things of four babies. The family’s happy life has attracted many netizens to watch. At present, the number of fans on a platform has reached more than 700,000.

In order to increase household income, she also opened live and cargo on the platform, and gradually had some income.

The reporter learned that after the birth of the Four Ebony last year, the local women’s federation, town government and village committees were also more concerned about the healthy growth of the four twins and the living conditions of their family.When the local women’s federation department came to visit the condolences, not only brought the condolences, but also found a company in a bridge to set up a fund for the healthy growth of Mr. Feng’s family.

Mr. Feng can regularly pick up children’s milk powder and urine at the designated supermarket every month until the twins reach a certain age group.

Doctors and netizens all persuade others to live

Last year, there were a lot of sins. This year, I was pregnant with the twins again. While expressing surprise and envy of Ms. Hao, netizens have also discouraged: if they are physical safety and the twins in their arms in their arms.Considering health, don’t be born.

Ms. Hao told reporters that a doctor had previously told her that from a caesarean section to the second pregnancy, it was only more than 9 months before and after, which was too dangerous.Even 6 months (the first child was pregnant for 8 months last year), there may be many problems after cutting out, so the disadvantages are greater than profit. It is not recommended that she regenerate.

In late April, Ms. Hao went to a large hospital in Hangzhou for inspection and evaluation.

On the evening of April 25, Ms. Hao introduced the evaluation of the netizens at Hangzhou Hospital: "The assessment report came out, not very ideal. Experts said that they have never seen a twenty of the twins and the twins.born to."

On May 9, Ms. Hao told reporters:

In the end, she decided to terminate pregnancy!

"Originally planned to have one, and there were four births in one child. The children were already full, and we had no intention of having a second child. As a result, there were four accidents.Considering the health of the mother, you can only make this decision (termination of pregnancy). "


Comprehensive: New Yellow River Beijing Youth Daily

Source: AHTV the first time

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