Just get pregnant and become fat, the most unbearable is pregnancy spots!Don’t worry, try these 4 tricks quickly

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"The heart of beauty, everyone has it." The old words of the ancients are very suitable for which era it is used, not to mention that we are now this era of "looking at the face value"!

But now people have high requirements for "face value", so that the expectant mothers are "sad"!

Recently, some netizens left a message, "I’m pregnant, it’s sad! Don’t say that the weight is over, the makeup can’t be melted, there are pregnancy spots on the face, you must be cried by yourself!"

In fact, the pregnant mother’s weight during pregnancy is a normal pregnancy reaction, and the growth of pregnancy spots may not be the situation that every pregnant mother will have.Instead, there is no so -called "pregnancy spots" on the noodles.

There are also experienced words in the field to "explain" pregnancy spots. "The pregnancy spots on the face of pregnant mothers will be available. If you want to eliminate it, you must rely on the baby in the belly. If you are a male baby, the pregnancy spots will be born with the baby.Automatically disappear; if the female baby is born, it is a pity that the pregnancy spots on the mother’s face may always stay on the face. "

Could it be that this pregnancy spots will vary from person to person. Which expectant mother who likes will grow on the face of which expectant mother?

But what happened to the pregnancy spots? Pregnant mothers may also understand, how can it be "selected" by it?

Pregnancy spots, which are often referred to as chloasma, mainly appear on the forehead, cheekbones, cheeks, or nose of young and middle -aged women. Some spots are symmetrically distributed.Therefore, another nice name of pregnancy spots is "butterfly spots".

The pregnancy spots on the face of pregnant mothers are inseparable from the stimulation of estrogen in the pregnant mother.

During pregnancy, the stimulation of estrogen in pregnant mothers will increase melaninocytopropystone in the body, and the melanocyte function in the skin will also be enhanced. This is also a normal physiological change during pregnancy during pregnancy.

In addition, there are some external factors, such as lighting, diet, and sleep, etc., are also related to the pregnancy spots of pregnant mothers.

Although the nickname of pregnancy spots is very beautiful, no matter how good the name is, after all, it also appears on the face of the pregnant mother in the form of "spots". How can this not make pregnant mothers worry!

In fact, pregnant mothers who want to be pregnant with themselves and want to be beautiful during pregnancy can prevent it from the side:

Avoid direct sunlight to damage the skin for a long time

If you like the sun in winter, it will make people feel warm. Pregnant mothers will also choose to go to the small balcony at home in the afternoon.

Pregnant mothers can be warm, but they must pay attention to the sunscreen treatment of the skin, and the control of the length of the sun.Although the winter sun is not as hot as summer, it still contains ultraviolet rays. The skin of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is not as good as before. At this timeIt is also necessary.

Don’t take too much black food in your diet

The soy sauce used when cooking fried dishes, presumably pregnant mothers know, but it is black -colored food like soy sauce, which will promote the deposition of melanin in the body, which may cause the accumulation of spots on the face. MoreoverIt is conducive to the recovery of the skin color of expectant mothers. Pregnant mothers should remember to eat less.

Usually pregnant mothers should also take light food, eat less irritating and greasy food, and also eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink more boiled water as much as possible, keep the intestines during pregnancy smooth, avoid constipation during pregnancy. After all, constipation is constipated. After all, constipationIt will also accumulate toxins in the body, which will cause skin darkness.

Maintain a good and sufficient sleep

We all know that people who have poor sleep are not only sluggish, but also their faces will be difficult to see, and people who have poor sleep for a long time will also become rough and dull, and sometimes the body’s endocrine will be disordered. This situation will appear in pregnancy in pregnancy.Mom will become more serious.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must adjust their schedule during pregnancy, maintain adequate sleep, and make a regular life and rest, so that they can protect their skin to a certain extent.

Make a good and peaceful mentality

A person’s mood will also affect the secretion of hormones inside the body.

After learning that the pregnancy spots on the face of pregnant mothers have a lot to do with the secretion of hormones in the body, pregnant mothers must pick up people with a peaceful attitude.Essence

When you are free, pregnant mothers can listen to prenatal education more, so for the baby or the pregnant mother.

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