Keep away from Eryang, how to eat

Recently, we have a second -time infection with new crown viruses around us and friends around us.The risk of "Eryang".Zhao Yongyi, director of the clinical nutrition department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Zhao Yongyi, from the perspective of nutrition for readers.

Improve immunity, pay attention to replenishing high -quality protein

Director Zhao Yongyi introduced that in order to prevent "Eryang", we must pay attention to improving our body’s immunity. One of the methods to improve immunity is to pay attention to the intake of high -quality protein, because all cells, including immune cells, immune tissue organs,Both are composed of protein.

You can eat some milk, eggs, soy milk during breakfast. You can eat some meat for lunch and dinner (white meat and other white meat such as fish, chicken, etc. are better than red meat such as beef and pork, and the latter has higher fat content).Reminds here that Cantonese loves soup most. Many people think that the ingredients of nourishing the human body are mainly in the soup, and the chicken that stewed soup decreases, and it tastes more "firewood" and often discard it.In fact, whether chicken soup, broth or fish soup, the protein content of soup is far less than the meat pie itself.Although it tastes delicious, most muscle fibrin proteins are difficult to dissolve into the soup, and the protein content is usually only 1%-2%.Compared with the protein content of 15%-20%, it is inferior.

Do you need to supplement high -quality protein by eating protein powder?Zhao Yongyi introduced that as long as the healthy people have a balanced diet and reasonably match, no additional protein is needed, and it will increase the metabolic burden of the kidneys too much.

Balanced diet, old students often talk about the reason

Improve immunity, stay away from "Eryang", pay attention to supplementing high -quality protein while not neglecting diet balance.That is to say, there must be high -quality protein, carbohydrates, proper fat, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins in each meal.When it comes to the balanced diet, many readers will feel that they are always old, but they actually emphasize that there are reasons.

Zhao Yongyi explained that there is also a wooden barrel effect in nutrition. How much water can a wooden barrel is not dependent on the longest wooden board, but it depends on the shortest piece of wooden board.There is a hole in the incompatible or a wooden board, and the barrel cannot be filled with water.Earlier, a fitness enthusiast, eating 10 eggs and two apples each meal, and he didn’t eat anything else. He lost 30 pounds for a short period of time, but he had various problems in health. He had to find Director Zhao Yongyi for medical treatment.

The balanced diet is not difficult to do. Zhao Yongyi recommends that there can be milk (or soy milk), eggs, and staple foods for breakfast, and then with one or two fruits; Chinese food and dinner have staple foods, vegetables, meat, and soy products.

Vitamin A and vitamin C help to improve immunity

In addition, it can also increase the intake of vitamin A and vitamin C in moderation, which also helps improve the body’s immunity.Vitamin A mainly exists in dark vegetables, fruits, such as vegetable moss, broccoli, carrots, etc.; The vitamin C content in vegetables and fruits is relatively high.In addition, iron, zinc, and selenium also help to improve immunity, and can be consumed from meat, shrimp, and nuts.(Reporter Chen Hui Correspondent Lin Ruirui)

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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