Keep these diet tips during diarrhea

Recently, many provinces have a virus infection.Generally speaking, from October to March of the following year, it is the high incidence of virus infections.After the infection is virus, common vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and other discomfort.Among them, children are mostly vomiting, while adults have diarrhea, and feces are dilute water or water -like (other diseases can also lead to relevant symptoms, and they need to be judged by medical judgment).

Diarrhea can cause some complications, such as the loss of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, etc.), loss of body fluids, and dehydration.Therefore, when there is severe diarrhea, you should seek medical treatment in time, and take the medicine appropriately to prevent the body from excessive dehydration, water and salt metabolism, digestion and nutritional disorders.

During the diarrhea, in addition to the replenishment and medication, you need to pay attention to the diet. Poor defecation during acute water diarrhea and severe vomiting can be temporarily fasting, so that the intestine rests completely, and can be used to supplement water and electrolyte.

The following principles can be used after restoring eating:

1. Drink light liquid food after vomiting stop

Vomiting stops, no longer need to fast, eat light and anti -diarrhea foods, disable milk and sucrose of gas production, and children are banned from drinking juice.

The liquid diet is liquid -like, easy to swallow, digestion, and non -irritating food.The following light liquid can be selected when diarrhea.

Nican soup: 100 grams of rice (or millet), add an appropriate amount of water, boil until rotten, take rice soup to drink.

Larger ravioli powder: 1 spoon of loquat flour, stir well with a small amount of cold water, then add boiling water, stir in one direction to drink.

Carrot soup (containing potassium salt, vitamin, pectin, which has the effect of making stools and adsorption bacteria and toxins: chop the carrot, boil water for 15-20 minutes.

Apple mud soup (including fruit glue, tannic acid, can adsorb toxins, and has a convergent effect): Apple washed, peeled, removed, and padded with mud.

2. After the number of defecations is reduced, consume less residue, low -fat semi -liquid or soft rice

The number of defecations decreases. After the symptoms are relieved, fasting vegetables with hard dietary fiber, cold fruits, and many dim sums of fat can be changed to less residue, low -fat semi -liquid or soft rice.

White porridge: 100 grams of rice add water and boil soft.

Lao powder: 2-3 spoons of ravioli, add water and mix well to drink.

Rotten noodles: 50-80 grams of noodles and boiled with water until soft, add a little salt and vinegar to season.

Remove the oil and meat soup: pork or chicken stew soup.

3. Recipe for acute diarrhea:

Breakfast: Xianmi Soup (50 grams of rice, 1 gram of salt)

Add meals: cook apple mud soup (1 Apple)

Lunch: Bakery of Huaishan rice noodles (15 grams of roasting Huaishan rice noodles, 1 gram of salt)

Dinner: Like lunch

Night meal: carrot soup (200 grams of carrot soup, a little salt)

Text/Yukang (Professor of Clinical Nutrition Department of Beijing Union Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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