Knowing that pregnant women cannot apply for military posts, they also insist on trying, netizens: Don’t smash women’s employment road

For many students, they can get a stable job more attractive than salary, so many students have put their attention on the examination and compilation of the test, but although these two methods have the opportunity to get stable jobs.

However, it is also very difficult to go ashore, and there will be a slightly smaller job ashore in a position. The news that a pregnant woman has been eliminated recently has also caused heated discussion among netizens.

The current social pressure is not small, especially the family that is married and has a planned child, and the family pressure of elementary and middle school students or high school students in the family is very high.

Nowadays, housing prices in various places are not cheap, so most people choose loans when buying a house. Originally, the pressure of living loan is very high, but it can be eased if two people make money to make money, but what should the woman get pregnant after marriage?Intersection

The balance that will be maintained will be broken again, so a lady who has just become pregnant thinks a way to enter the system, so that you can hold the salary and rest assured at home.

A netizen shared the posts that they were eliminated by their own military posts, and warned the pregnant girls not to apply for the military post. In addition to getting fat, the first impression was not good, and it also showed that the unit did not want to use a pregnant woman.Essence

Such behaviors have aroused the dissatisfaction of the majority of netizens. First of all, the purpose of the postman who wants to apply for the army’s cultural duty is obvious. The primary reason for not applying for the exam is not that the body will gain weight, which is not impressed by the examiner. Such a speech is very problematic.

Just in order to cover up the treatment of the military’s literary duty, the careful thoughts of wanting to rest on maternity leave as soon as they entered. Netizens were polite and asked directly: "Why do n’t you go in and leave the maternity leave when you go in.? "

In fact, this idea is normal. It is normal for this postplayer to be admitted. It is not contributed to the money of the country for their own white country. Isn’t this a selfish performance?Some netizens said that because of this, women’s employment roads will narrow and become unbelievable.

And if you want to prepare for children with peace of mind, you must plan well. Do n’t think about it like this. There are so many college students who do n’t have the opportunity to enter, and of course do n’t leave the opportunity to those who want to take a vacation.

The military work of the army was chaotic by the ceiling blown by various public institutions. So, is the actual situation, as they said?Since the treatment is so good, why is the resignation rate remained high?

As a job in the system, the military is not bad for treatment and salary, and it will even be higher.But the high -resignation rate also made the students feel that they could not be counted. Since they were so good, why did they choose to leave?

In fact, most people in the army of the army are contract workers. They do not have enough sense of security. Although many people can continue to renew their visa, they still have no absolute sense of security. They work every day.Resign.

There is also the military position of the army that needs to work in the army, and the army is an absolutely closed and secret place. It requires high confidentiality. Therefore, when you come to work here, you need to be fully closed. Under normal circumstances, you can only go home on weekends.

However, there are many work in the troops. It is difficult to complete the normal working time, but it is afraid that it will be delayed the next day, so it can only be completed overtime.

These have become the main reasons for the high resignation rate of the army. The rest are the contradictions between civilian staff and active duty personnel, or they cannot go home to accompany their parents.Therefore, students who want to apply for the exam must be prepared for psychological preparation.

Now the classmates have been caught in a strange circle. When I go to school, I have to take the teacher’s qualification certificate and the 4th or 6th certificate. After graduatingPut in.

But in fact, after walking out of the university campus, the world that can be exposed to is very broad. Not only is the land after the examination after the test of the kigoshi is fertile, but there are many large land and nutrition.Do something.

Therefore, students do not have to get out of the strange circle of ties into the exam. If they do n’t like them, it ’s better to put time on the planning for their future and do something they are interested in.

Or finding a favorite job can make yourself a good experience of life, such a life may be more meaningful for yourself.No one will use the civil servant to define you. It is the most important thing to live happily.””

Today’s topic: What do you think this pregnant woman insists on applying for military posts?

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