Knowledge of cold pregnancy, 12 constellation babies understand once during pregnancy, what are the characteristics of different constellation babies?

Many parents will start imagining their children’s names, appearance, what constellations, etc. when they start the pregnancy plan.

Now many young parents will pay more or less attention to the constellations, such as Tao Baibai, who has recently been on fire, has a lot of light and hot search. Seeing everyone’s attention to the constellation.

Many parents want to have a constellation baby who can get themselves with themselves. The following is a "12 constellation baby during pregnancy".

It should be noted that pregnancy and production should be easy to wait and natural. It is best to take the health and safety of babies!

Create Constellation Baby

Traits: conservative, rules, boring, and creation

Most of the constellation babies like life in their own hands, there are rules to do things, do not like accidents, do not like no plan.

I like to complete the blueprint for life or like an architect, and gradually complete their own buildings.


During conception: 10/2 – 11/1

Baby birthday: 6/22-7/22

Slender sensitivity, understanding

The child of this constellation has an excellent observation, and they will hide the observation of the outside world in its keen inner world.

Cancer babies think that staying at home is the most comfortable. He likes family members and pets around him, and there are familiar pictures, sounds and scents around.

Tradition, habits, and laws will also comfort the children of Cancer. Therefore, your family often eats together and builds a set of baths and sleeping rules for children.

Cancer children are born with caution and sensitivity. They are easily scared in noisy and chaotic environments. They may prefer to make some snacks in a quiet afternoon, and they are unwilling to spend a day in the playground.


During conception: 1/3-2/2

Baby birthday: 9/23-10/23

The character is gentle, and the other person is polite.

Often, some people boast that Libra babies are clever, and they are humble and polite to others. In fact, this is also a gentle hobby and willing to please everyone’s talents.

And the Libra babies who care too much about others will be more and more look forward to it.

Therefore, parents must be alert to praise too much baby, and they will be more and more proud of, and they must learn to persist in their own opinions. It is not good to understand that people will lose themselves everywhere.


During conception: 4/2-5/2

Baby birthday: 12/21-1/20


Capricorn babies seem to be more mature than their peers, rarely act as a happy fruit at the party, and they do not like the party.

Before the Capricorn baby acts, he will carefully weigh his choices and make a wise decision.Sometimes he changes the plan according to the actual situation, and Capricorn babies rarely have crazy ideas.In their future life, they will follow their plans, and rarely surprise their parents because of emotional fluctuations.


During conception: 7/1-7/30

Baby birthday: 3/21-4/20

Active, strong resistance to the spirit

Aries children are enthusiastic, active, and creative, and they seem to have more energy than other children.Their vigorous energy is just a natural courage to match.At the same time, they are fighting spirit and focus on themselves.

Aries babies have a well -known land rate and honesty. What they see is what they see and what they will say; if they are vigorous, they are eager to look at the world with their own views.Never stop.

Aries’ children are very good at creating some big projects, but they have no same enthusiasm and persist well.

As the parent of Aries babies, you are mostly familiar with what is called "hot temper".It is difficult for Aries children to control their emotions.However, in this regard, they also have advantages: they will not remember.Once the emotions were released, the anger disappeared.

Fixed Constellation Baby

Traits: Stubborn, stubborn, positive, stable, and reliable

The fixed constellation is stubborn and difficult to accept new changes.However, the emotions of these people are relatively strong, and the driving force of the entire life is closely related to emotions.

The speed of doing things is slow, but the victory is persistent, stable, and has a solid lasting power.


During conception: 11/2 – 12/2

Baby birthday: 7/23-8/22

Warm, cheerful, optimistic

The guardian of Leo is the sun -among the many stars in the solar system, the sun is a controversial king; in the twelve constellations, Leo is therefore the most shining one.

Therefore, the Leo baby may be born to be the center of others’ attention, and he can indeed be competent in this position and become a veritable "Children".

If your child is Leo, you may not need to spend too much effort to teach the child to be confident and cheerful, because this is his nature.

However, you may have to pay attention not to make your "little lion" too proud.If he is too self -centered, you have to remind him that there are many flashing places in others to help him find the happiness of helping others.


During conception: 2/3-3/3

Baby birthday: 10/24-11/21

Conscious appearance, enthusiastic inner enthusiasm

Scorpio babies are very complicated and difficult to understand.Silent and calm, but his heart slowly accumulated his wish or dissatisfaction, and formed a potential turbulent factors.So the hardest time for Scorpio babies is because their temperament is often elusive.

In fact, they talk less to do more, and on the surface, they are already considerate, so if parents can fully trust him, they will gain unexpected results.In addition, silence may lead to the backlog of emotions. It can bring Scorpio baby to participate in some outdoor activities, which helps his emotional guidance.

Scorpio babies may become the best or worst.If he feels that he has been injured or despised, he will have an unforgettable dissatisfaction, causing him to be self -proclaimed or not asking for progress. This emotion will continue until his adults.


During conception: 5/3-6/1

Baby birthday: 1/21-2/19

Independence, broad -minded, like social networking

The characteristics of Aquarius babies often show both sides of contradictions.On the one hand, they are outgoing, humorous, good at making friends, and sometimes showing shyness, quietness, and very humble aspects.Even the parents themselves, many times they can’t figure out what kind of personality is the child?

So what kind of child is the baby bottle baby?In fact, they are essentially smart, kind and independent.The kindness here does not refer to weak personality, but to be kind to people and help his heart.Everything they do is around this character.

Aquarius babies like creativity, love inventions, and always use multi -functional gadgets to meet people with different needs.In terms of emotional needs, water bottle babies pursue personality and freedom.Only when they feel equal can they feel satisfied.Therefore, the water bottle babies often show that they like to be with their friends, not with their parents.


During conception: 7/31-8/30

Baby birthday: 4/21-5/20

Calm and stable, sensitive sensory

Taurus baby is very sensible.In fact, from the moment they were born, they liked to eat very much.However, they may also prefer some kinds of food and stubbornly refuse to try other new things.Even when they were young, Taurus children were very realistic and good at managing money.

The first need for Taurus is a sense of security, whether it is an adult or a child.Taurus’s baby likes to be wrapped and hugged, which makes them feel safe.Some Taurus babies are very sticky, while some depend on something that can bring a sense of security, such as small blankets, or like to make them from Tibet.

Change Constellation Baby

Traits: good mouth, strong adaptability, weak concentration, and no confinration

Change the constellation character is large and contradictory, with strong environmental ability.It is quite smart and intelligent, and can quickly change his belief, and the performance is inspired by the surrounding environment.

The changing personality creation is that they can adjust themselves at any time and have strong learning ability.


During conception: 8/31 – 10/1

Baby birthday: 5/21-6/21

Higher brain, elusive

Gemini children are often talkative, attractive, and love with others.Even if your Gemini babies are not very good at talking, he will be very witty, curious, and constantly think about the surrounding world.You must make his surroundings full of books and puzzle toys to stimulate his thinking.You also have to give your child a little more space and resources to let him practice all kinds of wonderful thoughts.

Many Gemini babies are indecisive, or three hearts.The good aspect is that they will be more adaptable.Gemini children are more willing to experience extensive experience without being willing to explore things in depth.


During conception: 12/3 -受

Baby birthday: 8/23-9/22

Pursue perfection, calm and calm

Paying attention to actual and attention is the most significant feature of Virgo children. This is the case from a very young age.You may find that he will sort out his toys or save pocket money to buy what he has been covered for a long time, not immediately spend the money as other children.

Virgo children have a high standard of doing things and are born with caution, so they may seem picky or reserved.In fact, this is just because they prefer to take a step back, looking at the overall situation, but they are unwilling to be trapped in it.

Your Virgo baby is a good helper.He attaches importance to order, and he really wants to help others and do something useful for his family.When he grows up, he will also want to do something useful for the world, which should be affirmed and carried forward.


During conception: 3/4 – 4/1

Baby birthday: 11/22-12/20

Directly courage, like to make friends the most

Sagittarius is synonymous with enthusiastic. Melancholy is very strange to them. Either it is high, full of spring breeze, or unhappy face and not to vomit.

Sagittarius babies like family. When you work hard, he will help you help with you, or do homework or toy, in short, waiting for you to call him.As long as your requests and commands are reasonable, he will perform smoothly.

If you just want to simply order him and support him, he has to ask you the truth. He seems to know why he does this first, and then move his hands and feet quickly.


During conception: 6/2-6/30

Baby birthday: 2/20-3/20

Romance, rich feelings

Baby Pisces is very gentle and compassionate. They need more love for their parents.Your little Pisces may want to be held in your arms like a little baby. In the process of growing up, you also need you to hug him more, kiss him, and encourage him.

Babies in Pisces usually depend on intuition rather than rational.They are more interested in fantasy or dreaming than real life.

Escape reality is the significant feature of Pisces children.

The above is the analysis of the 12 constellation babies and the summary of the pregnancy. What I want to say here is that the constellation only provides a reference. We do not need to follow the constellation. Every baby comes to the world.Need a family care.

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