Large listing, the price fell!Many people in Wuhan love to eat

High temperature continues after entering

The rich vegetable varieties on the Wuhan market

Where did they come from?

The new lotus seed rice loved by Wuhan people

Is it a lot of listing?What is the price?

A reporter from the Yangtze River Daily conducted a visit

Local new ravioli listing material is beautiful and cheap

Local unique aquatic vegetables have been listed in large quantities and the price is getting lower and lower, such as the recent launch of new crickets."Last month, the number of new laid -ups was small, and the most expensive can be sold for 12-15 yuan per catty. Now a large number of listings have been listed. The price has fallen to 3.5 ~ 5.5 yuan per catty." Said the vegetable vendor in a vegetable market in Houkou Houhu Lake.

The price of lotus seed rice has fallen a lot recently."Lotus seeds are our specialty in Hubei. It is difficult to buy us so good in other places. I am going to buy 5 pounds of tender lotus rice and get some ice cubes for relatives in Guangxi.Lotus is sold, but the quality is not as good as Wuhan, and the price is amazing. "There were few vegetables in the summer, and now they are convenient to logistics. Good things can be eaten all over the country."

Wuhan market is rich in vegetables

In the big market of Baishazhou, large trucks come and go, and foreign license plates are the most in Gansu and Yunnan.

"This car is transported from Gansu. The local area is now the season for the harvest of dolls. The picked doll vegetables are first sent to the cold storage to cool it. In 12 hours, keep the vegetables at 0 ° C ~ 4 ° C, and thenIt can ensure the freshness of the dishes within 24 hours. "Master Zhang, a truck driver, told reporters.

Mr. Zou, a merchant who runs the leaves in the market, said that now Wuhan’s real estate vegetables are mainly bamboo leaf and amaranth, as well as bitter gourd, loofah, winter melon, etc. Most other vegetables come from outside.

Huang Shiping, a senior agronomist at the Vegetable Institute of Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, introduced that in high temperature weather, "not just Wuhan, the entire Yangtze and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Fujian, Guangdong, and Guangxi, this season is not suitable for planting vegetables. In recent yearsThe industrial development is very good, the planting area has expanded year by year, and the technology is relatively mature. It is a good supply for Wuhan’s summer vegetable market. "

Merchants operating chili, eggplant, potatoes, Chinese cabbage and other vegetables in the market told reporters that the current chili and eggplant are mostly high -mountain vegetables from elevated areas such as Enshi, Yichang, and cabbage, rapeseed, cauliflower, etc.Mostly produced from high altitude areas such as Yunnan, Gansu, Ningxia.

It is understood that Wuhan citizens love to eat cabbage, vegetable heart, broccoli and other vegetables, Ningxia and other regions, and Ningxia and other areas are the peak season. Every day, a large number of trucks are full of various vegetables to send them to Wuhan.Wang Yanhui, the person in charge of Ningxia Zhongfeng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that the local broccoli is listed in large quantities, and the price has fallen by half.The cooperatives basically have more than 10,000 pounds of vegetables every day and send them to the Bai Shazhou Market in Wuhan. "There are still many vegetables in the Wuhan market come from Shouguang and other places in Shandong.

Writing: Reporter Pan Lu

Source: Changjiang Daily

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