Let me tell you what day is the ovulation period

Xiaomei looked at me with a smile, said sweetly, Dr. Chen, I got married for 10 months, and it was not enough to get infertility. I want to try my own pregnancy for a few months. Can’t you find you again?

all right!

So what are the symptoms during ovulation?

Xiaomei, being able to excrete eggs is an important symbol of normal fertility.Women always bears more pressure than men in the process of breeding of life.Almost all the mothers who want children to want their children want to "shoot" at once, so choose to "pop up" during the ovulation period of women, which is relatively easy to conceive. Of course, in other factors related to pregnancyIt can only be under normal conditions.

Xiaomei said, you have been popular for N times. I know, what would you react to give me a popular science when ovulation during ovulation?

Xiaomei, listen to it. First of all, women’s basic body temperature will be slightly higher than when ovulation does not ovulate, about 0.3-0.5 degrees high, but no one will pay attention to or care about this. This is only about 0.3-0.5 degrees of body temperatureIt is really not easy to monitor. Two days before the ovulation period, the leucorrhea often becomes a thin egg white, which can pull the growing silk.After the ovulation is over, it is generally sticky; a few female friends will feel inexplicable excitement during ovulation, and they will also have strong desires in terms of sexual desire.If the blood test is drawn, the level of estradiol this day is the highest among the month.

Under normal circumstances, 5 days before ovulation -5 days after ovulation are more easily conceived during ovulation.In the ovulation period, the following symptoms generally have the following symptoms:

The first is the decline in appetite. In the past few days, most women have poor appetite, and the amount of rice has become smaller.

The second is the vigorous energy. During the ovulation period, women’s instincts make them prefer themselves.

In the ovulation during ovulation, some people will feel the feeling of mild pending anus, and at the same time feel the pain of the lower abdomen on one side.If it is ovulation treatment, this feeling may be more obvious. Female friends pay close attention to the symptoms of the same ovulation period next month.Essence

Furthermore, after ovulation during ovulation, women have increased their body temperature slightly due to lutein secretion. If female friends can insist on measuring the basic body temperature every morning, they can find their own ovulation date according to the changes in body temperature.Some female friends did not test, but after half a month after ovulation, especially every afternoon, they would move themselves a little bit hot. After the menstruation came, it would not be heated.In addition, many female friends will have breast swelling or nipple pain during ovulation. Sometimes they cannot touch them, and the performance of the breast may continue until the eve of the next menstrual tide.

Xiaomei said, "Oh, there are so many situations, is there any more?

You can also go to the hospital to do B -ultrasound to monitor follicles. Generally, the follicle grows to more than 18mm, and it is mature. Usually, ovulation will be ovulated in about 48 hours. You can also use ovulation test strips to monitor ovulation.Ovolians.

Hearing this, Xiaomei put her hands together, put a few waves towards me, and twisted her waist.

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