Let’s take a look at the whole process of abortion surgery!What should I pay attention to after surgery?

Nowadays, more and more girls have a sexual life and pregnancy, and the flow of people has been regarded as contraceptives by many ignorant girls.Do you know what consequences can people flow?Below I will tell you the whole process of flow of people. I hope women can cherish their bodies.

Before the abortion surgery, the patient is sitting on the examination bed, and the doctor will clean it for his surgical site.The abortion surgery is underway. Preoperative patients need anesthesia, and the entire surgery only takes ten minutes.

To receive abortion surgery, intravenous anesthesia is needed to prevent the legs of surgery in the anesthesia from slipping from the surgical frame.

The flow of people is divided into drug flow, traditional abortion, painless abortion, and induction of labor. Drug flow can only be used within 6 weeks of pregnancy. Traditional abortion and painless abortion can take the fetus from the body with the helpI can’t feel pain, and the induction of labor is an abortion of a fetus for more than 12 weeks.

The tools used during abortion surgery assisted the fetus from the body.

Seeing that the bloody pliers are shocking, short -term complications may occur after artificial abortion surgery, which can also cause long -term sequelae, such as fertility injury (secondary infertility), natural abortion, premature birth, abnormal placenta, dead tires, dead tires, Darge bleeding before childbirth.

After the abortion of women, not only the body is destroyed, but also psychological irritability, depression, and guilt may also occur.So what should women pay attention to after flowing?

1. Pay attention to bleeding situation

Bleeding after abortion for more than a week, as well as symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, fever, leucorrhea and odor, and other symptoms, you should go to the hospital for review and treatment in time.

2. Strengthen nutrition and pay attention to rest

After the abortion, you should rest for 2 to 3 days, and then you can get out of bed for appropriate activities and gradually increase the activity time.Do not engage in heavy physical labor within half a month after the flow of people to avoid contact with cold water.It takes about a month to recover after the flow of people.Therefore, pay attention to increasing nutrition, intake of sufficient protein and vitamins, enhance the body’s resistance to disease, and promote the early repair of injured organs.

3. Persist in contraception

Ovarian and uterine function after painless abortion gradually recovered, and the ovaries were wrapped on schedule.If you do not insist on contraception, you will soon get pregnant again.

Therefore, after painless abortion, reliable contraceptive measures should be selected as soon as possible. Painless abortion surgery can only be used as a remedy surgery that can be taken as a last resort after contraceptive failure.Measures for contraceptive breeding.

4. Keep the vulva clean, strictly prohibitive intercourse

After the painless abortion, the uterine mouth has not completely closed, and the endometrium has a repair process.During this period of time, pay special attention to keeping the hygiene of the vulva.

Do not take a bath within half a month after the operation, so as not to enter the vagina and cause infection.If you have premature sexual intercourse after painless abortion, it is easy to cause acute endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease, and it can also be infertile.Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to intercourse within a month after painless abortion.

5. Pay attention to bleeding situation

The diet after a woman’s abortion is very important. If it is not raised well, it will even affect the conception again.

Therefore, you should choose some high -protein and vitamin foods, such as chicken, lean meat, eggs, milk and beans, beans, and soy products.

Because the body is weak, it is easy to sweat. It should be used in a small amount of water. There are many water -soluble vitamins excreted in sweat, especially vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2. Therefore, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.This also helps prevent constipation.Also avoid cold foods such as crabs, field snails, and rivers and mussels.

6. Pay attention to relax your mindset

After experiencing the pain of miscarriage, women will have a series of spiritual symptoms such as depression, anger, crying, irritability, insomnia.First of all, we must correctly understand and undergo emotional changes such as fear, grief and guilt after abortion surgery, and understand that this change will fade with time.

In order to alleviate the discomfort brought by emotional changes to yourself, you can seek appropriate venting methods, such as crying and talking.Choose a regular hospital for surgery and postpartum review.Husband should also give his wife’s meticulous care to help his wife come out.

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