Li Xianghuai’s second child?Wearing a flat -bottomed shoes appeared in the hospital for a low -key hospital for examination. Previously, Weibo issued a post quoted speculation

Li Xiang, who is addicted to the live broadcast?

Recently, the gossip media exposed a dynamics of Li Xiang, and the small details were guessing.

On the same day, Li Xiang appeared in a hospital in a low -key in Beijing in a black clothes. She always liked to make makeup. She did not make makeup. She appeared in the camera completely in a plain state.Perhaps it was to cover up one or two, Li Xiang put on glasses and hats.

(Li Xiang appeared at a hospital in Beijing)

After arriving at the hospital, Li Xiang was sitting on a chair in the waiting area to look at the mobile phone. The department card behind her attracted the attention of the photographer.According to the breaking news, there is a logo card hanging on the door behind Li Xiang, with the word "B -ultrasound" printed on it.

(Media broke)

After the inspection, Li Xiang took some medicines and walked out of the hospital. At this time, she could clearly see her wearing a pair of flat shoes.The details of Su Yan, flat shoes, and B -ultrasound in the hospital are hard to not reminiscent of the second child.

(Li Xiang walked out of the hospital)

Before Li Xiang appeared at the hospital, the people who ate melon had some speculation about whether she was pregnant.

On September 24th, Li Xiang’s husband Wang Yuelun’s birthday was celebrated by his daughter Wang Shiling and his wife Li Xiang.Among them, Li Xiang said such a sentence: While his daughter was asleep, we came to a two -person world and attached a double joy symbol at the end of the text.

(Li Xiang is Wang Yuelun’s birthday)

(Posted by Li Xiang)

Most people do not use joy casually, not to mention Li Xiang still uses Shuangxi.So, in addition to Wang Yuelun’s birthday, what else is there?This Weibo will naturally cause doubt.

Li Xiang appeared in a certain event before, and her lower abdomen was slightly protruding in a silver sequ consistency skirt, which caused everyone to speculate on her second child.But at that time, she turned into a thick makeup and wearing high heels. In addition, Li Xiang’s body was "bloated". Netizens were more like "Fa Blessing", so she ignored her.In contrast, the details of the appearance of the hospital this time are even more fascinating.

(Li Xiang showed up before)

In fact, Li Xiang said on the show that he had considered it, but Wang Shiling agreed that they would plan. If Wang Shiling disagreed.

(Li Xiang previously expressed his statement)

When Wang Shiling was asked by He Yan as asked if he wanted to want her brother, she nodded and agreed. Presumably, she also wanted a little friend.

(Wang Shiling and play together every day)

With the conditions of the Li Xiang family, it can completely bear the growth of a child. In addition, Wang Shiling is looking forward to it, and there is nothing to stop.If Li Xiang rumors are true this time, then we must say a congratulations!

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