Li Yan’s 48 years of life 4 keywords: 4 billion yuan, 9 artificial conception failed, her husband betrayed her

Li Yan’s 48 years of life 4 keywords: leftovers, had disability in the left leg, and had lost their voice and was betrayed by her husband -an introduction.

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You may never know how strong pain is buried behind her warm smile.

The 48 -year -old entertainment industry famous female singer Li Yan committed suicide!Leave a conservative estimate of 4 billion property.

When the 80 -year -old mother found Li Yan, who was unconscious at home, she called Li Yan’s two stepdoms and asked them to send their daughters to the hospital.

However, everything is too late!

After 3 days of rescue, on July 5th, the bad news eventually came, and Li Yan died.

The old mother witnessed her youngest baby daughter, and bid farewell to the world in such a decisive way. What kind of pain should be?

Write in the mourning article released by Li Yan’s sister Li Silin:

Although Li Yan stayed shortly in the world, her light was immortal.Our current wish is to take care of the old mother in their 80s, which is our responsibility.

The year when Li Yan was born, his father had gone.

To be precise, Li Yan is the remains.It is the crystallization of the beautiful female doctor’s mother and the father of Peking University.

As the third member of the entire family, when Li Yan was still in his mother’s belly, his mother was immersed in sadness because of her lover’s death.

I don’t know if the depression and sadness of pregnant mothers have planted "the roots of disaster" for Li Yan’s suffering from depression after the years.

At the moment Li Yan was born, the fetal position was not right. The doctor pulled her little feet and pulled her out.

In this way, doctors do not want Li Yan to suffocate in the mother’s belly.But this time, Li Yan’s ankle was dislocated.

Since then, Li Yan’s left leg has been disabled.

This is also the reason why Li Yan seizes his long text that he was laughed at by others from his left leg and was laughed at by others and her hard -working process.

At the age of 9, Li Yan, the mother of Chinese medicine immigrated to San Francisco in the United States.

There, Li Yan’s mother opened a Chinese medicine museum to make a living and pulled three daughters.

The first life of the other country and the other side of the ocean must be hard.Fortunately, the three daughters were very angry, and when they grew up, they were generous.

Especially her younger daughter Li Yan, she was educated well by her mother.

As a Chinese, even if he has immigrated to the United States, Li Yan has never forgotten that he is a yellow -skinned and black -eyed Chinese good children.

Li Yan, who looks hot and lively, loves sports very much during the girl.She went to school to be the captain for a while; after a while, she participated in the American beauty pageant …

At the age of sixteen or seven, Li Yan waited for his honor, and countless laurels of laurels shrouded her. For example, Miss Beauty Choos, such as the champion of the California singing competition.

I don’t know sorrow!

During the minor, Li Yan ran back to Hong Kong. At the TVB singer prize, he grabbed his own place from the hands of well -known singers such as Zheng Xiuwen and Xu Zhian.

However, TVB did not know the heroine. They made Li Yan a "bitterness of the queen", but Li Yan was obviously better at the song and hot dance.

Fortunately, "The wine is not afraid of the alley!"

Li Yan soon met Bole, Yao Qian, the road of her music life.

Yao Qian saw the temperament of international superstars on Li Yan.Her foreign faction, sexy figure, hot dance, bright singing voice, coupled with ABC’s growth background, made Li Yan different from those bitter female singers on the stage.

Therefore, Yao Qian created a series of classic famous songs for Li Yan, such as DI DA DI.

Since Li Yan has become a hit.

After the fame rose, Li Yan, who had doubled fame and fortune, was signed by Sony Records, holding Li Yan into the world of the world.

However, Li Yan who killed a bloody road in the Chinese music scene did not have an advantage in the international market, in front of European and American female singers.

Li Yan’s sexy hot and spicy, compared with other European and American singers, did not look particularly outstanding. This is one of the reasons that Li Yan once disappeared in the music scene.

Just when everyone thought that Li Yan’s career might be in a slump, she brought the light of "Moonlight Love" to re -compete in the music scene.

At that time, on the Oscar’s awards podium, Li Yan sang a song, and Zhang Ziyi, who was standing next to her, had been taken away by her.

This is not Li Yan deliberately, but because she is the focus on the stage.

There was an interesting detail, which was repeatedly mentioned by Li Yan’s fans.

A certain time, when Li Yan performed on the stage, he suddenly flew a beautiful butterfly, dancing with Li Yan.

Li Yan was amazed. When the butterfly flew across the center of the stage, it seemed like Li Yan’s life showed a different color.

Afterwards, Li Yan’s mother explained: It must be Li Yan’s father. The father who had never seen her daughter Li Yan has never seen her hard work.graceful.

How good Li Yan is married?

At one point, there was a degree of envy in many female stars in the entertainment industry.

Li Yan’s husband is 16 years old. He is a huge wealth accumulated in Hong Kong in Hong Kong.In his early years, he was just a tennis coach, and later made his first bucket of gold.

How much did Bruce love Li Yan?Before the marriage, the two did not sign the agreement before the marriage.

This means that Li Yan can sit in the countless wealth of her husband.

The luxury of the wedding is staggering.All flowers came from Paris on the day of the wedding.The diamond ring on Li Yan’s hand was dazzling.

But how glorious the appearance is, the inside may be more "broken".

For a long time, Li Yan has a wish, and she wants to have their children with her husband Bruce.

To this end, Li Yan had a manual conception nine times, preparing for pregnancy, egg retrieval, failure, and then getting eggs … So repeatedly, no matter how strong a woman, she could not stand the dual torture of this body and psychological.

One time, Li Yan thought that he had succeeded in manual pregnancy, but after knowing that it was an illusion, Li Yan cried.

She loves her children too much, and she is too painful.

Career blows followed.

Li Yan’s left leg disabled from a young age, and the recurrence of the old disease, which caused her to break her pelvis on the stage for a while, and even lost her voice.

This is a fatal blow for singers.

Can’t dance or sing, and then the husband is derailed. In addition, the child he has always wanted has not come to her world …

Does this bad news exacerbate Li Yan’s depression?We don’t know.

After the death, the so -called insider broke the news that Li Yan’s depression began to appear gradually after her husband derailed the hot girl.

For the first time, Li Yan’s husband was derailed, and she decisively forgive the other party.Why did you think that Li Yan’s tolerance did not restore her husband’s heart, but let the other party go away with himself.

The derailment of one after another, which caused Li Yan to suffer, and one of the reasons for the derailment of Li Yan’s husband, to some extent, it was also the repeated failure of their pregnancy.

The so -called family has a difficult scripture.

In everyone’s life, there must be problems that cannot be solved with money, and that is the real fatal problem.

How dangerous is depression?

For a female star who loves to laugh, loves, and warm, the depression that happens to her is too hidden.

Because you can’t believe that the woman who blooms at a warm smile at first seeing you will really turn away through the way of life and suicide.

Most of them are soft, kind and sensitive, and they are particularly good in life.

May Paradise no longer torture the depression, and hope that heaven will soon sound Li Yan’s perfect voice.

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