Life sharing the experience of jumping rope for one year

The previous article mentioned that skipping is really helpful for pregnancy?

Today, I will update some of my unbuttered small suggestions for a year of skipping rope. I also have experience.

First of all, it is not thin. It is probably related to the decline in metabolism and eating. However, the diet was strictly controlled in the first month. It was really thin and the weight did not decrease significantly, but the personal clothes changed a lot.

After trying a little sweetness, I found the perfect excuse for my appetite, but my physique was still better, and the meat became much more compact. It did transform from a fat man to a healthy fat man.(Listen to the king’s words, read a book for ten years)

Return to home, there are a few precautions for skipping rope, I list one by one: wear sports underwear!Wear sports underwear!Wear sports underwear!

Flat -up chest does not understand the burden of big breasts. Sports underwear can greatly increase the experience of skipping rope and avoid sagging.(I was too lazy to change sports underwear at first, and orange peel patterns appeared, which should be caused by too much pulling for a long time. [Tears])

Choose a rope with a rope.Is it like a nonsense?[sinister smile]

The rope skipping on the market

Do you find a lot of such products when you open Taobao? The value of my face is very high, and the price is not high.It is called no fear of stumbling blocks, jumping in light sound, and a real jump.In fact, traditional skipping is to train our limbs coordination to achieve the effect of whole body exercise.Isn’t this a hand that can do two bottles of mineral water?No fun at all.

Choose a spacious and breathable venue.

To prevent noise to downstairs, I chose to skip rope at the aisle or roof, but compared with the aisle space forced, the skipping rope requires a lot of oxygen interaction. Whether it is physiological or psychological, it is not a good choice.Later, when I moved to the top of the building, in the days when the sky was high, I breathed a fresh high -rise air. Look at the sky to see the clouds and see the birds, listening to the strong music, it is a kind of enjoyment.Especially suitable for people who are shifting with jumping.[Touch fist]

Choose a rope with automatic count.

When I first started skipping the rope, 200 were one unit, and I also counted the word "positive" to count, in fact to open a small difference.The number of skipping rope will greatly blow the enthusiasm of rope skipping, because you may set the goal of 5,000 for yourself, it will become a huge stone pressed in your heart, making you feel out of reach.Among them, we can effectively adhere to.Speaking of which, we all know that no matter what exercise, as long as it is tired, it is effective, but tired means boring, so we have to find effective solutions.

Open the music player or follow the videos, greatly improve the fun of skipping rope.

At the beginning, you can follow the little sweet potato to see the rope skipping, following his rhythm and pace, and even you can unlock the fancy rope skipping Xintiandi, which will be a very fulfilling experience.

When you are familiar, you can make a coincidence, you can get out of the video tutorial after you change your own movement by yourself, and you can play freely with the fast -paced music.Change a variety of tricks in the middle, isn’t it more effective than stopping to rest?It can also effectively avoid the tediousness of always dumb.Stretch and soothing massage after exercise

To prevent a break for three days, it is necessary to stretch it after exercise. You can also buy a suitable fascia gun for fast massage and relax your muscles.I was too lazy to do the days of stretching, and gritted my teeth and jumping rope like a "punching" on your leg when you were cramping. The sourness was difficult to describe, but it was strange.Maybe I have a little abuse.[Tongue]

Well, so far today, if you think of something, there is no clear date update.

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