Lin Shu found that he had no time to tell Tang Yichen before he was pregnant, and received a divorce agreement

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Chapter 1 Pregnancy

"Congratulations, Miss Lin, according to the results of the blood test, you have been pregnant for 7 weeks. During this time, pay attention to rest, strengthen nutrition, folic acid eats, and come to review regularly."

When Lin Shu heard the doctor’s words, he couldn’t help but caress his belly. He couldn’t believe it. There was already a small life in it.

Recently, I have always felt a bad appetite, and I was a little disgusting to vomit, thinking that my gastroenteritis was committed. I originally planned to go to the hospital to prescribe some medicine. I did not expect that I was pregnant.

Holding the test sheet out of the hospital, Lin Shu has been hesitating to tell Tang Yichen, take out the mobile phone and click on the avatar engraved in his heart, and close it.Repeatedly, I have never made up their minds.Come to the flower bed at the gate of the hospital.

Three years ago, he was seriously ill with himself. He took his grandfather to the city to see a doctor. He met an old man in the hospital. It turned out that his grandfather and the old man were comrades -in -arms and rescued the old man.The old man was Tang Yichen’s grandfather.The two veterans have lost contact for many years, and they are excited again.At that time, Grandpa’s illness was very serious, so I couldn’t rest assured that I was alone.He entrusted himself to Grandpa Tang. Grandpa Tang saw Lin Shu immediately recognized the granddaughter and forced his grandson Tang Yichen to quickly receive the certificate with himself.

At that time, Grandpa Tang asked her if she was willing to marry Tang Yichen. She nodded gently with a red face.The sun is sprinkled from the side of the window, like a sculpture -like feature, and the deep eyes have a trace of sharpness, handsome and beautiful …

At that time, she thought that Tang Yichen agreed to getting married was her own wishes. It turned out that Grandpa Tang was persecuted, and he had to agree.

Therefore, he and Tang Yichen were actually a marriage marriage. Three years ago, Tang Yichen was signed with an agreement on the night before.

"The old man must make me marry you when you cry and make trouble. Since you want it so much, I will give you the title of Mrs. Tang, other sorry, I can’t give it, we divorce three years later."

Therefore, the agreement agreed that the two divorced after three years. They could not have children. After the divorce, the villas where the two lived together gave Lin Shu, and there was a large "breakup fee".

At the moment of getting the agreement, Lin Shu knew that the only one who wanted to get married was herself.She didn’t read the content of the agreement at the time, and didn’t want the other party to see her heart, and didn’t want to make herself too embarrassing. She quickly signed her name and handed it to Tang Yichen.

The next day, the two successfully received the marriage certificate. Without a wedding, only two red books were lying in their hands.

"Xiaoshu, I was wronged, and the wedding was not held for the time being." Grandpa Tang said to her.Although his grandson agrees to get married, he will not give back a step for the wedding.Extrcted from Xiaoshu this child.

"I can understand it," Lin Shurou said to Grandpa Tang.

After getting married, the two moved to Tang Yichen’s own villa.Because Tang Yichen did not like outsiders’ disturbances, the two did not invite the maids. Lin Shu did not go to work. He cooks at home every day and waited for Tang Yichen to return. Most of the time Tang Yichen did not return. Every day, Lin Shu eats alone.

In the first year, the two had nothing to do with each other. They kept sleeping in a room. They went to the old house for dinner together. Tang Yichen’s father and mother died of an airplane accident when he was a child.At that time, Tang Yichen just went to junior high school and was sensible. From then on, the original cheerful character also changed, and he did not like to talk and dull.Fortunately, because of Tang Yichen, Grandpa Tang kept supporting and pulled Tang Yichen. Tang Yichen was also very angry. After graduating, he founded the company and was very successful. It was the pride of the old man.

As the boss, Tang Yichen is very busy.Lin Shu alone will accompany the old man alone. She always feels that I see that Grandpa Tang is as kind as he sees his dear grandpa.

The change may start after one year of marriage between the two. One night, Tang Yichen returned very late. After drinking a lot of wine, when the driver was sent back, Lin Shu hurriedly helped him and lifted it to the master bedroom with the driver.The master bedroom has always been sleeping by himself. There is a driver, and Lin Shu is not easy to let others know the real situation.Putting people on the bed, the driver left.Lin Shu looked at him to unbutton his clothes, because of this movement, looking at his chest slowly, he felt that the temperature on his face was not controlled.Ready to get up and leave, just got up and found that his hand was pulled by a hand, he didn’t stand firm, and fell on him. Tang Yichen hugged her tightly and said, "Don’t leave me." Lin Shu’s body was tightWhat to do, suddenly Tang Yichen turned directly, and the two were transferred.Tang Yichen’s confused eyes stared at Lin Shu for a few seconds. His handsome face was a bit childish because of being drunk.Suddenly, he kissed directly, Lin Shu’s mind was blank, and the man on the top rushed to win the city.

Early the next morning, Lin Shu was afraid of the embarrassment of meeting early, endured the discomfort between her legs, took a shower, and made breakfast before Tang Yichen came out of the room.

"last night……"

"Hurry up for breakfast." She knew it was an accident yesterday and didn’t want to hear other sad words. Lin Shu immediately interrupted what he wanted to say behind him.

The two sat down and ate breakfast quietly.

"Wait for the medicine to eat." Tang Yichen said.

Lin Shu looked up at him

"We can’t have children." It was rare to explain.

"I know, I will buy it." Lin Shu felt a little pain in his heart, and his face still smiled slightly.

Since then, the mode of getting along with the two seems to have changed. From the stranger who lived with the same roof after marriage, they did not talk about love couples.

Two people lived in a room, slept with a bed, and lived a normal husband and wife. Although he came back late every time, he would hug her from behind.He will send WeChat to tell himself if he comes back for dinner. The two people go to the old house together. Grandpa is old and naturally wants to hug great -grandchildren.I have been married for three years.

Ding ~ WeChat prompts to interrupt Lin Shu’s thoughts.

[Don’t come back for dinner at night.] The news of Tang Yichen.

【good.] Thinking of his bad stomach, Lin Shu sent another [Don’t drink too much wine..

Without waiting for the reply, Lin Shu still did not tell Tang Yichen about pregnancy. Although the relationship between the two people seemed very close in the past two years, she actually knew that he had never said love.He doesn’t love her.So she has too many uncertainty, but she is sure that she must leave this child.

In the evening, Tang Yichen didn’t come back. Lin Shu intends to go to the old house to visit his grandpa. Before, his body was not too comfortable, and he hadn’t passed for a while.

Chapter 2 She is back

Lin Shu arrived at the old house, and the housekeeper saw her and said, "Grandma, you are here, the master is in the garden."

"Okay, thank you, I can go in the past." Lin Shu smiled slightly.

The maids of the Tang family like this low -key, approachable young grandma.

Lin Shu came to the garden, Grandpa Tang was sitting on the chair, and a cup of tea beside him.Seeing Lin Shu coming over.Grandpa Tang was very happy.

"Xiao Shu is here. Come and come over, Yichen didn’t come with you?"

"No, Grandpa, Yichen is busy today, I came here myself."

"This stinky boy knows busy work all day."

"How busy the company is, he is the president and is always harder than others."

"You child will say good words for him. Tonight here to accompany Grandpa for dinner."

"Okay, grandpa." Lin Shu replied with a smile.

Lin Shugang accompanied Grandpa Tang for a while for a while, and received a call from Tang Yichen to send Xiao Luyan.

"Xunzi, we are at night bar, the boss drinks too much, should you come to pick him up?"

"Okay, I’m there now."

Lin Shu greeted Grandpa and went out.

Dividing line………………………………………………

Night bar, high -end VIP card seat, sitting in five men, several people look outstanding, the most stunning one in the middle.

The five people grew up in a large courtyard, the boss Tang Yichen, Mo Ze, the second child, Qin Hao, the fourth seasons sail, the youngest old five Luyan.

I really drink too much today, I am not very comfortable, I want to lie down for a while.Tang Yichen raised his hand to press the temple.

"What’s wrong with the boss today? Drink so much." Lu Yan no longer had no heart and no lungs, but he was unhappy today.

"Wen Qing will come back tomorrow." The man who spoke a woman was jealous.

"Damn, what are she back?" Lu Yan burst into rough.

"Who knows."

"Second brother, how do you know she is going back?"

"The boss said."

"Huh, the boss tells you everything, I am no longer the boss’s little Yan Yan."

"When are you passing?" The black shirt man said.

"Three brothers !!!"

Everyone laughed.

"The boss will not be in love. If you want to reunite the old love, what about the little sister -in -law?"

"We don’t have more things, I believe the boss will handle it. I want to withdraw it." Ji Gaofan was talking, and the boss arranged for a task early in the morning.

"We also withdrawn it. Xiaowu, the boss gave you, and sent it home safely." Mo Ze and Qin Hao said at the same time.

The three people said that they left.

"Hey, how do you do this, no matter the boss is dead."

"We are the most idle, naturally you are responsible for sending the boss."

The three brothers did not stay with Lu Yan at all, and said they really left.Lu Yan looked at the boss who was paralyzed on the sofa, and thought of their gentle and beautiful, understanding sister -in -law.So I took out my mobile phone to call her sister -in -law and let her come over to pick up the boss.

When Lin Shu rushed to the night bar, he only saw Lu Yan sitting there and guarding Tang Yichen.

"Sorry, I’m late, only you are there?"

"Xunzi, you’re here. It’s not too late. Several of them have something to go first. I asked someone to play in the evening, so I called you." Lu Yan put down his mobile phone and just played games with others.Heat is facing the sky.

A handsome guy in the bar guards the other more handsome drunk man under the game. It is also a strange landscape. Anyway, the bar owner of the bar is the third brother, and Lu Yan is also fearless.

"How do he drink so much wine? He has been a stomach disease in the past two days, just a little bit."

"Uh … Maybe a few of our bosses together are more happy and drink more. Next time I will help you watch him." Lu Yan just found an excuse to obscure the past.

Lin Shu is still familiar with these small hair of Tang Yichen. Several people founded the K Group together, and the scale was getting larger and larger, occupying half of the rivers and mountains in Jiangcheng, and extended to overseas markets.Sometimes I come to my house for dinner, or go to the old house together and meet.

"Xunzi, you didn’t drive, this is the big brother’s car key. You drove back his car back." Lu Yan said that he handed the car key to Lin Shu.

"I came over by taxi, I’ll go back."

"Okay, sister -in -law, then I will help you with your elder brother."

"Okay." Tang Yichen’s body, without Lu Yan, couldn’t help but get in the car.

The two helped Tang Yichen to the back row of the car, and Lin Shu got into the driver’s seat.

"Sister -in -law, can you drive? Do you want to call you on behalf of you?" Lu Yan thought that the boss’s Che was too big, fearing that Lin Shu was not used to it.

"It’s okay, I slowly open."

"Okay, then be careful on the road, goodbye."

"Okay, then I’m gone." Saying the car slowly drove into the traffic.

Lin Shu opened carefully, looking forward nervously, the speed was very slow, and the car horn was dripped behind.

She didn’t notice that the man who was still sleeping in the back row opened his eyes.In fact, Tang Yichen was a little awake when Lin Shu went to the bar to Lu Yan, but he had never spoken and closed his eyes. Now he watched the petite back sitting in the cab, holding the steering wheel nervously, and the speed was very slow.EssenceTonight, I received a call from Wen Qing, saying that she was back and asked herself to pick her up and refused.

"Chen, I’m back, can you come to the airport to pick me up tomorrow?"

"Sorry, it may not be convenient, I am married." The phone hung up after speaking.Take out the ring from the drawer of the office and throw it in again.This phone calling himself a little caught off guard, and he was irritable. He called Land Yan to go to the bar of the third child and drank a few more cups.

Three years ago, she prepared a grand proposal ceremony. As a result, the heroine Wen Qing did not show up. He told him that he would go to Paris to pursue his ballet dream. He stood in the sea of flowers and took the proposal ring into a joke in Jiangcheng.

After half an hour, Lin Shu opened for an hour before arriving home. Fortunately, when she got out of the car, she watched Tang Yichen a little waking up.

"You wake up, can you go?" Tang Yichen didn’t speak.

Lin Shu bent down to help him, and he also leaned on Lin Shu. The two walked in together. Lin Shu put Tang Yichen lying on the sofa, and then entered the kitchen to wake up tea.Tang Yichen basically woke up at this time, and sat on the sofa by himself.Lin Shuli came out of the sober tea and saw Tang Yichen frowned and sat on the sofa in a daze.

"You wake up, drink this first."

"Well, let’s go. It’s not early, you go to sleep first. I’ll wait for myself to clean up myself."

Lin Shu stood in the living room for a while

"Why, do you have something to find me?" Tang Yichen asked when she saw that she didn’t return to the room.

"Uh, no, I went to Grandpa today. He said that he had time to let you go back to dinner. Don’t be too busy at work."

"Okay, I know, I will eat with you tomorrow."


Lin Shu still didn’t say when she was pregnant.There are three months in three months …

Chapter 3 It turned out to be her

In the early morning of the next day, Lin Shu got up for breakfast, worried that Tang Yichen was uncomfortable and boiled porridge to nourish him with his stomach.

Tang Yichen wore a white sportswear and looked like college students.Frozen and walked downstairs and came to the restaurant.

"You wake up, eat breakfast."

Tang Yichen sat down, Lin Shu knew that he was a little serious when he got up, and he always looked serious in the morning and frowned.Seeing him sitting down and drinking porridge, he didn’t say anything. He also sat opposite and ate breakfast.

Lin Shu’s porridge boiled very soft and thick. It felt a lot more comfortable after drinking a bowl. After drinking too much last night, he was not very comfortable when he got up today. Now it is finally better.

Ding ~ SMS prompt sound

"Chen, I don’t believe you are married, you deliberately angry, right, I will wait for you at the airport."

Tang Yichen glanced at it and put the phone aside, ignoring it.In the morning, I saw a friend’s application for WeChat. It was sent by Wen Qing. He didn’t agree. He did not expect that the other party sent a text message.After she went abroad three years ago, he deleted all her contact information and wanted to soberly.

Ding ~ Another text message

"Chen, I had a last resort that year, I have never forgotten you."

"Chen, I am waiting for you at the airport, you won’t come, I won’t leave."

Tang Yichen became more and more irritable in holding his mobile phone.

"I won’t go to Grandpa for dinner today, and go to the day again. I will call Grandpa to explain. Today, I have something to go out." Tang Yichen said to Lin Shu.

"Okay, you are busy first." Lin Shurou’s voice sounded.

Tang Yichen looked up at his wife who had been married for almost 3 years. In the past two years, he has faded a lot of greenness. It is no longer the little girl who has just came from the countryside.EssenceIt is undeniable that Lin Shu is a good wife. He takes care of his diet and lives. He will not disturb himself. He will always be quiet. It seems that he will never have a temper.It also showed generous, as if he couldn’t pick a little problem.What’s more, the bed also fits herself. She touched her as addictive as a poppy in the bed and was like a hairy boy who couldn’t control her.

He didn’t know what kind of feelings he was for Lin Shu, maybe he was used to it, and was used to such a person waiting for himself to go home.

Wen Qing is his first love. The university is together. She is the flower of the dance department. He is the talent of the financial department.Tang Yichen is usually not close to women. Although many people "send out leaflets" confess, he is always a man who is not as close as a person, and can scare girls and cry.The two were also chased by Wen Qing together. He finally shaken the iceberg male god. After being together, the two actually had a good relationship. Although Tang Yichen was usually cold, did not like to speak or laughed, Wen Qing always alwaysHe pulled him out, dancing around him or talking about his things around him, Tang Yichen listened quietly and accompanied her.Tang Yichen was married when he was planning to graduate. On the eve of graduation, he summoned a few small surprises to prepare for a huge surprise. He was going to seek marriage with Wen Qing. The heroine did not show up.Tang Yichen received a warm information:

"Chen, I’m sorry, I got the opportunity to go to Paris, France. Tomorrow’s plane, I don’t want to graduate and walk into the shackles of my marriage. I want to pursue my dream. Can I wait for three years."

Tang Yichen didn’t return, but he was waiting, he couldn’t let go, but three years later, Wen Qing still didn’t return. The dance group had a chance to be promoted to the protagonist. She gave up Tang Yichen again and chose her dream.I did not say that they broke up, and the two have never contacted them since then.

That night, Tang Yichen didn’t go home. Lin Shu was anxious to watch him go out during the day. He was worried about something, called him no one, and then called Tang Yichen Assistant.

"Assistant Li, is Yichen with you?"

"Mrs. Tang, Mr. Tang was not with me today. I didn’t arrange overtime today. What happened?"

"Okay, it’s okay, thank you, goodbye."

"You’re welcome, wife, goodbye."

After hanging up the phone, Lin Shu felt that his stomach was not very comfortable, and he quickly picked up a glass of water.

I slept uneasy in the evening, woke up in the morning very early, and Tang Yichen had not returned yet.Lin Shu got up for breakfast, cooked white porridge and fried poached eggs.Opening the TV in hand, the entertainment headline is being played, and the host’s nice voice comes from it.

"The famous dancer Wen Qing returned to China, and the president of JK Group appeared at the airport.


The chopsticks on Lin Shu’s hand fell on the table and were cold.

It turned out that it was her, Bai Yueguang in Tang Yichen’s heart. Yesterday, she hurriedly pushed off her grandfather’s house for dinner. She didn’t return all night to pick her up. I am afraid that the two were together last night.

Lin Shu didn’t dare to think down, the porridge in the bowl was put in the kitchen, and the bowl was not washed, and he sat on the sofa in a daze.

It seems that it should be left, why maybe it is so reluctant.Stroke your belly with your hands

"Baby, we may leave my dad. Mom can’t tell dad your existence, but in the future, the mother will love you very much and make up for the father."

Lin Shu didn’t eat anything all day long, waiting for Tang Yichen to come back. This is the only time that he expected him to come back earlier for so many years, but the first thing he was afraid of him was to divorce himself with himself.I was worried that he would not come back with Wen Qing.Yes, he went to the airport to pick her up, and they must be together.

When Tang Yichen came back in the evening, the room was quiet. Lin Shu did not stand at the door as before, and he did not prepare for dinner as usual as usual.Suddenly so quiet and felt a little uncomfortable.He thought that Lin Shu was going upstairs upstairs, walked to the stairs and found a figure on the sofa. When he approached, he found that Lin Shu fell asleep on the sofa.

Lin Shu heard the sound and woke up slowly, and looked up to see Tang Yichen standing by the sofa.I froze, got up and sat straight.

I don’t know how long he has stood here.

"Why are you back?" Lin Shu thought he would not come back tonight, after all, the news broke out.

"Where am I not back?!" Tang Yichen said with a black face.I am very upset about her problem.

"I don’t mean that, I think you have something else." Lin Shu lowered his head, and said more and more loud.I didn’t dare to say it directly: I went to see the first love lover, and the news said that your old love has returned, how do I know that you suddenly come back at night.Of course she dare not say it.

"Have you ever eaten? I accidentally fell asleep, and I forgot to burn dinner." Lin Shu remembered that he had a bad stomach, and he forgot to cook.

"I didn’t eat it." Tang Yichen spit out two words.Go directly to the dining table and sit.

Lin Shu looked at him with a dark face, inexplicably like a child, I didn’t know why he was angry, but helplessly said

"Then I cook noodles?"


Chapter 4 Come -to -door Provocation

Soon, Lin Shu cooked two bowls of green vegetables on the table.It looks very tasty.Neither of them spoke, Tang Yichen might be hungry, and it was resolved in a few minutes.

Tang Yichen finished eating and said to Lin Shu

"You go to bed early, I will go to the study to deal with something, go to Grandpa for dinner tomorrow night, I will come back to pick you up in the afternoon."

"You don’t have to bother to come back. I took a taxi to Grandpa myself. What time do you get, I watch time out."

"Nothing tomorrow, I’ll pick you up together, it’s not easy to take a taxi."


Lin Shuling silently lowered his head and stopped talking.

Tang Yichen also turned and walked upstairs.

The next day, Lin Shichen had already gone to the company. At noon, he got some food. Although he had no appetite, he thought that he had a baby and couldn’t help but eat. He still barely drank a bowl of soup.Bowl rice, just packed up, someone pressed the doorbell, Lin Shu walked to open the door, standing outside the door was the news actress yesterday.

It is really beautiful, just like a swan on the ice.Lin Shu thought.

"Miss Lin, hello, I am Wen Qing, Yichen’s friend."

"I know." Lin Shu said low, in front of the white swan, like a ugly duckling.

Lin Shu was sideways, asked Wen Qing into the house, and then poured her a glass of water on the table in front.

"Sorry Miss Lin, yesterday Yichen fell off my watch. I haven’t contacted him today. I happened to be nearby and sent him directly." Wen Qing’s voice sounded very well, and the smile on his face was veryShining, what you say can really be worried.

"Okay, I will transfer it to him, trouble Miss Wen for a trip." Lin Shuqiang endured the discomfort, and the sound of his mouth was a bit stiff.

"I am not very comfortable today, so I wo n’t leave Wen Ms. to eat. If there is nothing else, I will rest first."

"Okay, then don’t bother you, you take a good rest, I’ll go first." Wen Qing said with a smile.

After walking out of the door of the villa, the smile on Wen Qing’s face was cold.The hostess of this villa was her Wen Qing.

Yichen did go to the airport to pick her up, and took her to the hotel to leave. She deliberately made the water on his hand. He took off his watch and went to the bathroom. He walked directly when he returned.

Hearing the news of his marriage, she didn’t believe it. She knew that Yichen had been waiting for her over the years, and she also believed that Yichen would wait for her. Yichen had a relationship. He was his first love.There is no lace news around him. Although he is abroad, he is actually paying attention to his news at any time, knowing that there are no women around him.Unexpectedly, I really got married, but Grandpa Tang settled.His little wife looks so small, is it really an adult?No matter who it is, he will not let go easily, his leg injury can no longer dance, Yichen must be his own.

After Wen Qing left, Lin Shu sat in a sofa and looked at the watch. This watch was indeed Tang Yichen. He has been wearing it for so many years.He put it on the bedside and watched it, and there were two letters of YC behind him.It wasn’t until the ringing of the phone rang that her thoughts were interrupted.

It’s Tang Yichen’s phone, Lin Shu took it up

"I still have ten minutes home, you are going to go out."


Lin Shu returned to God and hid emotions. When he went to the room to change his clothes, he went to the door to wait for Tang Yichen. Every two minutes, Tang Yichen’s car came. After Lin Shu got in the car, he didn’t speak.Tang Yichen felt his wife’s abnormality, but he didn’t pay attention to her, and didn’t know how to speak.

Lin Shu’s side was indeed a greater emotional fluctuations because of pregnancy. The second was to tell Tang Yichen. Wen Qing came, and came back to the watch.

So the two people didn’t speak along the way. When they arrived at the old house, Wang Yan was already burning. Lin Shu was ready to go in for help.

Tang Yichen held her hand and said

"Wang Yan is almost okay, don’t go today, take a break."

Tang Yichen saw that she was absent -minded all the way, and did not know what she had, so she had to let her rest more.

"Oh, okay, then I go to the garden to see the flowers of Grandpa."

Listening to him, Lin Shu didn’t insist on going to help, and wanted to go to the garden to see those flowers.

"Well, I go to the study to find grandpa."


After speaking, they acted separately.

Tang Yichen came to the study, and Grandpa Tang directly threw the pen holder on his hand. Tang Yichen did not escape, just hit his forehead and broke directly.

Grandpa Tang held the newspaper and shouted loudly at the table

"Mixing things, see what good things you do, where do you put Xiaoshu? Run to recruit bees and butterflies, and get the news."

"News has been arranged to withdraw from."

"Do you think Xiaoshu doesn’t know? You don’t know how to cherish such a good wife, there will be a day when you regret it, then you don’t cry here."

"You are also forced by getting married. When I agree to get married, you should know that there is this day."

"You, you, you, I directly killed you, and said that the crutch rushed to Tang Yichen."

At this time, Lin Shuchong came in and stopped Grandpa Tang

"Grandpa, be careful of your body, don’t be angry."

Lin Shu helped Grandpa Tang to sit down.Looking at the man in front of him, his forehead was broken and seemed a little embarrassed.

Lin Shu’s phrase [I was also forced by marriage, I agreed that you should know this day when you get married.] I just walked to the door, and I really didn’t deliberately overheard. Wang Yanfan was done. She was thinking about asking them to go down for dinner.

Hearing Grandpa’s excitement, Lin Shu rushed in.One is to worry that Grandpa is too excited and angry, and the other is also worried about Tang Yichen. After all, Grandpa has been a soldier after all, and there are still some. He is worried that he is injured.I don’t know to say soft words, or avoid it.

The housekeeper heard the voice also up, and I quickly asked the housekeeper to help Grandpa downstairs.

Lin Shu found iodine and walked in front of Tang Yichen, ready to disinfect him.

"It’s okay, little injury, no need."

"Small wounds have to disinfect, it is serious to be troublesome."

Wipe the cotton swab with iodine.Tang Yichen was also very irritable. He did go to the airport yesterday to pick up Wenqing. He arranged to go to the hotel and left. He returned to the company to work overtime.The first time it was opened, the person was arranged to withdraw.He didn’t know if Lin Shu had seen the news. Does she care about it at all?Or it has been seen, is she wrong today because of this matter?Why not ask yourself in person

Chapter 5 Old House Council overnight

Lin Shu gently applied Tang Yichen’s ointment and didn’t know the thoughts in his heart.

"Okay, let’s go down for dinner too, don’t let Grandpa wait for a long time."


The two walked out of the study together and went downstairs to the restaurant. Grandpa was already at the table. When he saw the two came down, he quickly greeted Lin Shu for dinner. He was sentenced to two people who scolded Tang Yichen before.

"Xiao Shu, come over to eat, let Wang Yan give you the bowl soup first, and make up for your body."

"Good grandfather." Lin Shu answered, sitting with Tang Yichen sitting on the side of Grandpa.

Grandpa Tang really likes Lin Shu, not only the entrustment of old comrades, he understands his grandson, emphasizes feelings, but also easily deceived and hurt.Xiao Shu not only has a simple personality, kind -hearted, and looks weak. In fact, there is a kind of tough stubbornness on her body. She is a good person who can share with the suffering. I hope that Yichen, a stinky boy, finds Xiao Shu as good as Xiaoshu.There is no regret in his life.

"Otherwise, you will move back to live. Xiaoshu is at home alone, just coming to accompany me as the old man."

"I have no opinion." Tang Yichen spoke, and Grandpa said it was not unreasonable. Moving back to the old house and staying together, Lin Shu may not be so boring.Tang Yichen himself did not realize that he had unknowingly considering Lin Shu.

When he heard Grandpa’s invitation, in fact, Lin Shu didn’t want to stay at home alone, but when he was pregnant, he would be discovered by his grandpa when he moved to the old house, so he couldn’t move over.

"Grandpa, it’s okay, I am used to it, Yichen sometimes comes back late, and it will disturb your rest. We live in our ourselves to take care of him." Tang Yichen did not expect Lin Shu to refuse. After all, after living in the old house, Grandpa must stand by her.By the way, find a good backing, isn’t it better?I don’t know why she refused, then she would be casually.

Grandpa Tang was also worried about the emotional issue of Xiao Liang. In case of what kind of moth named Wen Qing, he moved over and could stare at himself. Xiaoshu’s temperament must be suffering.But since Xiao Shu refuses, it is not much to say.

"That’s OK, Grandpa respects your opinions, but if Yichen has nothing to do well, it makes you angry. You tell Grandpa, Grandpa helps you out." He also glanced at his grandson.

Tang Yichen’s ethnic dinner seemed to have not heard Grandpa’s words.

"No Grandpa, Yichen is very nice to me."

Tang Yichen raised his eyebrows. In fact, he didn’t understand his little wife who had been married for almost three years. She didn’t have to say good words for herself in front of Grandpa, and could even sue. Grandpa must stand on her side to support her.

Lin Shu saw Tang Yichen raised his eyebrows, and died in a guilty conscience.

"Since I don’t plan to move, stay too late today, and go back tomorrow." The old man spoke again.

Lin Shujian Tang Yichen did not refute, so he should come down

"Okay, grandpa."

After dinner, isn’t Tang Yichen who is not busy with work, sitting in the living room, following Lin Shu and grandfather watching TV together. Grandpa Tang is still old. After watching it long after watching it, the housekeeper was sent to rest, leaving Tang Yichen and Lin ShuLin Shu thought that Grandpa was gone, and he didn’t have to pretend to accompany himself.

"You go, let’s look at it for a while and wait for yourself to return to the room."

"I’m not busy today."

Lin Shu wondered if he was rare to relax and wanted to rest.Because he has been playing with his mobile phone, he has not been watching TV seriously.Lin Shu also went with him, Grandpa went to rest. She sat on the sofa with a pillow and watched the drama seriously. This is the drama recently chased. Today, she updated the ending.Essence

It was a costume abuse. In the end, there was no perfect end ending. The male and female protagonists were separated. Lin Shu was immersed in the TV series, leaving tears.

Tang Yichen was lying on the sofa and brushing the news. He didn’t know why he was still here to swipe his phone boring here. He obviously had a lot of work to deal with it. In the past, he never watched time to watch this boring TV series, but looked at itLin Shu was sitting on the sofa, and suddenly felt that the two chased the drama together.

Tang Yichen looked down at the mobile phone. After a while, he heard the intermittent swallowing sound. Tang Yichen looked up and saw Lin Shu crying very sadly. Tears were like pearls that broke the line, and his eyes were red.Tang Yichen didn’t know what happened. He quickly did it, handed Lin Shu on a paper towel, and asked:

"What’s wrong?"

"I … I’m fine, TV … too sad, the heroine is dead." Lin Shu suppressed the cry, a little angry, and said intermittently, in fact, when he saw Tang Yichen coming, he was embarrassed.Because watching TV crying like this, it seems a bit embarrassing, but it is really sad, and I can’t help it. Since I am pregnant, my mood has been relatively large, and it is easy to be inexplicably sad, or because of small things that are sad.

Tang Yichen relieved inexplicably, it turned out to be just because of the TV series.

"Okay, don’t cry. When Grandpa heard, I thought I thought I would bully you." Tang Yichen whispered Lin Shu, and there was a tenderness that he could not perceive in his voice.

Lin Shu still couldn’t help but sobbing.

Tang Yichen patted her back gently, whispered, Lin Shu slowly calmed down, looking at the two gestures that leaned together, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Okay, don’t cry, the play is over, go back to the room to rest, don’t watch it again."


Lin Shu felt that at this moment Tang Yichen’s tenderness would push herself to the abyss. He seemed to coax his favorite baby, but she knew in her heart that Wen Qing was Bai Yueguang in his heart, comforting himself may be worried about his grandfather’s blame.

Lin Shu was dumbfounded by Tang Yichen upstairs. After entering the room, Tang Yichen rang the phone. When he took out his mobile phone, Lin Shu saw a string of numbers and had no number.

"You go to take a shower first, I’ll answer the phone."


Lin Shu turned to the closet and took a pajamas and walked into the bathroom. After closing the door, she was in a daze behind the door. The little tenderness just made her illusions, and there was a trace of expectations. If I told Tang Yichenchen,If he has a baby, will he not let him go, because he will definitely be a good father. Grandpa said, "Xiaoshu, Yi Chen, the child, was very bitter after his parents died. He was strong.With no tears, I know his feelings, which is why Wen Qing has been silently waiting for him. Wen Qing is not suitable for him. Yechen has been longing for the warmth of the family over the years., To have their own children, Yichen is the person of the person in charge, you will not be separated. "This is the trick that Grandpa gave himself, let himself get pregnant as soon as possible, and tie Yi ChenShe couldn’t keep his heart, she hoped that Yichen would be happy, and she was willing to become the happiness of Yiquan Chen.

Women’s intuition, Wen Qing’s phone just now. She doesn’t know what Wen Qing will say on the phone. Will Tang Yichen go out to find her at night and no longer come back.It was a contract marriage, and the three -year period would be coming. If it wasn’t for our own appearance, Grandpa forced us to get a certificate, and now Yichen waited for Wen Qing.

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