Linzhou has children in confinement customs

Timing Jiakou is a big event for the folk in Linxian County.Before and after birth, there are some particular attention to pregnant women, some have some scientific truths, and some are reflected in the consciousness of male and female humble feudal consciousness, and some are superstitious.

1. Pre -delivery

After women’s pregnancy, it is called the "childhood period" within 3 months.In the future, the pregnancy gradually exposed, and the stomach "concealed four without hiding five" refers to this.Pregnant women have also begun to change in clothes. The folk collectively referred to as "grandpa’s pants, grandma cloth shirt" (wide clothes).Pregnant women do not stay away from the house, do not do heavy physical work, and do not do severe activities. Family members should avoid being angry with pregnant women and make pregnant women feel comfortable.Pregnant women and elders are starting to prepare to be happy, small pockets, diaper, etc., and wait for the child to use it after birth.

In order to make the fetus healthy, there are a lot of people in the folk. Pregnant women should not eat rabbit meat to prevent three slices of babies; avoid eating donkey meat to prevent prolonging pregnancy; avoid eating peppers to prevent red eye diseases in the baby; pregnant women do not enter the maternal maternal.The house is to prevent it from being difficult to give birth; when the dead person enters, the pregnant woman should avoid it for a while; the pregnant woman avoids the salt from the door to prevent the baby’s cord (that is, horizontal).Many of these customs are superstitious.

During pregnancy, folks have customs that predict the gender of infants.The first is the abacus, and the decision is: "first hit seven seven forty-nine, and then ask the pregnant woman when there will be (referring to the month), the age of pregnant women’s age (removal), plus 18." (49+ pregnancy month-pregnant womenAge+18 =?) It is said that the results are female and the single is male.The second is to speculate; predict that the second child is a male or female. According to the time of the first birth of the birth, it is speculated that there are "there are many brothers of Ziwuyu, and Chen Yan ugly is not alone, Yin Shen has three or two".The third is self -testing: infant tires are more moving as men, less movement is female; the left abdomen is male, and the right abdomen is peristalized as a female; the prominent response during pregnancy is female, and the average person is male; pregnant women are sour.For men, the spicy person is a female.The fourth is visual inspection; when the pregnant woman walks, the body is male and the right is a male, and the right is a female;The above -mentioned laws, diverse scientific basis.

2. Childbirth

In order to prepare for prenatal preparation, the method of calculating the childbirth time of the people is: From the last month of the pregnant woman, the month will be added, the day will be added, and the number of answers is the due date.Due to different physiology of pregnant women, the environment is different, and some may be advanced or dragged in advance.Linxian said that he had a "break" abortion for less than 6 months of pregnancy. He was born in 7 months as "premature birth".

Pregnant women are mostly in their own house.Before giving birth, cook a few eggs for pregnant women, and then prepare scissors, Ai Shui, etc.Pregnant women are on bed, looking forward to the birth of a baby.In the past, some families asked "to pick up the biological mother -in -law". Because they did not understand the technology, the appliances were not disinfected, causing many maternal and infants to die.After 1950, the people’s government focused on women and children’s health care. Villages have trained members. Generally, they are invited to take birth.

After the baby was born, cut the umbilical cord for 3 to 4 inches, clear the intraocus in the mouth, naked with a clean cloth bag, and put it next to the baby and mother.In the small shop and Dongyao area, after some babies were born, they had to stop them on the ground, intending to "take root."When the baby is born, it is a urination. The folk calls this "daddy urine mother". The child’s life is too hard. It is not good for the parents. He wants to pick up the baby and touch his head on the wall for three times.The mother eats boiled eggs, drinks moxa water, and washed her palms with moist water to drive the wind and keep the bones.

In order to make the mother and son auspicious, the folk is very cautious about the treatment of the fetal clothing. Generally, the placenta is put into the crocks and sealed it with mud. When the person is quiet at night, it is believed that the placenta is stepped on by thousands of people.No disaster.What is more interesting is that some farmhouses are buried in the door in the door.The girl’s fetal clothing is deep under the fruit tree, which means "there are many flowers."After 1950, most of them chose an auspicious address in the yard.Taboo taboos of the fetus are damaged and stolen.

Tama imports, rejoiced by family, called "Da Xi", and the girl’s name is "Xiaoxi".When holding a child, people absolutely prohibit the word "Shen".Because people are used to saying bulky items are "dead".The baby’s weight is represented by the word "bone weight".Some farmers deliberately described the baby boy as a baby girl, and they were afraid to expose the truth and be hooked by evil ghosts.

Within a month after childbirth, he absolutely forbid him to enter the door of others. Even small producers cannot violate this regulation.Not only will cause disputes, but the county will bring great trouble to the mother’s family.In the full moon, you must go to the place where you have been to burn your head, set off firecrackers, apologize for the Ministry, and obtain the master’s understanding.

Within the maternal house within a month, do not burn the pot.People think that cooking, fried, and fried can make the baby bubble. When you must fry, put a bowl of cold water on the pot.Baby clothes and diapers, the night is not allowed to be cold in the courtyard, and the mother can not wait until the stars in the stars in the courtyard at night.In Yaocun and Keshun, 4 days and 6 days after the baby was born, outsiders are taboo to see children to prevent "four or six winds".In the area of Chengguan and Muling, the mother does not borrow things in the confinement, but can enter things.The maternal is not full of the moon and is not allowed to lift the shop to make the "child adult".In the small shop, Dongyao and other villages, after the baby is born, it is necessary to open a lock.Some people use the red line to tie 1 or 4 small square holes money, put them in front of the stove to burn the incense, and hang the money on the baby’s neck, commonly known as "god lock".

Three, postpartum

Report goodbye.After the child is born, the family is happy.For the first child, regardless of the men and women, they must communicate with the baby’s family, commonly known as "rewarding".Baby infant reported great joy, and baby girls reported Xiaoxi (if the second child was heterosexual, he still had to report goodbye, if the same nature was free).Before 1949, the two of the altar wine was carried, the two were carried, and the two brown goats were rushed to the neck.After 1950, the rural "rewarding" ceremony was simplified. Generally, the "Reporting Patch" was put in a small mahogany box, and it was installed in the money.The back of the shoulder, commonly known as "male left and female", is not allowed to change shoulders all the way.After rewarding the boy to the mother’s house, the diet of the boy is also very particular. Generally, he is food and oil cakes. He taboos him with noodle soup, "to prevent babies from runny nose."After meals, a newspaper hi post was left and presented to the news.

Folk newspaper premium stickers are generally written vertical, and the format is as follows:

Note: 1. The male man writes Tian Ding, and the girl writes Tim.

2. If you add your grandson, granddaughter, write a son’s house; add grandson and granddaughter to write Sunshe; add children to write cold houses by themselves

3. The name of the male elders, if no elders write their own name.

Wash the three.On the third day of the baby’s birth, it is necessary to wash it all over with a net cloth or cotton group. It is commonly known as "washing three".It means to clean the filth, to enter the world, increase the guts, and see the world, drive the wind to prevent the cold and prevent disease.

Look at three.After the child was born, the mother’s family carried rice, and the daughter’s family blessed the newborn to drive away evil for the mother.This ceremony is usually called on the third day after the birth of the baby.On the same day, he had to banquet his biological mother -in -law and expressed his gratitude.

Tie children.After washing three, the housewife of the street neighbors must come to visit one after another.When you come, get the money, some cents, more upper Yuan, how much is not limited.Put the money into the baby’s arms, commonly known as "tie children."

Do nine.People who have children, before the child’s full moon, must hold a celebration event, called "Nine".9 days are single nine, 18 days are double -nine, and the celebrations are mostly on Double Nine.The first child is done, and the second and third babies are also done.The day is very lively to be a family, and the family and relatives come to congratulate.When relatives come, carry 3 feet and a gift.Babies have the most gifts, in addition to rice, noodles, as well as children’s clothing, toys, and large and small bedding.The main family set up a banquet to entertain the visitors and distribute the hi rice to the neighbor.

Full moon.Pregnant women can go out to the event in a month, all kinds of taboos are lifted.At this time, the baby’s hair should be shaved, which is called "getting tire hair" and puts on small clothes.If a boy does a full moon, it is necessary to do it 1 to 2 days in advance, and the girl does not do it in January.On this day, the baby’s uncle and a boy’s boy picked a box and covered it with red cloth, and put 120 (some 102 pieces) as thin cakes like white paper.After watching the baby, he tied the jewelry such as "long -lived locks" with red rope lines and hung on the baby’s neck to bless the child "long life".Then give the baby a cheap name.Later, he burned incense to the gods in the family, and sent Xigan cake to neighbor neighbors, commonly known as "flower cake".For lunch, the master must make "happy noodle soup". In addition to the family and relatives, they are also given to the neighbors, called "Huaxi Decoction". After all the rituals, the mother returned to her mother’s house.The mother’s head tied a red headscarf, the baby inserted peach branches, and she was not allowed to look back from the door. When she was at the door of the house, she wanted to catch the baby.age)".After staying at her mother’s house for 10 days, she started to return to her mother -in -law, meaning 10 % of the baby.There are also 3 days and 5 days, saying that it is "three officials and five shows."

Name.At the age of an age of infants, the folks in Linxian generally need to get cheap names, thinking that they can not pay attention to the ghosts and grow up.Baby boys are called: "Ugly children, shit eggs, fat eggs, black eggs, white eggs".The baby girl is often called: "Ugly girl, shit girl, fat girl, black girl, white girl";After the child grows up to understand, he no longer names a cheap name, and he has to give a good name.The commonly used method is: the name of the season is called the season name according to the season when the child was born, and the words "spring, autumn, winter" are more;However, only one word is used, ranking according to the generation, and the second word is taken back to the need; in the family -level generation, choose a good character, Xiao Sui, the name is the name;Get up, the name is the name; the name of the mother’s surname, the name of the mother; the name of the name of the name of the adult name of the child, and the words "guarantee, whole, success, and tie";Time with Tianqian Di Branch), compared with gold, wood, water, fire, and soil, the attributes of the five elements (Jiayi is a wood, Bing Dingwu belongs to fire, Gengxin Shen is gold, and Rengui Haizi belongs to water.The soil) The name of the supplement is the name of what is missing; the name of the name of the name is "text, martial arts, wealth, and officials";"Change, change, buy" and other words; named the name of the current political name according to the times, and the words "Jian, Yue, Communist, the Communist Party, the people, and health";The words such as Lin, River, and Zhuang "; named the name" water, grass, mountains, Hua "and other words according to the name of the name.

The girl’s name is relatively monotonous.Most of the "Haiyun Cai Hongxia, Huafang Rongxiang’e, Xueya Mei Kaikai, Dongzhi Ruijing Cotton, Mingjun Xianyingchun, Beautiful Junqin Aquside, Qiu Qin Lanjiko, Feng Feng Huijuan, Qiao Zhen changed Huan, Ni, Ni, Ni Zhen, Ni Zhen, Ni Zhen, Ni Zhen, Ni Zhen, Ni Zhen, Ni Zhen, Ni Zhen, Ni Zhen, NiniNiu Su Baihe, Xiuli loves Shuxian, peach apricot lotus bamboo leaves, gold and silver valuable Dan, love Lin Shanhe "and other words.Words around the circle.

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