List of health gifts for Mother’s Day, this day deserves to love her

In addition to talking to Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day is happy, and to talk to meals together. If you really want to give, what gifts do you really want to give, give you a little reference:

① Vitamin D3 supplement.Ordinary brands can be used without much dosage (it can be within 600 to 1000 units).If your mother does not go out to bask in the sun, it will never be wrong to send this.Women’s pregnancy and breastfeeding process are prone to insufficient calcium intake and increased loss.Many women can supplement calcium, but it is easy to ignore the intake of vitamin D.Natural foods are rich in vitamin D. They are easy to eat and cost -effective only eggs and mushrooms, but even so, they cannot meet the demand.So you still have to get through the sun.However, due to the limitations of many environmental factors, the nutritional status of vitamin D in middle -aged and elderly people is generally unsatisfactory. Vitamin D lacks a very general nutritional problem in the elderly in developed countries and developing countries.This will not only affect the health of bone teeth, but also affect the resistance of the elderly.

Therefore, I really do n’t know what to send, then sending this, there will be no mistake!

② protein powder.Affected by the influence of chewing ability, digestive function, traditional plant diet habits, insufficient exercise, etc., both men and women have relatively lack of muscle mass and muscle strength.The elderly’s muscle is young, which is a very important health issue that leads to the increase in mortality in the elderly.

If your mother’s usually diet and the income of soybean products are not much, you can consider sending some protein powder.

The preferred milk protein powder, the biological absorption utilization rate is high.The second is soybean protein powder, which is more cost -effective.You can choose according to your economic situation and your mother’s eating habits (such as a vegetarian mother).

③ Hand cream.Mothers have more housework, and their hands are inevitably insufficient. It is prone to problems such as eczema, sweat herpes, and peeling.It is also important to urge mothers to protect the skin of both hands.

④ Medical physiotherapy instrument.For some elderly people who are prone to waist and leg pain, they are also very assisting symptoms, but they need to choose medicines for medicine.

⑤ Comfortable sneakers and small sports auxiliary tools, such as elastic bands.I always recommend that the elderly should not have a pound of the number of elastic bands -do more safe rental campaigns.The mortality, yes: non -!often!close!key!of!

Middle -aged and elderly people need to emphasize exercise over 150 minutes a week.It can be scattered to the resistance movement of about 15-20 minutes, plus some walking.

Remember, this is a vital thing!At present, it is being vigorously called for and advocated by governments, health and health departments and professional groups ~

Other flowers skin care products, etc., depending on my mother likes and mood ~

I wish all the mothers in the world a happy holiday!

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