Listening to the old man saying that you should eat more fruits when you are pregnant. Is it true that the children born?

We often hear some pregnant mothers to tell us in the nutrition clinic that our elderly say that we should eat more fruits when you are pregnant and the children born.

In fact, there are many such sayings such as eating more grape eyelashes and more fruits and water spirit. These are casual talk about the old people without any scientific basis.

But during pregnancy, if you eat fruits unscrupulously, you will get a big child who may reach a huge level; you will also gain fat or even nearly double the weight.And the probability of your pregnancy diabetes is particularly high. The following picture is a feedback given by some pregnant mothers. Fruit really cannot eat too much.

Because the fruit sugar contained in fruits, it has a good taste and a particularly high sweetness.The sweetness of fructose is 1.8 times that of sucrose, and it cannot be directly absorbed by the human body. It is converted into glucose, glycogen and fat in the body.If you consume less fructose, fructose is mainly converted into glucose.However, if you consume a lot of fructose, the synthesis of fructose will not be restricted. More synthetic fat will cause the human body to gain weight, which will also indirectly cause pregnant women to gain weight and baby get fat.

So many people are puzzled. How much should fruit should eat during pregnancy?

If your mother is normal and the empty blood glucose is not higher than 5.1, and it is not diagnosed with gestational diabetes, fruits can be eaten 200 to 400 grams per day. So what is this concept?

We take Apple as an example. The diameter of Apple is about 7cm, so its weight is about 200g. This is more intuitive. If you have food in your home, you can often weigh the fruits you eat.In five days, you will have a approximate quantity.

Choice of fruit:

The choice of fruits during pregnancy is also critical, giving everyone two principles

① Choose the seasonal fruits as much as possible during pregnancy. Do not choose jam and juice in fresh fruits.

② Choose the sweetness as much as possible during pregnancy. If it is an apple more acidic apple, if it is a kiwi, it is recommended to be green kiwi.


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