Liu Kaiwei girlfriend passed her pregnancy again.

Liu Kaiwei and her new girlfriend Li Xiaofeng developed rapidly. After being exposed to pregnancy in Hong Kong, Li Xiaofeng was photographed again to walk and cover his belly, which once again attracted rumors of pregnancy.On January 15th, the media took Liu Kaiwei to protect Li Xiaofeng’s sweet scene, and the woman was paying attention.

In the picture, Li Xiaofeng walked in front of Liu Kaiwei, from the door and outside the door to getting on the car. He kept covering his belly with his arm tightly, and covered his right hand when he greeted him with his left hand.Words.

And Liu Kaiwei also kept guarding. When walking, she was holding Li Xiaofeng’s waist directly. When she got on the car, she stood behind her back and helped her back. She looked carefully and was thought to be as pregnant.

From Li Xiaofeng’s wearing, she couldn’t see the lower abdomen. She was very loose. She was a short version of fur, her lower body was casual pants, and her body was bloated.It is not necessarily accurate by covering the stomach to identify pregnancy. It may be that the cold clothes are not deducted, but Li Xiaofeng’s behavior is indeed eye -catching. Li Xiaofeng’s walking posture from room to outdoor has not changed, indicating that she used to cover her belly.

This is not the first time that Li Xiaofeng has been reported to be pregnant. Previously, she accompanied Liu Kaiwei back to Hong Kong to see her parents, and had been passed on.At that time, the basis was that she was loose, and her walking posture was very similar to pregnant women. When she returned to Hong Kong, she discussed marriage with Liu Kaiwei’s family.

After the news spread, Liu Kaiwei’s father Liu Dan responded to the outside world. He said that he was not true. The most reliable news person told him that she had seen a report and said that she wore loose clothes for a month or two.I will know so soon, it must not be.

Liu Dan’s response is only his personal opinion, and he cannot be regarded as the basis for Li Xiaofeng.Earlier, when Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng had a relationship, Liu Dan inexplicably made a response of "son denial". Later, Liu Kaiwei publicly acknowledged the relationship and made a big oolong. Presumably, the father and son did not communicate.Therefore, this response is likely to be Liu Dan’s statement again.

Li Xiaofeng and Liu Kaiwei each had a marriage and children. If the news of pregnancy is true, Liu Kaiwei may have to face a new problem. His daughter Xiao Nuomi’s custody rights belong to the issue.Previously, it was reported that Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi had signed a divorce agreement. If the child’s custody right after remarriage will be returned to Yang Mi, this rumor is also denied by Liu Dan.However, the situation will not move with "your thoughts", otherwise Wang Xiaofei and Da S will not have such a farce.It is hoped that no matter whether Liu Kaiwei remarried or becoming a father, he can steadily handle the problem of custody of Xiao Nuomi.

The relationship between Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng has always been low -key. At present, the two have suspected of living together. They were photographed together to go to the supermarket not long ago. The picture of each other is like a married couple.At that time, the two came out of the theater together, and then went to the supermarket to buy daily necessities. Li Xiaofeng was responsible for getting it. Liu Kaiwei was responsible for paying.However, at this time, Liu Kaiwei was not intimate and did not help the woman get things, and the woman’s figure was still very slender.

Liu Kaiwei’s ex -wife is Yang Mi, and the fans are more popular, so although Li Xiaofeng is very low -key, he is still besieged by Yang Mi fans. Under his personal social platform account, the comment area was completely screened by Yang Mi’s photos.

Regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, you still hope that Liu Kaiwei can have a little responsibility to protect his lover.In addition, I also hope that fans can be rational and don’t recruit idols.

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