Liu Kaiwei’s girlfriend is pregnant, Yang Mi went to Hong Kong to custody, and Liu Dan said on time than his aunt.

Hong Kong media exploded Liu Kaiwei’s girlfriend Li Xiaofeng for two months of pregnancy. Liu Kaiwei accompanied him to take care of him. The two were stable.

As a result, some netizens speculated that Yang Mi took his parents to see Xiao Nuomi last time it would be because of this!If Yang Mi Liu Kaiwei has an agreement after divorce, then Liu Kaiwei’s new girlfriend is pregnant, and Xiao Nuomi custody rights will reach Yang Mi!

When a media asked Liu Kaiwei’s father, Liu Dan, whether he knew Liu Kaiwei’s girlfriend Li Xiaofeng was pregnant in February, he answered more vaguely and ambiguous. "I heard this, but it’s not clear, look forward to good news!"

Although there was no positive response, many netizens said that Liu Danxi laughed and opened, and it seemed to have something in his words!Liu Dan is very wise. Improper response may also be afraid of adding trouble for his son.

Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi have divorced for four years. Now they have acknowledged their relationship with actress Li Xiaofeng. Liu Kaiwei’s father Liu Dan was also very happy when he knew it. When he talked about Li Xiaofeng, he was full of red and his daughter -in -law.She is a good woman, praised Li Xiaofeng.

He has been ridiculing Yang Mi many times and ridiculed Yang Mi. He said that his son is very visible now and began to know how to see people!

When he was asked, "Yang Mi came to Hong Kong to see Xiao Nuomi with his parents before?" Liu Kaiwei’s father Liu Dan said, "I didn’t see it, I don’t know, I didn’t see it!"

Seeing this, netizens have commented, indignant, and accused Liu Dan.

Isn’t it normal to see him? His name is Xiao Nuomi?Is he okay?

Liu Dan said every time.Alright, will you give it to the two parties here?Otherwise, do you give the microphone to "Liu Dan"?Every time Liu Kaiwei has any things, it’s not that his dad Liu Dan comes out, don’t bring big beauty Yang Mi and Xiao Nuomi ~

So are you busy taking care of your pregnant daughter -in -law?

I did n’t see Yang Mi that Xiao Nuomi was not with him. He often did n’t have home, so even the granddaughter and his mother -in -law and grandpa did not know.

Liu Dan said that he came again, why did he be dumb when he responded to the night light script?

In fact, Liu Dan’s words are really very unsatisfactory. A few days ago, Yang Mi took his parents and toys to Hong Kong to see Xiao Nuomi but was photographed by the media. However, Liu Dan said that he did not see Yang Mi. This did not mean that Yang Mi did not come.Look at Xiao Nuomi?This is not the first time that Liu Dan said in front of the media that Yang Mi has not come to Xiao Nuomi for a long time. He said this many times before.

In an interview, Yang Mi said that he would take his parents to Hong Kong to see Xiao Nuomi as soon as he was free. Who was lying?

How can a mother don’t want children?Yang Mi was married and had children during his rising career. He was pregnant in October. He did not need his daughter’s blog. Each time he was facing the sky, he tried his best to protect his daughter.

On the contrary, Liu Kaiwei filmed four or five dramas during Yang Mi’s pregnancy, and he failed to accompany the confinement. He made a night light script in the wedding, and Liu Dan pushed his granddaughter to the cusp every time!

Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng are also very twisting …

From November 22nd, netizens encountered two walks in hand, but Liu Kaiwei’s agent denied the relationship. As a result, the two were reversed the next day.

That month, Li Xiaofeng and Yang Mi’s "The Law of Love" was broadcast. Netizens brushed Yang Mi Mei Zhao under the comments of Li Xiaofeng,

Now even more absolutely, I suddenly started to brush Wang Ou’s photos, and some netizens said, "I would rather be Wang Ou", of course, there are comments that are mixed with Liu Kaiwei.

The two of them are estimated to be the one with the most black roads and scolding the most.

Now that Yang Mi has a successful career, Liu Kaiwei has found Xinhuan, hoping that they can all be good. Compared to those stars who show their affection before the divorce, they tear their heads after divorce, they can be regarded as more decent in the entertainment industry today.Divorced couples.

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