Liu Qiangdong finally confirmed innocence. Zhang Zetian took a pregnant belly and went to court.


A few days ago, some netizens encountered Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian in foreign malls. At that time, the two appeared in a US discount dealer and were choosing some daily necessities. The couple looked very sweet and loving.

Not only that, Zhang Zetian at that time was photographed in the lower abdomen, and it was suspected that he had been pregnant with a second child, so the dynamics also attracted the attention and hot discussion of many netizens.

It is reported that the couple of Liu Qiangdong appeared at the United States at this time to prepare for the opening of the Mingzhou case. Zhang Zetian was obviously accompanied by her husband. Netizens said that her arrival was also to help Liu Qiangdong.

Earlier, some media revealed that the jury of the Liu Qiangdong case has been selected, and the trial may last about one month.

Not only that, Liu Qiangdong already appeared in court on September 29. On the same day, he wore some dark suit and occasionally communicated directly with the lawyer.

And his wife Zhang Zetian was in the auditorium. She was also wearing a suit jacket at the time. The lower abdomen was obviously bulging.The plaintiff Liu Jingyao did not appear at the time.

According to the latest news, the Liu Qiangdong Mingzhou case, which was originally scheduled to start on October 3, has ushered in the finale in advance.The team of lawyers on both sides issued a joint statement saying that the two sides had reached a settlement.

At the same time, the statement stated that Mr. Liu Qiangdong and Ms. Liu Jingyao caused a misunderstanding of an accidental incident in Minnesota in 2018, occupying a large number of social resources, and also caused a deep trouble for each other’s families.

Nowadays, in order to avoid further litigation damage, the two parties have decided to eliminate misunderstandings and achieve settlement, and endorse the incident.

Since then, Liu Qiangdong stated on the Mingzhou incident, "The four -year incident was finally over! Once again, I apologized for everyone who was troubled by this." At the same time, Liu Qiangdong told Zhang Zetian to Zhang ZetianThank you, saying that without herself, I couldn’t persist to this day.

In addition, Liu Qiangdong also declared the news that the two were officially announced in the statement, saying that "we are about to usher in a new little life, and I will cherish and protect this family."

And Zhang Zetian, who has been with him, also sent a latest develop in his circle of friends, saying that "there is always wind and rain in life, but time always moves forward." In the words, she also wants to say that this will followAfter the end of time, their husband and wife will look forward and welcome a new life.

In fact, Liu Qiangdong’s case has been four years. At that time, he was accused of sexual assault female college students in the United States, and then the New York Times confirmed the news.

In 2019, Liu Qiangdong returned to China for a bail pending trial. The US police said that they were suspected of rape. They also said that the crime time was at 1 am, and then exposed the woman who took the initiative to invite Liu Qiangdong into the apartment.

But later the incident was accused of the woman also had a "immortal jump" behavior. For a while, the fog was heavy, but Liu Qiangdong’s derailment was also the same fact.

After this incident, many people thought that the marriage relationship between Zhang Zetian and Liu Qiangdong would break down, but she has been very tolerated and accompanied Liu Qiangdong silently.

It is reported that after the incident, Zhang Zetian helped to take care of the company’s affairs and minimized the loss of After her husband Liu Qiangdong took the bail pending trial, she immediately went to the UK with Liu Qiangdong to attend a wedding.Life changes.

In addition, Zhang Zetian often appears at his own event site, a platform for the brand, full of bosses.

In the past four years, the relationship between their husband and wife is still very good. Now they are still pregnant with a second child, and the case finally ended.

As we all know, Zhang Zetian is a very business -minded giants and is very good at investing. In the 2021 Hurun Rich List, she and her husband Liu Qiangdong both appeared on the list with a wealth value of 188 billion yuan.

In any case, the Liu Qiangdong Mingzhou case officially ended. The old husband and wife will soon usher in a new little life. I hope that Liu Qiangdong can cherish Zhang Zetian’s tolerance and start a new life.

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