Liuye Knife: Use the dual -two -dual -cysts to abort and reduce the premature birth of 50%during pregnancy. What is going on?

The sisters of polycystic ovary syndrome are more difficult to get pregnant. People who are susceptible to miscarriage after pregnancy have research statistics. The probability of natural abortion after pregnancy after pregnancy is about 30-40%.

Recently, the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, the global top medical journal "Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology", prompts that the two -seap can reduce the risk of abortion and premature birth of polycystic ovary.

01 Polycystic is not easy to get pregnant but it is easy to have a miscarriage

This is mainly related to its hormone level. Multipulstis sisters are generally high, and they are relatively high, which can easily lead to mature follicles, which will affect the quality of follicles. Similar to the seeds, the seed quality is not up to standard.

High androgens can also lead to poor acceptance of endometrium in endometrium. The endometrium is not ready, and biochemical abortion is inevitable.

Increasing androgens can easily lead to increased platelet aggregation, so that insufficient blood supply to blood after pregnancy leads to abortion.

Some sisters said that myrogens are not high, but insulin resistance is also an important factor in miscarriage.

Increased insulin is easy to activate platelets, platelet agglomeration increases, and at the same time, it promotes increasing same -type cysteic acid, which is prone to insufficient blood supply to cause miscarriage.

Increased insulin can also stimulate the endometrium hyperplasia, endometrial tolerance decreases, and embryos are not easy to "take root germination" in the uterus.

Women with insulin resistance and obesity are prone to increased lyssene activation suppressor (referred to as PAI-1). This indicator suggests that our body content is likely to form thrombosis, which is prone to blood supply to cause abortion.

The above is theoretical situation, but there are still many different opinions on clinical clinical mechanisms about polycystic and pregnancy abortion, but the polycystic has a consensus due to decline in fertility.

02 What is the latest study of Liuye knife?

This is a nearly 20 years of research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. First of all, they discovered that patients with polycystic ovary syndrome at the end of 3 months of pregnancy may reduce the risk of miscarriage and premature birth at halfway.

The target of this test is 800 polycystic patients. They are divided into two groups on average. One group starts to take two double 胍 2000 mg every day at the end of three months of pregnancy. The remaining pregnant women take placebo until delivery.

The results showed that this intervention reduced the risk of abortion and premature birth of polycystic pregnant women, a decrease of 50%, and at the same time, the weight gain during pregnancy during pregnancy was less.

Another discovery was not to reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes by taking dual -duplex. It is said that this is a drug that treats diabetes. It is also often used to treat gestational diabetes in clinical practice. This result decks this treatment.

Of course, this study did not find that the two -meta dual -dual -dual -dual -cymbal can improve the combination of signs of eclampsia and pregnancy hypertension.

03 Is it available for dual -metammer during pregnancy?

There are quite a lot of sisters who are struggling with this. There are countless consultations in private. I always feel that this medicine cannot be used during pregnancy.

The 2022 "Guidelines for Pregnancy Hyplycemia in Pregnancy Hyperkta,In terms of sex:

The effectiveness of the two -meta dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -in -laws during pregnancy is similar to the recent safety of the mother. In addition, there is also a sentence that the dual -two dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -can enter the fetus through the placenta.

In the US FDA drug classification, the safety level of the two -meta doubles is B. From this level, the safety level is still very high.

Although the two -meta dual -dual -dual -dual -in -law did not obtain an indication of the use during pregnancy, it has been allowed to be applied to patients with hyperglycemia during pregnancy in the NICE or ACOG guide.

The tangling point of many sisters is that the two -meta can be used through the placenta. The drug concentration of the fetus in the fetus is similar to that of the mother, even higher than the mother, and it will have a bad impact on whether the child will be.

In fact, we also have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

At present, no death and teratogenic incidents on the fetus have been found. The only thing that discovered is that the weight of the newborn is lower than that.

However, if it is not used, the consequences that may bring are premature birth, miscarriage, or hypoglycemia born in the fetus, severe hypoglycemia can cause severe damage to the newborn brain.

Therefore, Sister Circle’s point of view is that it is not necessary, but don’t hesitate when you should use it!

As an old medicine that is held on the altar, Erjia Shuanglian is currently developing more uses. It is said that it has a therapeutic effect on endometriosis, which can resist aging, and even treat various female malignant tumors.

In short, for the sisters of our circle, it is indeed a heavy benefit to reduce half of the late abortion and premature birth!

If there is a sister who is confused in this regard, you might as well transfer this article to her, maybe this will bring new hope to a family!

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