Longan as a "small snack" for health, the benefits of these 3 points may wish to understand, how to choose

Introduction: Now that it has entered autumn, it is a good stage of health. Everyone follows the footsteps and do not settle in the team.

There is a saying that "southern longan, north ginseng" means health. Southerners particularly like to eat longan. Northerners love ginseng.How much help is the help of the human body.

It is also said that eating longan in autumn is even better than eating old hens.Is there any exaggeration, let’s look at it together.

Longan and Guiyuan, in fact, the two of them are the same thing, but they are just different.The longan we usually say is fresh longan, and the longan is after it is done.The longan is just mature, it is the fruit of the season, fresh longan, a lot of juice, and particularly sweet. We can eat it directly as a fruit or cook porridge and make tea.

For the elderly, the children are very good. Longan also belongs to a Chinese medicine. It is recorded in the Shennong’s grass classics a long time ago. The ancients particularly loved and traced back to 2,000 years ago.

Longan also has a courageous legend. In the past, there was a dragon that destroyed buildings and crops in Fujian. It was very brutal and villagers were damaged by it.But at this time, there was a teenager called "Guiyuan". Although he was young, he learned martial arts since he was a child. He only wanted to destroy the dragon. One day, the teenager fought with the dragon and blinded the eyes of the dragon.He was also seriously injured and died.

After that, a round fruit was grown in the local crops, and people called it as the name of the little hero "longan", also called "longan".

1. Replenish qi and blood

Female friends, especially when a large amount of bleeding during menstruation, we have to eat this kind of food to add to make the qi and blood sufficient, and the face will be more rosy. Some patients with anemia have a good effect.

2. Treatment of kidney deficiency

Longan has been respected by men and can treat kidney loss, so there were men who used longan as aphrodisiac medicine before. If there is any need in this regard, you can eat more, and at the same time make the cardiovascular.

3. The role of soothing god

If the middle -aged and elderly people are weak, the quality of sleep is poor, and the quality of sleep can eat more long eyes.It has a lot of reputation. In addition to the "aphrodisiac" and the beauty of "puzzle fruit", it is good for the brain of the elderly. It is often added, and it is not easy to forget things.

How should we choose

It is best to eat longan, because it is gentle, and more importantly to save it for a long time.Fresh longan longan has a short storage time, and the effect of nourishing is not as large as longan.

Next recommend a few good practices to friends.Longan and Tremella, put wolfberry into the pot together, cook with cold water for about 20 minutes, and then you can add a few pieces of rock sugar according to your own taste. Tremella is a cool food, which can be neutralized.Can replenish blood and not get angry.

Longan can also be paired with jujube and wolfberry. After boiling boiling water, the cold can make a cold, and the cough can be relieved.

Take it with black sesame, yam, and walnuts. Dry them first, and then put them in a cooking machine to make powder -like. You can take it in water and take it directly in the morning and evening.Try to be as little as possible when doing it, and don’t hoard too much, because the yam is not good, it will deteriorate.

Guiyuan is not easy to digest for people with poor spleen and stomach, so soaking in water is the best way. Generally, you can eat about five or so every day.EssenceIf you are a person with a strong blood, don’t eat it anymore. People with higher blood sugar should not eat longan.

Longan selection method, we need to observe its color. The yellow earth is the best. You must choose full, you can shake, listen to the sound, and determine whether the longan is tight.

End words:

Longan has a fragile epidermis. Do not be crushed when stored. The bacteria will go in. Try to choose to store it in a ventilated and dry and dry place. Do not let it be moisture and taste bad.

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