Love crying, irritability, and depression, these performances of pregnant mothers are "depressed", don’t care

What is the most troublesome thing for novice parents?

Some people say that they do n’t know how to give them a better sense of weakness. Some people say that the baby ’s self -blame after illness, and some people say that they can’t give the baby the best thing to lose.Nympho

Of course, some mothers say it is the kind of fear before giving birth.

In the six -day special show "Gift for parents, raising baby happily, and growing up with children!In ", a 26 -year -old mother MC, a 26 -year -old daughter, recalled her process of having a child.

I was very anxious during the third trimester. The hormones of pregnant mothers changed, and their emotions would be greatly affected. The ups and downs are very powerful. Every day is pessimistic.

When I was idle, I would know the question of "what exactly is production and how painful to have children." Many times I cried myself, and I was very scared at that time.

I gave birth, because the private hospital was painless, so I didn’t have pain. At that time, every cell in my mind was liberated, it was painful and painful.

On the day of the production, I really understood the feeling of "pain to jumping the building". It was so painful that I had never said that it was rough before, but I everyone scolded anyone on the day of the birth of a child, and I didn’t feel myself.

Although there is a pain in having a child, the pain is imaginable, but the happiness brings three times. This kind of happiness cannot be imagined and unable to express it in words.

Although in the end, the mother expressed her happiness after having a child, but from her words, she could experience the fear and helplessness of the mother in the face of unknown production. For humans, it was unknown to humans.It represents many possibilities, which means that the sense of control cannot be controlled, and this feeling is the main source of fear.

What is even more terrible is that many people around us are deepening conscious or unconsciously. Maybe many times they are just "telling the truth".To endure the pain of the limit, but many times, this kind of truth will make the mothers more fear and helpless.

Compared to mothers with postpartum depression, the fear of prenatal time is often "ignored" by everyone, and even some people think that children have not been born. Where can there be so many fear?Even if I was afraid of pain, I was scared so early, that’s it?To be honest, I have that time to eat more, how good should I rest?

Even if some mothers show strong prenatal fear, it is highly likely to be changed as a hormone level after pregnancy, and the emotional instability has been ignored.

In fact, for mothers, prenatal fear is the same as postpartum depression, which is a serious psychological problem; if they do not pay attention to it, they may bring serious consequences;The issue of solemn treatment.

In fact, fear of prenatal fears is a natural change for mothers.

From the beginning of the mother’s pregnancy, the level of hormones in the body has begun to change sharply, such as estrogen and progesterone, such as prolactin and hormones, which have changed greatly compared to before pregnancy, and the changes in hormone changesHe will directly act in the neural regulation center of the brain and directly control the changes in emotions.

In other words, for mothers, the level of hormones is in a turbulent and changing process throughout pregnancy and after giving birth, and their emotions will change greatly.Coupled with the excessive rendering of the society’s general rendering of pregnancy and child, and the baby’s deformity, it is easy to cause mothers to be emotional abnormalities, even too much sensitivity.

According to clinical data, when many mothers are 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, in these two time periods of 38 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, the changes in hormone levels in the body will be more severe. Correspondingly, their emotional changes will be more intense.Some.And these two periods, one is exactly the early pregnancy and the other is the third trimester.

In the early pregnancy, it was because mothers’ changes in their identity were not too familiar, and various changes in the body made themselves a bit unbearable. In addition, the early pregnancy response that troubled many mothers made them miserable. During this period, this period.The mothers are prone to prenatal fear.

In the third trimester, because of the nearby delivery, although it is said that the pain of production before, it is still too early because of time, even if there is fear.However, when the time was in the third trimester, I felt that there was still a long time of production, as if it was coming soon. The change in this time would increase the prenatal fear of mothers.

In fact, almost 90%of mothers will experience the mentality of prenatal fear. This is naturally caused by physical changes, which has little to do with everyone’s personality characteristics and psychological acceptance ability.

Therefore, don’t say "not pregnant, how serious it is", "others have been pregnant, you can be confusing alone" and so on. Give your mother more concern and help them soothe their moods.It is what dad should do most.

Speaking of fear of prenatal fears, there are actually many things that make mothers fear.

For example, the happy dad said that the pain of the pain during childbirth, after all, is equivalent to breaking the 12 ribs at the same time, surpassing level 12 pains that humans can tolerate. Don’t say that personal experience will make people nervous, even listening;

For example, there are any problems in the baby in the stomach. Although the baby has always lived in the mother’s belly, there are any big changes that mothers can know the first time, but there will still be some special circumstances.Oxygen in the palace, the physical defects caused by genetic factors, etc. It can be said that many mothers are constantly worried, constantly comforted, and then continue to worry about the cycle;

For example, afraid that if you have a child, you cannot recover after giving birth. For many mothers, they still value them very much, and pregnant and having children are a process of great changes in the body.It is an unknown for them …

It is precisely because of huge psychological pressure, coupled with the incomprehension or disregard of the people around them, it will cause mothers to have a series of emotions such as worry and fear, and then evolve into some bad psychological symptoms.

In fact, serious prenatal fear is not only unfavorable to mothers’ physical and mental health, but also very harmful to the baby.

For a long time of prenatal fear, it will increase the nervousness of the mothers in virtue. After a long time, some common side effects will appear.For example, the phenomenon of common heartbeat, rising blood sugar concentration, palpitations, and loss of appetite. You must know that the diet and mood of mothers after pregnancy are critical. The balanced diet can provide the baby with sufficient growth and development.A good mood can create a suitable environment for the baby; on the contrary, the mother’s appetite will be affected, the growth and development of the baby will slow down, the mother’s mood will not be good, and some of the blood will secrete that some of the babies are not good for the babyChemicals have a certain impact on the baby’s health.Like our common babies, cleft lips, premature birth, and abortion, all may be caused by mothers’ emotional tension.In severe cases, it can even affect the healthy development of the baby’s brain.

Therefore, for mothers, prenatal depression is really not a trivial matter. Whether from the perspective of the mother’s own health or from the perspective of the growth of the baby, parents need to face up.The way to relieve.

In fact, as the happy dad said on it, the occurrence of fear before giving birth, except for mothers’ unknown pregnancy and production, is the incomprehension of people around.And the way we help mothers can relieve them based on these two aspects.

What can make mothers be practical?

If the mothers pay attention to the growth and development of the baby, they can relieve the regular check -up: according to the time and point of the doctors’ suggestions, the mothers can help the mothers understand the latest situation of the baby, and the baby’s growth and development can also be one of the most.Awareness and most detailed understanding;

Divided by myself: For mothers in the second trimester and the third trimester of pregnancy, several tires are a very simple way to judge the growth and development of the baby.Generally speaking, you choose three times a day, and choose the number of fetal movements for one hour each time to count the baby’s fetal movement, and then use this number of times to multiply 4, which is the total number of fetal movements of the baby daily.If the baby moves significantly or decreased at some time, mothers need to go to the hospital for examination in time;

Pay attention to their own weight, etc. Many times the added value of mothers can reflect the baby’s weight to a certain extent. If the baby’s upsurge is originally up in the third trimester, the mother finds that her weight suddenly reduces it.At this time, you need to improve the diet structure and provide your baby with more comprehensive and rich nutrition.

If mothers pay attention to the process of pregnant children, they can learn some basic childbirth and nourish the baby, so as to have a more intuitive understanding of their physical changes and future changes.If you have a bottom in your heart, you will not fall into a huge panic.

These knowledge can be learned through systematic authoritative courses, or some best -selling books. Of course, you can also ask for help with your doctor on your own concern. Now it is an era of knowledge explosion.Knowledge can be found, and mothers can learn some themselves.However, it should be noted that it is best to find some authoritative courses to learn to avoid some hearing and even no scientific basis.The more you know, the more calm your psychology will be, the easier it is to overcome the fear of pre -delivery, and the more you can look at your changes calmly.

Of course, mothers can also cultivate a good and regular habits, and find more things they are interested in to do. On the one hand, they can enrich their lives, so as not to let themselves have too much time to think about it.On the other hand, you can also let mothers meet various changes after a better attitude; you can talk more with your husband or doctor, and tell you all the things you are worried about.You can help themselves to share these concerns, so that mothers can lightly play as much as possible. On the other hand, they can also get more help and enlightenment. It is very helpful for mothers to stay away from prenatal fears.

For dads, at this special time period of his wife, it should be drawn to accompany them.

Understand their mood changes, help them relieve psychological pressure, do more psychological burden reduction work, take the initiative to take on housework, etc., so as to allow pregnant mothers to be able to play lightly and live in a more relaxed attitude to live life in life.The critical period.

Pregnancy and having children are not only a challenge for mothers, but also the same for dads. The coming of a new life requires the whole family to work together and face it together.For novice parents, there will inevitably be such anxiety.

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