Lu Jingshan is so pregnant, shooting a lot with Han Geng, and generously showed that the pregnant belly was too maternal in August

After there is no occasion and occupation restraint, clothing focuses on basic functionality and can show great tolerance.Women at pregnancy are a relatively special stage, and their bodies have tremendous changes. When choosing clothing, they are preferred to be inclusive. For pregnant women, the impact of the body will have a certain limitations when choosing a clothing style.For Lu Jingshan, who was eight months pregnant, he was still very confident. Instead, the changes in his figure brought him another charm.Following a large film with Han Geng, he exposed the pregnant belly for eight months, and his mother’s love was exposed and fashionable.

Analysis of the modeling of Lu Jingshan and Han Geng

Analysis 1: The style is clear, creating a retro style

With the development of aesthetic and openness, the tolerance of age, body and style is continuously improved.Different from the costume style selected in daily life, there are certain themes when shooting fashion blockbusters.

Han Geng and Lu Jingshan are mainly based on the retro atmosphere, emphasizing the distinctive sense of style. Even women during pregnancy can control their clothing perfectly.The retro atmosphere is emphasized through the use of color system and the style of clothing, and it looks like a dream.It looks more recognizable under Lu Jingshan and Han Geng, and has a romantic style.

Analysis 2: Set matching is conducive to integrated expression

Even if it is a fashion blockbuster, it is necessary to consider the changes in the body of the pregnant woman, so it shows a certain tolerance in the choice of clothing.In the form of Lu Jingshan, a set of sets of shapes are selected to complete the integrated expression, and the form of the jackets and pants is conservative, showing a certain oriental aesthetic.However, the color embellishment was incorporated on the clothing, which highlighted the highlights of the matching.

From the perspective of clothing, the looseness of clothing is used to create an unrestrained effect to meet the basic needs of women during pregnancy.Of course, in order to satisfy the changes in the shape and ensure the presentation of beauty and styling, it is different from the traditional maternal dresses. It can show a proper sense of skin exposure and express different aesthetics.In the impression of popularization, there will be an inherent impression on pregnant women, and Lu Jingshan’s shape can give people a feeling of brightness every time. Except for the prominent belly parts, the other parts are very slender, even if it is evenIt’s been eight months old, and I still don’t have a blessed problem.

Analysis 3: Light color system shows gentle temperament

Many fashionable blockbusters give people a certain attack power, and Lu Jingshan shoots with the image of pregnant women. The overall color and the picture give people a very warm feeling.It feels warm.And this shape is completely different from the previous one, using the opposite tone to highlight the gentle temperament brought by the light color system.

In the shape, the beige is cleverly used and combined with soft knitted fabrics, which is in line with the image of pregnant women, setting off the overall gentle atmosphere.In this set of styles, Han Geng chose the same color system. The two people combined with the magazine, which was very atmospheric, especially when the two people loved it when they looked at them.It is worth noting to highlight the delicate sense of fashion blockbusters. The accessories used are prominent in gold, forming a integrity expression, and a enhanced style.

Analysis 4: Mixed style, mature and youthful youth

The mix and match expression of the style is very strong on the original basis, and it mainly focuses on the shaping of the atmosphere.In the shape of Lu Jingshan, the use of knitted vests emphasizes the characteristics of the body and the existing state. It is large -scale to expose skin, highlighting the charm of mature women, which is very characteristic.In the shape, the striped shirt is superimposed, which is successfully incorporated into the shape and is more novel. It is superimposed in a clever way. In the shape, although the integration of the basic style has improved the difficulty of control, it also integrates the youth into youth.The sense of vitality brings a certain visual impact, and the sense of atmosphere is very strong.

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