Luo Yonghao bowed and apologized, revealing his bald scalp: Is Xie Ding, a middle -aged man, still rescue?

A few days ago, Luo Yonghao’s first live broadcast of the goods created 110 million transaction volume and swiped the screen.

Although 48 million people watched the first live broadcast, up to 2.9 million people were online at the same time, and for several days on the hot search, there were also many rollover accidents on the scene, such as the error and forgetfulness of the live broadcast.Later, when Luo Yonghao apologized for a mistake, something impressed by netizens.

When Luo Yonghao bowed, he exposed the looming scalp, and was called "the image of a typical middle -aged man who folded his waist" by some netizens.

Luo Yonghao also said: Seeing my bald scalp, please be considerate of dementia.

Is the middle -aged man who would be thanks?Why do you have a proud hair loss when you are young?

Today we will talk about the bitterness of most middle -aged men in Xie Ding.

Why is Xie Ding mostly middle -aged men?

Speaking of middle -aged hair loss, it seems that men are prone to injury than women.

According to data in a guidelines for Chinese hair loss in 2019: In our country, men’s hair loss rates are 21.3%, female hair loss rates are 6.0%, and men’s onset is almost three times that of women.Life is not easy. Why is hair loss for men?

One main reason is that the males of the top of the male head have the male hormone receptor. Under the action of therogen, the hair follicles on the top of the head gradually shrink, degenerate necrosis, and finally disappear to form hair loss.

Although there are still male hormones in women’s body, it is insignificant compared to men.Only when a woman is pregnant, there is a peak of the male hormone, and hair loss may occur at this time.But after production, therogen will return to prenatal level, and hair loss will be relieved.

Unfortunately, for men, the level of male hormones throughout the year is basically stable, so men are greater than women.

What are the reasons for Xie Ding?

In addition to the male androgens caused by the impact of androgen, the most common reasons are also the following reasons:

1. Trauma or stress incident

The physical injury caused by trauma will directly kill the hair follicles of the hair root. Stress such as high mental stress will also lead to a large amount of hair falling off in the next 2-3 and three months, causing various types of alopecia areata.

2. Immune disease/skin disease/hormone disease

Such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc., can affect the scalp or endocrine system, leading to hair loss.

3. Undenclates of thyroid

The thyroid hormone can regulate the metabolism of fat and protein. When the level is reduced, the cell division of the hair follicles is suppressed.Thyroid dysfunction can also cause anemia and affect the growth of the hair.

4. Drug

Drugs such as phenobenidine and Katapley can lead to a certain degree of hair loss.

Which signal descriptions have appeared?

A small amount of hair loss every day is normal.When the hair follicles of the hair start a new growth cycle during the rest period, the hair falls off from the hair follicle, and a new hair will slowly grow.

Among the 100,000 hair, 50-100 hair every day may belong to the normal range.

What extent is hair loss?There is a test method: pinch a pinch of hair with five fingers, and slowly pull down slightly, usually 2-3 hair will easily fall off. If more than 6 roots fall off, you must pay attention.Just seek medical treatment in time.

However, in one case, if it isrogensive hair loss, although sometimes the amount of hair loss may be less than normal people, the hair follicles do not stop the lesion. Therefore, if the hairline is found to be moved back, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

What should I do?

For the most common androgen hair loss, the current treatment methods are mainly divided into two types: medicine and transplant surgery:

medical treatement

The most commonly used, and the most respected oral drug is right and wrong. Generally, it is necessary to take 3-6 months to observe the curative effect. If it has not changed too much for 3 months, the treatment method should be considered appropriately.

In addition, the effect of Minnar, which is used for external spray or gel. The advantage is convenient and safe.However, it should be noted that the initial use may instead a period of "crazy out of date". In fact, it is caused by Minoidal’s promotion of the hair loss during the period, and it will improve afterwards.

Surgical treatment

Hair transplantation is a patient with obvious improvement of drugs. By transplanting the non -hair loss area of the pillow to the hair loss or bald area, the total amount of hair follicles will not increase, but it will only change the distribution of hair.

In addition, hair transplantation often needs to maintain the stability of the current hair area through the above drugs.


Traditional Chinese medicine, low -energy laser treatment, botulinum toxin, etc. may also have auxiliary effects, and the cultivation of hair follicle stem cells as a research hotspot also has certain prospects, but it has not yet been promoted.

How to prevent Xie Ding?

In addition to congenital genetic immunity, high mental stress, irregular work, and bad hobbies, etc., you can also thank the top, so avoiding these conditions is the main means to prevent Xie Ding.

When the mental stress is too large, the human body’s hair muscle contraction, the function of the plant nerve or the central nervous nervous nerve disorders, the malnutrition of the hair follicles, which causes the head of the head to suppress it, and the hair enters the period of hair loss.

Bad life, such as frequent insomnia, overtime, late sleep time, etc., it will affect the internal nerve secretion, and bad habits such as smoking and drinking are not conducive to hair growth.

Unfortunately, many middle -aged men are unavoidable in the face of the heavy pressure of life, so they can try to change their mentality.

However, hair loss is not only the pain of middle -aged men, but also the trouble of many post -90s and even post -00s, so I want to be less early, starting from hair loss.

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