Make full use of the simple words in English: various usage of Expect


The word Except is used to express hope or expectations, but it has many other usage. Let’s take a look together!

1-Expectation, look forward to

She ’s Later than I expected.

She is too late than I think

I know you we excented me earlier.

I know you think I will come early

I expectd the heroes to win, so I was surprised when moreSwon.

2- Think

I exten you to text me if you ’ll be late.

I thought you would send a message to tell me if you were late

3- Used as negation, indicating accidents

I have some unexpected good news!

I have some unexpected good news to say!


In English, a girl says I ’m Expecting!, It is equivalent to" I’m pregnant! "This is a shortened statement. It turned out to

I ’M Expecting A Child! I have a baby to come!

5- Looking forward

It’s just not what I was explecting …

It’s just that this is not what I look forward to.

6- Guess

I exten you ’ll want to sit down now.

I guess you want to sit down now.

You ’ve Been on the Road all day. I exten you ’re very tired.

You are on the road all day, guess you are quite tired.

7- Requirements

I exten you to be on time everyday.

I know you expect more from me. I know you have higher requirements for me.(This sentence is a very cold and serious criticism.)

Taking English notes every day, I hope I can speak fluent English earlier.

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