Many people have a pair of milk, but they just don’t pay attention. What should I do if I find it?

A friend who just became a mother a few days ago told her troubles: I found that there was a small, shaped "point" in the armpit when I was pregnant.I thought it was sweating. Later, I looked at it carefully and found that it was also flowing milk, although very little!

Alas, this is the little trouble brought by the auxiliary milk.

What is the auxiliary milk?Regardless of men and women, under normal circumstances, there is a pair of breasts on the human body, and the auxiliary milk has grown other breasts outside of the normal pair. This obvious excess breast appears near the armpit, or the normal breastThe upper and lower, and the normal breasts are basically on a vertical line.Milk milk is not a rare thing. Looking carefully, many people will find it on their bodies.

Why is it long and pair of milk?This is because in the embryonic period, our breasts have 6-8 pairs, from armpits to groin near the groin, but in the subsequent development process, there is generally only a pair of continuous development on the chest, and the others are degraded.EssenceMost human beings have only one fetus per fetal, and naturally they can’t use it so much.However, there are always some less willing to be eliminated and not completely degraded. Some "tenacious" formed more than two breasts and become more milk.But there are no nipples, or breasts, nipples, or parallel milk without breasts but nipples.

Most of these auxiliary milk has nothing to do with the owner, but if the owner is a woman, and the auxiliary milk is the type of both breast and nipples.Take a "task of raising children.

In addition to pregnancy and lactation, sometimes the auxiliary milk will also cause us troubles, and there is no division of men and women.

For example, the auxiliary milk grows relatively, which has affected life and beauty, and surgery can be considered for resection.

In addition, if you find that the auxiliary milk suddenly increases, there are problems such as pain, hard constraints, swelling, nipples and other problems in it, you need to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, because there is also a certain possibility of evil change.

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