Medical warmth | Women’s pregnancy is diagnosed with scar pregnancy, the doctor saved her

After 42 days of pregnancy, vaginal bleeding occurred after 42 days of pregnancy. When she checked it at the hospital, she knew it was scar pregnancy.The situation was urgently unable to deal with the local hospitals, and the woman was quickly sent to Yantai Yuzhong Hospital for gynecology for treatment.Wang Shaoguang, director of the Third Words of Gynecology, and his team urgently intervened and surgery of hysteroscopic surgery for women.Saying Wang Shaoguang’s professionalism and dedication, the woman’s husband, Mr. Lu, deliberately sent the gratitude to express the gratitude of the family.

At the beginning of June, Mr. Longkou Lu’s wife suddenly appeared vaginal bleeding. It was discovered that the accident had been pregnant for 42 days in the local hospital."The situation is dangerous. The local hospital cannot handle it. Let us go to Yuzhong Ding Hospital." Recalling the scene at the time, Mr. Lu still had a lot of heart.

After the consultation, Wang Shaoguang immediately conducted a detailed examination for him, and found that the gestational sac has an egg size, and the position of the bed invaded deeper. There were only about 1.3 mm left in the anterior edge of the uterine.It should be around 1 cm.

"Rushing the Qing Dynasty surgery, it is likely to cause uterine bleeding and endanger the life of the mother." Considering the situation of the woman, Wang Shaoguang and his team immediately joined the operating room and anesthesiology department.Embolism to prevent major bleeding during the operation. After the situation is stable, the palace suction surgery is performed.Not only did she succeed in her life, she also reserved the opportunity to continue to be her mother.

"I witnessed the working conditions of the gynecologist and nurse every day, a sense of responsibility for work, the enthusiastic and kind attitude towards the patient, and the intense and busy work process., My wife and my family are deeply grateful. "Mr. Lu said that without Yantai Yugen Ding Hospital and Dr. Wang Shaoguang, his little family may be incomplete.Essence

What is scar pregnancy?Wang Shaoguang, director of the Gynecology Zone of Yantai Yuzhong Hospital, said that scar pregnancy refers to women who have a history of cesarean section when they are pregnant, and they are pregnant in the original scar of the uterus.It is more difficult to deal with abnormal pregnancy. The degree of danger is no less than ectopic pregnancy. It is one of the most headaches of obstetricians.

Wang Shaoguang further explained that during the cesarean section surgery, the doctor would take out the baby after the uterine incision and suture, so he would leave scars.The scar often leaves a tiny crack, the uterine cavity and mucous membrane layer are incomplete, and there is a gap between the muscle layers. If the embryo is just in bed nearby, it grows to the muscle layer like a seed.Tearing muscles can easily cause uterine rupture or hemorrhage.

Wang Shaoguang told reporters that according to the pregnancy of the uterus scar and the position of the uterine cavity, scar pregnancy can be divided into three types. This situation of Mr. Lu’s wife belongs to the second type.The pregnancy sac is partially bed in the uterine scar, and some or most of them are located in the uterine cavity. Because the block is greater than 3 cm, it is necessary to surgery in the palace+hysteroscopy under the monitoring of the laparoscopic.

Wang Shaoguang reminded that women with a history of caesarean section must be checked on a regular basis to be alert to scar pregnancy.Do not abortion blindly during pregnancy and vaginal bleeding. It should be further determined whether it is a scar pregnancy. If you are diagnosed, you should go to a qualified hospital. Under the guidance of a professional doctor, you should deal with it as soon as possible to avoid the safety of maternal and infants for too long.

Qilu Evening News Qilu Yitian Reporter Sun Shuyu Correspondent Li Chengxiu Wu Jiazheng

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