Meet a cold in pregnancy

What are the most afraid of 2020?Probably one of them has a cold?To go to the "Hoting Clinic", you need to be "sour", and you are worried that if you go to the hot clinic and cross the infection.Even if you get a negative report of the nucleic acid test report, you still have to look at the countless times with suspicion of vision … Cold and pregnancy, which is even more annoying. Today, let’s talk about a cold when pregnant.

Headache brain heat, cold and fever is common.However, it is also a cold, which happens to our big skin, and it will make the whole family feel indifferent: Is this going to the hospital to see, or not?Is this medicine taken, or not?Various tangles, all kinds of confusion.

Of course, I have encountered a wide heart in the outpatient clinic.

"Doctor, I have a cold?"

"How long have you been in a cold?"

"It’s almost a month"


Many big skin feel that a person who is usually very strong, after pregnancy, seems to be a lot weak.The vomiting, nausea, disgusting, seeing red and red … have not been a cold for many years, this pregnancy is also followed by the trend -a cold, and I do n’t know if I am really weak?

1 Someone asked me what it felt like a cold?

In fact, you know that you have a cold: sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, headache, bad appetite, weakness, etc. These are all cold performances.

2 Why does it catch a cold?

Cold pregnant women are the "severe disaster -stricken areas."The reason why this is because of pregnancy, the immune function of the large belly will indeed be a little worse. The mucosa of the throat and nose directly related to a cold is more likely to be infected by microorganisms, and the resistance is relatively decreased.It is prone to inflammation, rhinitis, tonsillitis …; things that can be infected are prone to infection, bacteria, viruses …When this kind of temperature changes are great, and microorganisms are particularly rich, it is particularly easy to "tunnel".

3 What should I do if I have a cold?

What is the problem? What should I do if I have a cold?Don’t mess with your feet first. Colds are very common. It is important to choose a suitable response method according to your own situation.

Rest: Drink plenty of water, rest more, a light and balanced diet, sleep well.Well, is it operable, right?Although it is simple, it is very important. Every time I go to bed, it is a process of repairing the body. I believe that the body’s ability to resist disease.

Observation: Pay attention to changes in symptoms: Does the snot change from clear water and nose to yellow and a little thick snot, whether the body temperature is getting higher and higher, is there a better feeling of sore throat??You know your body, but pay attention to listening to your body.

Seeing a doctor: So worried, why not have a cold, don’t worry … what to do, what to do, what to do!IntersectionThen see the doctor.Otherwise, I always can’t sleep, even if the cold is not serious, I am afraid that I will make myself very anxious and embarrassed.

4 What is the impact of a cold (taking medicine) on the baby?

Worried about a cold, in addition to the cold itself made the big skin uncomfortable, it is more worried about whether it will affect the baby.Will a cold affect the healthy growth of the baby?Will taking medicine affect the baby?The growth of the baby is a dynamic process. Different gestational weeks and medicines are different from the baby’s role. Sometimes there is no effect, sometimes there are big problems!

So when encountering a cold, the principle of medication is

Don’t take your medicine yourself!

Using medicine must be used under the guidance of a doctor. If the doctor already recommends taking some medicine, then rest assured to take it.When the doctor knows that you are a pregnant woman, you will choose the appropriate drug to treat it according to the severity of your cold.Although the medicine is three -point poison, in some cases, the "toxicity" of the baby may be greater!

5 What is "good for taking medicine for a week, not taking medicine for 7 days"?

Most of the colds will be good (the self -limiting course of viral infection), and there are no special effects medicines that can be cured immediately. The current cold medicine still aims at reducing symptoms.The pathogens (usually viruses) are eliminated by their own resistance to the cold.Basically after a week, the symptoms of a cold will gradually improve.

6 Do you pay attention to a cold?

If the following special situation occurs, you need to pay attention to the big skin. Be sure to see the doctor and see the disease:

Fever: When a cold occurs at the same time, or even a high fever, you need to see a doctor.Fever shows that the war is fierce, and the owner of the body is necessary to increase attention!There is no score in my heart, it is better to see a doctor.In particular, you must not be afraid of trouble.

Cough: Some expectant mothers have a cold, but the cough is not good.The changes in abdominal pressure caused by cough may stimulate the uterus and cause contractions.Frequent contractions may bring premature breakthroughs, abortion, and premature birth of the fetal membrane. Is it terrible?Intersection

It has always been bad: if a cold is not good for a week (well, it is still more common), if two weeks and three weeks, it is not good, or repeat it, let’s take a look.It will be so bad for so long, really.

Other symptoms: Sometimes, colds may be just appearance, and the performance of many diseases is no different from a cold.After this appearance, if there are some clues and some performance, you may be vigilant and be careful of other issues.For example, after a few days of a cold, the rashes suddenly started to start with the body, and even the water foaming; for example, after a few days of cold, the appetite was not good, and nausea and vomiting appeared, or sprayed.The amount of urination is getting less and less, and even the color is not right … The abnormal manifestation of the body is to remind us that we need to find the reason.If you are uncomfortable with the symptoms of ordinary colds, remember to find a doctor early!

There are problems: Well, yes, when there is something wrong and a cold, you need to go to a doctor earlier."The disease becomes a big problem, and everyone is relieved to stifle the danger in the cradle.

After all, it is king without a cold.The epidemic should have given everyone a good lesson.

If you want to catch a cold away from you, you must first stay away from a cold.Regardless of whether it is "three -piece set" or "five more", the core content is the same. Pay attention to wear masks, pay attention to maintaining social distances as much as possible, reduce crowded places, and do a good job of ventilation and personal hygiene.

Of course, if the germs are around, make yourself a strong big belly.Increasing immunity, balanced diet, and appropriate exercise can not only increase your body’s resistance, but also bring good mood!

Good living habits and sufficient sleep are magic weapons to ensure that the big belly is smooth and healthy through the pregnancy!

Growing posture: The source of the word "cold"

For a time, the word of cold was a "exotic product", but he never thought that the word was authentic domestic goods.The first time that the word "cold" is recognized for the first time in the medical book is "Renzhai Straight Finger".Today, the editor sent a drama edition of the source of the word source.

~~~ Bojun smiled, nose bubbling ~~~

During the Southern Song Dynasty, the pavilion (central academic institution) had a rotating duty system, and a cabinet member was arranged every night.At that time, the cabinet members were open to the wind, and the famous halls, and the court members agreed to become popular.

A Tai student named Chen Yan was stigmatized to go to the pavilion.When he was slipping, he did not follow the example of "uneasy intestines", but it marked the word "wind".The reason why Chen Yan invented the new word "wind" was an objective reason for his objective reasons.For a long time, the expressions of the cause of Chinese medicine have not been standardized.For the first time in the Southern Song Medical Theorist, Chen Wuxuan distinguished the cause of the disease into three major categories: external causes, internal causes, and no internal and external causes.Wait six abnormal climate change.Chen Yan obviously understood the new doctrine of his contemporaries Chen Wuxuan, who had not yet been spread, so he could show off his cleverness when it was open.-The people, also.(The "I feel cold" in the costume drama we often watched now, that is, the meaning of "wind and cold")

The precedent created by Chen Yan was from time to time, and from time to time, it was a breakthrough in the Qing Dynasty.However, the officials of the Qing Dynasty asked the officials to take a leave to take a leave."Anti -" -This also."Cold fake", as a meaning of meaning, can be explained by this: This officer has felt external adultery while working for official duties, and insisted on the illness, and the symptoms have finally erupted!Therefore, I have to take leave.

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