Meghan was photographed "fetal movement" in a big belly!Rumors of fake pregnancy hotly discussion among the strength of the face

Meghan in the British royal family is going to have a baby in a few days. For less than a year when marrying into the royal family, Meghan’s high -profile behavior has attracted heated discussions.After Meghan’s frequent stomachs, she appeared in high -heeled shoes with high -heeled shoes, which made her feel that her energy was too strong, but some people criticized Meghan to ignore the baby in the stomach in order to show her charm?Although Meghan has not appeared recently, Meghan’s various behaviors have made her seize the hot search list every day!Because Meghan refused to use the obstetrics and gynecology team assigned by the Queen and Meghan to give birth to a baby at home, Megan Shengwa would not officially announce it. These details made some netizens start their brains!

The Sun also reported related behaviors a few days ago. I think Meghan was really jealous!It seems that someone is always stabbing in every move.Netizens even gave various messages to give various evidences, saying that Meghan was a false pregnancy!I was thinking, what kind of heart these netizens are you

And Meghan visited everywhere, and the flexibility and state of flexibility also made these netizens feel doubtful.Meghan seems to have no feeling of fatigue and sloppy appearance of pregnant women at all, and always appears very delicately!

However, this time, some fans were photographed when Meghan wearing this cherry powder skirt before, and Meghan was always used to holding his belly with his hands!Because the skirt is very thin and tight, it was photographed at such a happy moment!Those netizens who questioned Meghan were beaten by strength this time!In fact, it can be seen very clearly from the video. When you see the move, many people are moved by Meghan!37 -year -old Meghan was also a mother, and she was almost 6 months pregnant at the time!

Meghan really dares to wear it. Her dressing style has changed the tradition of the royal family. Many people say that Meghan’s strength has seized Princess Kate’s limelight. Last year, it was reported that Princess Kate and Meghan had all kinds ofIt is not in line, and there are various people who broke the news every three differences, saying that Meghan is maverick, Meghan is strong, etc., which makes Meghan particularly stressful at once!

Now that Meghan and Prince Harry have moved away from the Kenxin Palace, they have lived a small life in the villas in the suburbs. In fact, this is completely different from the personality of Meghan who has been going out before!Or, if Meghan was figured out, he was a Duke, especially when Princess Kate became the queen. At that time, I didn’t know if anyone would pay attention to Meghan?

Prince Meghan Harry now has an independent official account. In fact, Meghan has always paid attention to everyone’s views on her!Now Prince Harry and Prince William have officially separated!From the third -tier actress in Hollywood to the princess who has attracted much attention today, in fact, every step of her takes courage, not like Princess Kate, she is born with the fate of the queen!

Although Kenxin Palace has officially announced that Meghan Shengwa’s news will be kept confidential, many people are still guessing whether Meghan has been born!In fact, this concealment makes those who are bad at doubt that they are not as generous as Princess Kate to meet the dolls with you!

Meghan spent hundreds of millions in clothes in one year. She did break the various traditional habits of the royal family. I wonder if the Queen of the United Kingdom has opinions?I also talked about Prince Harry too much, so that she would do what she wanted to do?

Meghan was photographed "fetal movement" in a big belly!Rumors of fake pregnancy hotly discussion among the strength of the face

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