Men also have to prepare for pregnancy?These 4 matters during pregnancy are closely related to future children

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Speaking of pregnancy.Most people think of women for the first time.But in fact, if you want to conceive your baby, as a husband, there are many places to pay attention to during pregnancy.So during pregnancy.The couple can work together.Men also have to prepare for pregnancy?These 4 matters during pregnancy are closely related to future children.

Avoid staying up late

Staying too late will keep your body in a tired state, the spirit will become poor, the body cannot reach a best state, and even more work during pregnancy is futile.

So adjust your biological clock in time during pregnancy to ensure the abundant mental state.

Quit smoking

These two items have always been the two things that should be avoided during pregnancy. Because the living habits of men and women are obviously different. During pregnancy, male friends should quit smoking and drink in advance, so as not to affect the success rate of pregnancy preparing for pregnancy.Essence

Because sperm also has a "production cycle", about 3 months, tobacco and alcohol will still affect the male androgen level and testicular function of men in this cycle, resulting in a reduction in the sperm quality produced.In the future, the probability of giving birth to congenital intelligence and deformities will increase.

Avoid high temperature

Due to the reproductive organs that produce sperm, the testicles are extremely sensitive to temperature. The living temperature of sperm must survive in a normal environment between 34 degrees and 35 degrees. The sperm produced is the healthiest.In the environment, the quality of sperm will not only be greatly reduced, but also greatly affected the survival rate.

Therefore, if male friends usually have the habit of taking hot baths and steaming sauna, it is best to pay attention during the pregnancy to reduce the number of times and avoid affecting sperm.

Keep your mood comfortable

In fact, during pregnancy, whether you can prepare for pregnancy, in addition to the quality of the sperm and eggs of the two people, it is also related to the mentality of the two people during this period.In fact, the young couples who have walked on the road to pregnancy can find that the more anxious the child is in the heart, the more the children will not come.

Especially for men, multiple pregnancy preparation is unsuccessful, and psychological psychological will also be greatly affected. If during pregnancy, men’s emotions have always been depressed, troubled, or irritable.Teste sperm function and sexual function will become unstable, which will affect the generation and quality of sperm.

Therefore, men should guide bad emotions in time during pregnancy and keep their mood comfortable.

During the pregnancy, do your husband pay attention to these problems?


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