Men cannot have a wife who conceives artificially, divorced her son to the man, and the woman grabbed the baby to ask for support

Jieyang, Guangdong.

A Qiang and Azhen are a couple.After marriage, because her husband Aqiang had no fertility, the two wanted to have a child.In business, Azhen gave birth to his son Xiaoqiang through artificial conception.

When his son Xiaoqiang was 2 years old, Azhen Aqiang divorced, and Xiaoqiang returned to his father A Qiang to raise it.

A year later, Azhen took his son and rejected Aqiang’s repeated repeated requirements.

Two years later, Azhen resorted to the court to change Xiaoqiang’s support relationship to his name, and at the same time asked A Qiang to bear his son’s support for the 18 -year -old.

A Qiang said that he was fully capable of raising Xiaoqiang. Although his son was not related to himself, he was accompanied by himself when Xiaoqiang was born, and he could be a good father.If he loses the right to custody, he will refuse to bear the support fee, and he is unwilling to give a child with no blood relationship.There is neither family cultivation during the support period nor the connection of blood, and he has to give money to 18 years old. He refuses to pay this fee.

Aqiang did not have birth. During his marriage with Azhen’s marriage, he agreed to give birth to a child through artificial insemination. There was no objection to his wife’s conception.Both sides’ marriage children.

The court ruled that Xiaoqiang changed her to support the woman, A Zhen, who was responsible for raising. The man Aqiang bears the child’s support fee of 2,000 yuan to the age of 18 to the age of 18, and determined how to exercise the right to visit.

Netizens are also controversially. Basically, male netizens and female netizens are on the side::

This case has given us a common sense: in my country, IVF children are also protected by law and enjoy the same rights and treatment as other children.Therefore, if the parents divorce, even if there is no blood relationship, the father needs to pay for the support.

IVF is commonly known as in vitro fertilization -embryo transplantation technology. It refers to babies born to make egg cells and sperm in vitro, and then transplant them into early embryo development, and then transplant them into the mother’s uterine development.

In our country, IVF needs a marriage certificate, the identity card of the husband and wife, and the quasi -student certificate. Single women are not allowed to conduct IVF.

If the sperm of the IVF is from the father, the baby is related to his father; if the person who cannot produce sperm due to testicular diseases, the child needs to use the sperm library, so the child has nothing to do with his father, and A Qiang belongs to the latter.

However, in this case, there is another controversial place: when Azhen Aqiang first divorced, Xiaoqiang was originally sentenced to his father.A year later, Azhen forcibly took Xiaoqiang and rejected Aqiang’s return to his son. Is this a disguised "grabbing child"?Because the incident has passed two years, the son and A Zhen have adapted to the existing living environment. The court changed Xiaoqiang’s custody to Azhen based on the principle of helping his children’s healthy growth.

The official account of the "Jieyang Intermediate People’s Court" was released on April 24, which is the final judgment:

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