Men drink strong tea like a "tea pot" all year round.

The "Mr. Jin" who drinks strong tea all year round has recently found stones in bilateral ureter because of sudden back pain, and it has triggered kidney accumulation.Mr. Jin immediately rushed to Changsha for treatment and took the two -sided minimally invasive stone surgery.After the operation, Mr. Jin repeatedly thought about it. Is it because he drinks strong tea all year round?

"Tea House" at least 6 cups of thick tea a day

Sudden waist pain can know that there is stones

Mr. Jin, 57, has experienced tea for more than ten years, and has loved drinking strong tea a few years ago. He has to drink at least a few glasses a day.Mr. Jin said: "A cup of tea is almost two -thirds of the tea, otherwise I feel like I feel like it."

On October 3 this year, Mr. Jin was working as usual, and his left waist and abdomen suddenly began to tender pain, and he had not faded for a long time.I thought it was flatulence in the stomach. I bought some medicines for treating flatulence, but it did not improve at all.I couldn’t hold it anymore, and Mr. Jin went to the medical examination, so I knew that she had stones.

Mr. Jin, who was worried that the stones would occur suddenly, were more worried about the health of the kidneys, and were determined to treat immediately, Mr. Jin immediately drove back to Changsha for treatment.

Local diagram of the results of the CT examination before surgery

Stone stalk obstruction causes waist discomfort

Non -invasive surgery quickly removed

On October 6, after the admission was admitted smoothly, Mr. Jin underwent detailed preoperative examinations.× 15mm) and the right renal water accumulation of water and surrounding inflammation of the kidney.

Due to Mr. Jin’s work time limit, in order to help him solve the problem of stones more quickly, Lu Zhuoxiong, deputy dean and director of the Department of Urology, and the doctor team of Changsha Jingshi Hospital, formulated a minimally invasive stone surgery plan for Mr. Jin.

On the same day, after improving the pre -surgery, Mr. Jin successfully undergone bilateral minimally invasive stone removal surgery. He took out the stones in his bilateral ureter at one time.

Lu Zhuoxiong’s surgery

Drinking strong tea all year round causes stones?

Doctor: The causes of stones are complex, and drinking strong tea is only one of them

After the operation, Mr. Jin thought a lot before and after, and reflected why he presided over stones. Is it related to always drinking strong tea?

Regarding Mr. Jin’s conjecture, Lu Zhuoxiong pointed out: From the perspective of the analysis of Mr. Jin’s rock composition, it is a mixture of calcium oxytic acid and calcium oxalized.There is an inseparable relationship.Because tea contains high oxalic acid and tannic acid, long -term drinking will increase the risk of stones.However, the causes of stones are relatively complicated, not due to a single reason. Mr. Jin works on the construction site all year round. Factors such as large water loss and frequent drinking high sugar drinks have also promoted the formation of stones to a certain extent.

Lu Zhuoxiong explained the cause of the stones

Therefore, it is recommended that the general public usually drink plenty of water. Friends who like to drink tea should try to drink light tea as much as possible, drink less drinks, and actively prevent the occurrence of stones.In addition, experts from Changsha Jingshi Hospital warmly reminded that if waist and abdomen, pain, colic, or hematuria occur, they should seek medical treatment in time to screen for urinary stones to facilitate early check and early treatment to protect the health of kidney function and health.Essence

Reporter: He Xi Correspondent: Zhong Liang

Source: Political and Law Channel

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