Men eat this fruit for 7 days, which causes muscle to dissolve!This error, you may be committed

The weather was getting colder, and grapefruit, orange, and oranges became the "fruit leader" of the season.

Especially grapefruit, not only cheap, many delicious juice, but also many advantages that make people unreasonable: contain vitamin C, low calories … and so on.But do you think that you can eat muscle solubility when you eat grapefruit?

Eat grapefruit and eat "muscle dissolution"

Mr. Liu, 58, loves grapefruit because he loves to eat grapefruit every day, and he holds a grapefruit home every day, and he can eat a whole person.Not long ago, Mr. Liu suddenly had sore limbs, weak hands and feet, and then the symptoms continued to increase, and he couldn’t even move the way … The family quickly sent him to the hospital.

The doctor got the blood test of Mr. Liu and found that it was more than 5 times higher than the normal values.This is the muscle dissolving caused by acute injury!

What is muscle dissolution?

The transverse muscle dissolving syndrome refers to the destruction and disintegration of the horizontal muscle due to various reasons such as squeezing, exercise, high fever, drugs, and inflammation, which causes muscle cell components such as causal kinase, muscle red protein to enter extracellular fluid and blood circulationIt caused disorders in the human environment.

The symptoms show "soy sauce urine" (darker of urine), weakness, and fever, etc., which can seriously induce heart failure. Patients with chest tightness and asthma, and they can die in time.

Why can eating grapefruit dissolved muscles?

This disease is usually caused by accidental exercise.But Mr. Liu did not exercise, nor did he injured accidentally. How could he dissolve muscle?How is this going?

The doctor asked Mr. Liu’s habit of diet and schedule in the past few days and did a comprehensive examination.It was discovered that Mr. Liu had checked hyperlipidemia 3 months ago, and took Atropastine under the doctor’s suggestion for lipid -lowering treatment.Before the muscles dissolved, he had eaten grapefruit for a week!

Doctors said: Grapefruit and Hittin -class drugs are the biggest cause of diarrhea muscle solubility.Take these medicines, fasting grapefruit!Grapefruit fruits (especially grapefruit) contain active ingredients such as beancan, grapefrontin, and bergamoty, which can inhibit the activity of metabolic enzymes in the human body, which affects drug metabolism and excretion.

This may cause a large accumulation of drugs in the body, cause excessive efficacy, aggravate adverse reactions, and even cause poisoning.

Can’t take grapefruit if you take medicine?

If you really want to take grapefruit, how long does it take to take the medicine after taking the medicine?

Suggestion: It is best to avoid eating grapefruit or grapefruit juice within 6 hours after taking the medicine.If you really take a bite of grapefruit, you don’t need to worry too much to eat a one or two petals, because leaving the dose to talk about toxicity is a hooligan.It is most important to read the drug instructions carefully before taking medicine. It is not allowed to consult a doctor.

So, will other grapefruit, oranges, and oranges also affect?

The fruits and peels of grapefruit, oranges and citrus plants contain orange peel or grapefrings, which will affect metabolic enzymes in the human body, which will affect the metabolism and excretion of drugs. Therefore, when taking drugs in daily lifeBe sure to pay attention to the interaction with these fruits.

In fact, in addition to the delicious flesh, grapefruit is also a treasure.For example, grapefruit glucose, its volatile oil and directional substances, can make grapefruit aroma remain in the mouth.

The practice of grapefruit cigarette sugar

Material: a grapefruit skin, half a catty of rock sugar.

Step 1: Grapefruit cleaning

The grapefruit skin bought on the market may be waxed, so use salt to clean it.

Step 2: Slice

The grapefruit skin is cut into a strip of about 5mm.If you are afraid of bitterness, you can cut the yellow skin on the outside with a knife and cut it, but the effect of dietary therapy will decrease.

Step 3: cleaning, soaking

Every time you clean it, you must squeeze the grapefruit skin with your hands, just like twisting clothes, repeatedly squeeze the water absorbed by the grapefruit skin repeatedly, and then let it absorb water; the purpose is to let the grapefruit skin rinse as much as possible.

It is critical to soak this step. It is necessary to make it bitter and hemp to make grapefruit glucose.

① Put in salt water for 4 hours and change the water once, so be sure to squeeze the grapefruit skin and soak it with water.

② Soak hot water+a small amount of salt, about 4 hours, and then clean 3-4 times.Don’t be afraid of trouble, the purpose is to make the finished taste good.

Tip: For every grapefruit, you can choose to press it with things.

Step 4: water control

The soaked grapefruit skin is twisted, and you can use the water control basket and put it for about half an hour.

Step 5: Boil syrup

If you want to choose the pot, you must not use the iron pan for cooking, it is particularly easy to paste.So it is best to use non -stick pan.

Water+rock sugar is heated in the pot, and the grapefruit skin that wires the bars will not be stretched.

If you do n’t know how much water is added, you can take a bowl when you soak the grapefruit skin, squeeze the grapefruit filled with water, see how much water is, and then use more water to melt the appropriate amount of rock sugar.

The amount of sugar depends on personal preferences.The weight of the recommended sugar and the weight of the grapefruit skin with squeezed water should be 1: 1.8.

Step 6: Cooking

After the rock sugar melts, put the grapefruit skin that controls the water in the pot and stir fry, so that each piece of grapefruit skin can be stained with ice syrup.

Step 7: The rock sugar is almost sucked, and then turn to small medium heat to continue frying.

Step 8: Until the surface of the grapefruit skin, the white sugar powder is predicted.

Step 9: Grapefrier sugar is ready!Store with a sealed container and take it with food.

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Source: Shanghai Putuo

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