Menstruation does not leave, most of them are caused by these factors

The importance of menstruation must be known to female friends. It is an important condition for measuring women’s health. The rule of menstruation indicates that women’s bodies are healthy, but if menstruation disorders, it means that women have gynecological diseases.So, menstruation is here or not, what’s going on? Today, let’s talk about it in detail today.

What are the reasons for menstruation?

First, gynecological diseases are not only a situation that women who are older.In the current society, many women in their twenties are more and more frequent in gynecological diseases, and the chance of gynecological diseases has gradually increased.With vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, and uterine polyps. They are common gynecological diseases and are easily occurred in women 30 years old. They may cause menstruation not only, and continuous menstrual blood.Therefore, timely treatment of gynecological diseases is particularly critical.

Second, women aged 30 in life may also be affected by Gong Han. Under this cold influence, it will also cause you to endlessly during menstruation. It is very important to keep your abdomen in time.Stay away from you, your body is natural and healthy.

Third, many 30 -year -old women may be busy with their own occupation. In order to avoid pregnancy, they may take contraceptives. Taking contraceptives can indeed work in contraception, but at the same time, it also affects women’s menstruation.Especially when taking too much contraceptive pills for a long time, it may also cause hormone disturbances in the body, and there will be an endless menstrual abnormal manifestation during subsequent menstruation.

Fourth, menstruation is always intermittently without cleaning, which may be a luteal problem.The luteal may sound relatively strange, but you should have heard that progesterone is a progesterone, a substance that suppresses uterine contraction. When there is a problem with progesterone, the cervix cannot be closed.

Fifth, married women will place a nursery ring in the uterus after childbirth, the purpose is to avoid accidental pregnancy.Putting the birth ring in the uterus will scratch the endometrium and cause uterine bleeding.If bleeding and continuous bleeding within one month after placing a birthplace, you should take out the birth ring in time, which may mean that your body is not suitable for placing this contraceptive ring for contraception.Infertility in the future.

In short, in the face of endless menstruation, we should not panic, seek the help of doctors in time, and use suitable methods for treatment, which can generally heal.If it is caused by other diseases, just treat this disease first, relax the mentality, relax, and actively face it.

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