Menstruation is delayed, heartburn, constipation, irritability, what is going on?Congratulations, you are happy

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Case: Recently, there are some small depression. I do n’t know if it ’s the effect of progesterone. It’ s a little sad, and sometimes I want to complain. Today I have a little fear, I am afraid that I am too greedy. I ’m afraid of complaining about the small deficiencies in life.I already have happiness, so I will be grateful when I want to complain, and I am grateful to everything I already have. It is already good. Really, I am very satisfied!

Menstruation is delayed, heartburn, constipation, irritability, what’s the matter?Congratulations, might be pregnant

It should be menstruation, but if you do n’t come, the expectant mother feels the problem of burning heart, constipation, and irritability. After pregnancy, not only the menstruation of the moon and the moon is gone, but it will also bring physical and mental changes.

Do not come to menstruation and suspect that pregnancy is more common

We will see that in the TV, some heroines have severe vomiting and go straight to the bathroom, and then the people around me start to doubt, either happy or worried, "Did she have it?"We return to reality. Many women have been realized for 5-7 weeks after menstruation.

The calculation method of the number of pregnancy weeks is based on 28 days, and the first day of the last menstrual period is calculated.At the beginning of pregnancy, the last menstrual period of expectant mothers.But Xinbu said that we usually assume that ovulation will be available in about two weeks on the first day of the last we go.In other words, in the third week of pregnancy, the actual breeding party only started, and expectant mothers would show early pregnancy reactions in different situations.Some women’s menstrual cycles are relatively regular. If menstruation has been delayed for more than 1 week, first consider the possibility of pregnancy.

Even so, the menstrual cycle is easily affected by environmental changes and mental stress, so menstruation is more common.With whether menstruation arrives on time and accurately judge whether there is any pregnancy, and pay attention to some changes in the body, expectant mothers find that they need to go to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic in time for examination.

What are the signs of pregnancy

1. Feel a fever

Sometimes expectant mothers feel that their base temperature has always been high, as if a fever, she will mistakenly judge her cold.Some expectant mothers may also go to a doctor for treatment with a cold and take medicine.

2. Polarpy pain and sensitive

Moms may be painful because of their tight underwear or their clothes encountering their nipples.Due to the difference in individuals, some do not feel this.

3, nausea

The expectant mother responded earlier. Perhaps there was nausea when menstruation delayed, and she felt nausea and vomiting. Some were very sensitive to some smells, and may be accompanied by chest tightness.

4. Smart sleepy and exhausted

Even if the mothers are very good in their minds, they will have the problem of mental exhaustion and sleepy after pregnancy.

5. Increase vaginal secretions

Due to the role of the body’s hormones, the vaginal secretions increased after pregnancy, showing milky white, sticky, and no odor.

6. Easy to constipation

It is also affected by hormones. The intestinal peristalsis of the expectant mothers during pregnancy slows down, so it is easy to cause constipation.The uterus compression to the intestine can cause constipation.

7. Emotional is easy to excite

The expectant mother would be mood, somehow, sometimes crying, sometimes angry, and sometimes sad.

8. Skin change

The hormones change during pregnancy. The skin of expectant mothers may be dry, and freckles and wrinkles are prone to appear. The beautiful expectant mothers are not easy to put on makeup when makeup.

9. Abdominal distension and backache

Because the uterus expands rapidly after pregnancy, it will squeeze into the stomach and bladder. Therefore, it will feel abdominal soreness during pregnancy.

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