Mom looks like a baby gender: Beautiful and easy to give birth to a daughter, ordinary Yisu?Look at the scientific explanation

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I believe that everyone has heard rumors about boys and women in life. It is affected by personal preferences. It is affected by traditional concepts. There are many families in contemporary times.Before birth, judge that the baby is male or female through some methods.

There is such a rumor in life that the appearance of the mother is related to the gender of the child. The mother looks beautiful, and the possibility of having a daughter is more likely; the mother looks ordinary, and the possibility of having a son is more likely.So is this kind of statement reliable?

Related studies have found that the value of a boy and a mother and a mother is not very connected. The probability of beautiful mothers and men and women is similar.Big, so the mother’s appearance cannot determine the child’s gender.

In fact, this is also easy to confirm in life. You can observe the beautiful mothers around them. Their appearance is relatively outstanding, and children have children and daughters. It can be seen that the mother’s appearance cannot be used as a condition for determining the gender of the child.

1. Dreaming of snake indicates that there is a boy

There are many explanations of the folks during the pregnancy of pregnant mothers. The most common of which is to dream of a snake foreshadowing a boy.In fact, people dream when sleeping, mainly because the brain is still in excitement, and it will merge something that you see to form a dream together.This method is not reliable to judge children’s gender.

2. Diet affects children’s gender

Although science pointed out that the human environment shows different acid and alkali, which will have a certain impact on the quality of sex cells, and the possibility of alkaline having a boy will increase.However, many people have solved the meaning of it, and believe that the diet can change the acid and alkali of the body by diet, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the gender of the child.In fact, the impact of short -term diet adjustment on the acid and alkali of the human body is not great. Even through various methods through various methods, the internal environment has changed, and the probability of boys and women is random.

3. Mother’s IQ is high and easy to give birth to boys. Dad’s IQ is high and easy to give birth to girls

This statement is also unreliable. In terms of genetic genetic genetics, the relationship between children of different gender and my parents’ IQ has been obtained.Differences will affect the gender of children.Parents should understand that the height of IQ not only rely on congenital inheritance, but whether it can be fully developed the day after tomorrow is also important. If parents only hope to be genetically cultivated and do not pay attention to the cultivation of the day after tomorrow, then even if the child has good genes, it will be abandoned.

We know that human sex chromosomes are divided into two categories. After the combination of X and Y, if the XX is combined, the baby’s gender is female. If XY is combined, the baby’s gender is male.It is not difficult to see that the key depends on the Y chromosome from his father.Therefore, it is the sex chromosomes of the child’s gender, and the baby’s gender decides when conceived.

Therefore, the gender of children is not artificially controlled. Those unscientific claims are still wonderful.

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