Mom loves to lose her temper during pregnancy?Learning to regulate emotions is good for fetal baby. Try four relief methods

Good friends have been pregnant for 5 months, and her emotional fluctuations are very large during pregnancy. She said that she lacks a sense of security. Sometimes she will cry and cry for a long time because her husband says a word.Guilty.

Sometimes when you stay alone, you want to cry inexplicably.And as soon as you quarrel with your husband, you will cry, and you feel angry when you hear you dissatisfied. Friends feel a little terrible.I did not expect that pregnancy would make myself a big change, and I didn’t even know myself.

In fact, when some pregnant mothers will have irritability, fatigue and other emotional ups and downs after pregnancy, such a situation must be adjusted in time. You can try to do the following 4 things to reduce irritability.

First, eating these foods often can relieve the irritability of pregnant mothers

1. Food rich in vitamin B

Eat more foods that help to calm down, such as whole wheat bread and oatmeal, such as vitamin B, can help improve the level of anti -pressure hormones in the body.

2. Banana

Bananas can make your mood happily, because bananas contain a variety similar to dopamine. After entering the body, this substance can make nervous metabolism smoother, which will make emotions more comfortable.

3. Eat more foods that have the effect of relieving liver and qi

Such as celery, tomatoes, radish, oranges, grapefruit, etc.

The body and mind are connected, the body’s needs are satisfied, and irritability will also be reduced.The mood slows down, and the body will be a bit strong.

2. You can eat some healthy snacks

I am very easy to be hungry when my mood is low during pregnancy, so I will prepare small snacks in the place where you can get it. Sometimes when you wake up in the middle of the night, you can eat and you can eat it immediately, so the healthy snacks can be prepared.

For example, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc. These foods contain protein, minerals, etc., which are conducive to the fetal brain development.In addition, if the pregnant mother’s early pregnancy response is serious, then chocolate, fruit, biscuits, candy, etc. that usually dare not eat can be eaten properly.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat snacks in an appropriate amount. It should not be too much and cannot affect the dinner.Generally, it is not advisable to eat snacks half an hour before bedtime, so as not to affect the health of the stomach.Pregnant mothers can choose from taste and love when choosing snacks, and pay attention to reasonable diets to balance nutrition.

Third, do some housework appropriately

When pregnant mothers are irritable, they can do some housework appropriately, help to relieve irritability, make their mood comfortable, and also play a role in exercise.

During my pregnancy, the doctor of delivery told me: I can’t do anything when I am pregnant.Do whatever you should, exercise until you can’t run.Frequent jobs and housework appropriately can relieve their emotions.The doctor also said that many pregnant women "raised themselves" early.Weighing continuously, some problems during pregnancy will come to the door.Such as diabetes during pregnancy.

So during the whole pregnancy, when I permitted my physical condition, I often cook, wash clothes by myself, and clean up my clothes.Occasionally, I can’t stand it on the ground, and I will drag it.As long as the physical condition is good, appropriate housework can still be done.In the process of doing housework, I will feel my irritable emotions, and the emotions will gradually calm down with the process of doing housework.

However, when doing housework, pay attention to avoid climbing and climbing low, and not squatting for a long time. You should also avoid long -term contact with cold water or use stimulating detergent.

Fourth, prenatal education

Regulating the irritability during pregnancy can also do more prenatal education, which can help pregnant mothers regulate the life during pregnancy and make the pregnancy more meaningful.

There are many content contained in prenatal education, and music prenatal education is essential during pregnancy. The best time for music prenatal education is the 16th week after pregnancy.

There are many prenatal education content. We can also touch, dialogue, read poetry, sing, paint, etc. These different prenatal education methods can stimulate the development of the baby in different aspects.

Pregnant education not only helps pregnant mothers peaceful mood, but also has the role of soothe fetal and promoting fetal brain development.

I often talk to the baby in my stomach during pregnancy. I think I feel calm every time I talk to the baby in my belly during pregnancy. At that timeIt is also very helpful for the depression ~

Mother Han Ni Message:

It is not easy to get pregnant. Each mother is great, and it is normal to have emotional irritability. Pregnant mothers should not enlarge their emotions by themselves, but find a way to resolve emotions.

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