Mom should know, why does aunt stop after pregnancy?Where is my aunt going?

Pregnancy is not an easy task for women, because it means that the body will change a lot.And we all know that one of the biggest physical changes after women’s pregnancy is that they will not come to menstruation when they are pregnant.Menstruation is a physiological mature woman will have every month, but as long as women are pregnant, menstruation will not come between the ten months of being pregnant.So what causes it?Many people are strange about this.

But this is actually very easy to understand, because menstruation is actually the blood formed by the endometrium of women’s uterine. Women will ovulate in their bodies every month.In the process, it will be accompanied by the endometrium.But when a woman stopsing the eggs after the woman is pregnant, then the body does not need to ovulate, so naturally there will be no menstruation.But at this time, there was another question. Where did the menstruation go during pregnancy?

1. Become a new uterine environment

After women are pregnant, the embryo will bed in the uterus.After the fertilized eggs, the inner wall of the uterus will become a small "bed" of fertilized eggs, so the endometrium cannot continue to fall off. At this timeIt will be safe for ten months before it can come out.

2. Turn into milk

Generally, women will have milk after pregnancy, and women without pregnancy will not have milk.But many people don’t know what it has prompted milk.The production of milk is of course because of the stimulation of hormones.Women are not menstruation after pregnancy, and without menstruation will cause hormones to stimulate women’s thymus cells, make pregnant women’s breasts fuller, and produce milk.Therefore, during pregnancy, the disappeared menstruation can also be said to be transformed into milk.

3. Promote the secretion of amniotic fluid in pregnant women

After women, menstruation disappears for a while because of no hormone stimulation.And this period of stimulating menstruation has actually become hormones that stimulate amniotic fluid secretion in pregnant women.Because for pregnant women and fetuses, amniotic fluid is very critical, whether it is protecting the fetus or it has a great effect on the pregnant woman itself.

1. Women who breastfeed after giving birth

For women, how long it can return to normal menstruation after giving birth, there are some differences between different people.Especially for women who breastfeed their children postpartum, this matter is very different.These women may be restored during the second to eighteen months of the postpartum, and even more women can not restore menstruation until the end of the breastfeeding.

2. Women who have no breastfeeding after delivery

For women who do not breastfeed after giving birth, menstruation may be recovered in six to ten weeks after production, but there are still rare cases that may only be four months after production.It will restore menstruation, these are not completely certain.

3. Women do not worry about irregular menstruation within a certain period of time after giving birth

Many women may find that their menstruation is irregular after production, so they are afraid that this is not good for the body and is an unhealthy manifestation.But this is not to worry about this, because for women after birth, irregular menstruation within one year after production is normal, and there is no harm to the body. Don’t worry too much.

4. Breastfeeding children who feed children should pay attention to nutrition supplement after menstruation

For mothers who feed their babies after childbirth, as long as menstruation comes, mothers should pay attention. At this time, more nutrition should be added, and the nutritional balance must be matched with diet.Because the mother’s menstruation during breastfeeding, the composition of breast milk may change, so it is necessary to adjust the mother’s diet, so that the mother’s milk can also be suitable for children to drink.

5. "Auntie" women will also ovulate after giving birth

We all know that women’s menstruation is because they are expelled from the body that has not been fertilized in the body.But what many people do n’t know is that after some good pregnant women have completed their menstruation, although menstruation has not recovered at this time, the body has returned to normal egg delivery at this time.Many people do not know that if there is no protection measures after menstruation, the life of the husband and wife does not take a protective measure, causing the wife to become pregnant during breastfeeding. This is very unfavorable for women who have not fully recovered.There are also some damage.Therefore, the couple must pay more attention to this aspect.

1. Regulation in diet

I believe everyone knows that during menstruation, it is best to eat these two types of irritating foods that cannot be cold and spicy.For women who have just restored menstruation after childbirth, they must be strictly observed. Otherwise, not only will the wounds in the body restore slowly, but it is not good for women’s bodies.At this time, you can choose some more gentle and nourishing foods, and have great benefits to the recovery of menstruation and the recovery of women’s physical health.

2. Have a good mood

For women who have just been produced, it is also very important to have a good mood.Because the mood and bad will directly affect the good or bad of menstruation.When a person is in a good mood, this pleasant feeling will stimulate the brain. The neurosroofs of the brain can stimulate menstruation to make it run normally; and when the brain receives such a signal, it will be likely to cause menstruationNormally running.

3. There must be some appropriate exercise after delivery

For women who have just come to menstruation shortly after delivery, in fact, it is very beneficial to perform some exercise appropriately, because proper exercise can not only improve blood supply in the human body, but also promote bleeding in the body of women. It is helpful for postpartum adjustment of menstruationEssenceAs long as you choose some relaxed and not many big movements, it is feasible.

Women postpartum women need good care, both in terms of life and physical aspects, they need to pay more attention.For women’s postpartum physical recovery, menstrual recovery is a very important aspect, let alone treat it at will, because it is more important about women’s long -term life problems after production, so it is even more important.

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