Moms during pregnancy!The reason why you can’t "apply things" during pregnancy is here

Love beauty is the nature of women, pursuing beauty, and the commonality of everyone.For women, makeup and skin care are the best ways to make themselves more beautiful.

But having children is the nature of women. If you are pregnant, you cannot use cosmetics and shower gel.Basically all pregnant women know.Therefore, when most mothers are pregnant, they are worried that the babies in the abdomen will be affected because of their problems. Most of them dare not use them.

On the other hand, due to the factors of pregnancy, the skin condition of expectant mothers is affected and worse.Compared with the beautiful appearance before pregnancy, even if you go out, you can only look down.Will involuntarily think: Why can’t skin care and makeup during pregnancy!

The reason why you cannot "apply things" during pregnancy:

It is easy to cause baby birth defects.Many chemicals have teratogenicity to babies in the abdomen, while cosmetics and skin care products contain a lot of chemicals.

1: Phenyl -dysharite is the cause of premature birth and abnormal development of fetus.

2: Nail polish of organic objects such as toluene may hinder the normal development of the fetus and cause the baby to malformation.Essence

3: When it comes to the allergies of quasi -mothers, it will also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

4: Vitamin A Class A: Vitamin A acid oral administration is one of the reasons for the defect of the fetus.So using skin care products containing Victoria A, the impact on the fetus is not sure. Do you dare to go to Bo?

5: The ingredients of whitening and freckle are phenylphenol, and there is a chance to trigger an exogenous brown yellow disease and white spots in pregnant women and cause infant malformations.

6: High -concentration of salicylic acid is also one of the causes of fetal malformations.

Almost all cosmetics have chemical composition that affects expectant mothers and babies.Do you dare to use this?Even if cosmetics does not contain the existence of known chemical components that may affect the health of expectant mothers and babies.You dare to guarantee that other chemicals will not affect, and there will be no defective products during the production process?

So why is the mother the greatest, because he paid everything for his child.

Moms, do you use cosmetics and other things during pregnancy?Reply to 1, the reply 2!

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