More than 20,000 alliances can popularize the skiing clothes and lose their belt. As a lawyer, she said …

Ms. Xie reported that she sent a ski suit of more than 20,000 yuan for cleaning. After picking up home, she found that her clothes were incomplete.Talking about the compensation plan with the laundry. Coincidentally, Ms. Xie herself is very professional.

"Fonte" washing and losing the "Focusing" belt customer is a lawyer to discuss the payment standard

Ms. Xie: It was the same as the same color, and then because it was a ski suit. It was a slim -fitting style. Then from here, there is a MONCLErSo now, this belt is gone, so it has become a loose version, affecting the dress of the whole piece of clothes.

Ms. Xie said that this dress was bought in December 2022. It was a new model at that time. It cost 22,350 yuan and did not wear it a few times.She found pictures of the same clothes on the Internet with a belt.

Ms. Xie: From May 2nd to May 3rd, I was sent to Vientiane Hui to send them.

Reporter: How many pieces were washed?

Ms. Xie: 13 pieces.

Reporter: What clothes are they all?

Ms. Xie: It is all woolen coats, Max Mara (Max Max), and then some Moncler (Focusing), and then some (Canadian goose) down jackets.

Ms. Xie sent her clothes to the "Funai Special Laundry" store in Xiaoshan Vientiane, Hangzhou.She said that she was a member of the store. The laundry clothing could be 20 % off, and bought a discount package on other platforms. The cleaning cost of 13 clothes added up to 800.

Ms. Xie: In early June, they notified me that the clothes had been washed, probably on the 10th June, and then I took the clothes away, and then put it at home.After finishing it, when it was sorted into the closet, it was found that the belt was lost.

Ms. Xie: This is also a down jacket I gave washed. It has a hat in its accessories. Then when it is sent, it will remove the accessories and clothing into two parts, and then label it.After cleaning, it will nail two tags together, assemble everything together, and then give it to consumers.But this one was the clothes that was washed at the time. The washing clothes were clearly marked and there were belts, but when it came back, the belt was gone.

Reporter: When you got your clothes, didn’t you find a labeling label?

Ms. Xie: This is the case. It is packaged as a whole. It must wait for the overall packaging (dismantling) before it can see this tag.I later discovered that they had two labels internal management, but from my perspective, I would not look at the label, I just looked at my clothes incomplete.

There are two labels on the down jacket packaging bag with a hat with a hat, one of which says: ordinary down jackets, hats; and one on it: the attachment name hat.There is only one label on the bag in the ski jacket: ordinary down jackets and belts.

Manager Wu, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Wanxianghui Store in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Wanxianghui: We were unlimited. At that time, the situation was also special. We were sent to our branches to wash it at that time.What about the branch, we can not take care of the management of the restaurant.

Reporter: If you lose it, can’t the monitor be found?

Manager Wu, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Van Xianghui Store in Hangzhou: It was not found in the surveillance, because it was a long time, and we surveillance covered it.

Ms. Xie had asked the brand’s sales before. Can she make up a belt? The other party said that the clothes were removed from the shelves last year. The belt was produced with clothes, and there would not be much.The compensation plan given by the store is: based on the payment standards formulated by the washing industry and the Consumers Association, the clothes accessories are lost, and the money is paid by one to twice the washing fee of clothes, and the washing fee of three times will be paid.The washing fee, a total of 400 yuan.Manager Wu told reporters that he later applied to the company and scored 800 yuan in compensation.However, Ms. Xie said that as a lawyer, she had different views on the payment plan.

Ms. Xie: They feel that more than 20,000 yuan of clothes and lose a belt. I only need to lose 800 yuan, or if you just go to the Association or other places, you will follow the washing measures in Zhejiang Province.To determine, the highest is 10 to 20 times.Therefore, in fact, they do n’t care about the behavior of customers who lose their objects like this, because they feel that the compensation standard is very low, but they do n’t know.The law of compulsory law, it is an agreement freely, so I don’t want to negotiate with them in this way in the future. I will go to the court to sue them and ask for compensation according to the actual losses to compensate for compensation.Essence

Manager Wu, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Van Xianghui Store: If we can negotiate, we will further negotiate. If not, we can only follow the customer’s way.

Ms. Xie also suggested that everyone should retain the purchase vouchers and take pictures or record videos before and after delivery.

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