Most Beautiful Healthy

Hu Xia, the most beautiful healthy person.

Red Net Moment News April 21 (Correspondent Zhao Can Tan Panpan) There are such groups of people who repeatedly experienced the joy of pregnancy and the pain of abortion, and even experienced the bitterness of early pregnancy, but because of various factors, they have timely and time with their babies.Pass your shoulders.Hu Xia, who lives in You County, was once one of them.From 2016 to 2021, Hu Xia experienced six miscarriage in six years. In order to achieve her mother’s dream, she ran around in various hospitals countless times and spent more than 100,000 medical expenses.

"I am very familiar with the a few hospitals I went to. Where is the B -ultrasound room and the inspection department? I don’t have to ask which doctor is a doctor today." Recalling her path to seeking medical treatment, Hu Xia’s interestingUnintentional.

After six years of running, I finally found a "resentment pill"

In February 2022, Hu Xia accidentally saw a successful case of recurrence abortion in the WeChat public account of Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in the circle of friends.After a glimpse of the light, he drove 100 kilometers without stopping, and found Liu Ling, director of the Chinese Medicine Gynecology Department.

Hu Xia’s job is the shipper, and her husband is also working outside. The cost of taboos on many occasions is very large, which also worsen this unwahering family.Director Liu Ling, Chinese medicine and gynecology, learned about the situation carefully that Hu Xia is more special than ordinary patients. First of all, 33 is no longer a pregnancy advantage. Secondly, she has more than a dozen basic diseases.Light, insulin resistance, fatty liver, obesity …

"Considering your own situation, I recommend interfere with other diseases before preparing for pregnancy. At least multiple indicators such as hormones and blood sugar should be adjusted to the appropriate range. By then, you will have more effective things.. "Liu Ling’s words made Hu Xia feel warm.

In the next few months, Liu Ling conducted comprehensive treatment of Chinese medicine and western medicine internal administration, traditional Chinese medicine, medicated meals, acupuncture and acupoints, lymphocyte immunotherapy, etc.After about every 3 months, review the abnormal indicators, and timely evaluate the efficacy of drugs and adjust the treatment plan.Hu Xia also regarded Liu Ling as "Xinxin Pill".

"Director Liu Ling is very patient, meticulous, and very professional, so no matter what you encounter and worry, as long as you think of her, my husband and I will be full of confidence."

During the fetal protection period, it becomes the "five -star volunteer" in the ward

In August 2022, Hu Xia was pregnant for the seventh time and lived in a Chinese medicine gynecological fetal protection ward.

She was fatter, and she couldn’t control the blood glucose after pregnancy. She also caused the bottom lesions because of diabetes. The eyelid was always full of blood, and her vision was not as good as before.But Hu Xia has never worried about her body. As long as she does not affect her baby’s development, she can always get up quickly.

In order to help Hu Xia control blood sugar, the bed nurse will come to the ward to do five blood sugar monitoring for her one day, and formulate a detailed diet plan for her. She also cooperates very well. She never dares to eat a bowl of powder and soup in the morning. SheI also mocked itself: "I can only eat big meals in my dreams!"

After all persistence is effective, after the blood sugar is slowly controlled, the HCG value has also steadily increased. Hu Xia has become the person with the most smiles in the ward.

When she does not do treatment, she often chats with patients and enlighten them, and uses her own fetal experience to encourage everyone to actively cooperate with treatment.There are often patients who can’t find a B -ultrasound test room. Hu Xia will also voluntarily bring the way and accompany the inspection, and take the initiative to help the patients who are not inconvenient to get up to buy food. Over time, she likes the "five -star volunteers sent by pregnant mothers"title.She said: "Human emotions can actually be infected with each other, you are optimistic, and others will actually follow it."

In March of this year, Hu Xia finally gave birth to an angel baby. After the anesthesia woke up, she shared the good news to Director Liu Ling.When it comes to why he dreams of becoming true, Hu Xia concluded: "On the one hand, he treats the child as a faith, and on the other hand, it is the heart pill given by the doctor!"

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