Most people who have never been pregnant will not believe it!See how many of you?

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Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

For women, it seems that life is perfect, but after the words "breeding" are simple, they have to go through a lot. For women who have not been pregnant, they may not believe it!Take a look at the facts of these pregnancy below to see a few of you.

The other side of the flower blooms: Spit it up to the hospital, and the jaundice is gone, and it is still retching. Damn, I really want to ask others how people who do n’t eat the sea and drink what they do.

Pregnancy experience is a sense of ritual in pregnancy. From the eyes of others, it is disgusting when it is disgusting.But how uncomfortable is it, and only people who have experienced it know that sometimes it is really bile to spit out.

Aurora: I really admire those women who have a few children. It is difficult to get pregnant. The three months in the later period is also painful. The pain is also difficult. The process of giving birth to a child is even more difficult. Oh my woman, how tired women are!I’m afraid I can’t hold on.

Pregnancy is a happy thing. Whenever I think of the baby in the stomach, I am very happy, but the whole pregnancy is like the Tang monk Xitian’s scriptures. I have to go through the "1981 difficulty".After all, I couldn’t let go, and then I had to do NT, Tang Siek, Formulating, and Glycogen tolerance tests. Every time I checked the heart, it was hanging until the result came out.Edema, constipation, insomnia, all kinds of discomfort, the closer to the due date, the more nervous, the more uncomfortable.

Love to drink millet porridge: 19 weeks+, sometimes it can feel on the stomach, it is very mild, but the child’s father put it up and quiet immediately [cover your face] [cover your face] [cover your face].

For the first time, I felt the baby’s fetal movement, and I really moved myself to cry.Very magical!And in the future pregnancy weeks, it is more and more accustomed to being "abused" by the baby.

Yuer: Before pregnancy, I love to eat bean drums, onions, coriander, don’t say after pregnancy, I am afraid when I smell it.

If the taste changes, some women will love meat after pregnancy, and some people love the smell of gasoline after pregnancy.

The changes in personality will become very sensitive, a lot of sadness, and also love to cry, many times I can’t control myself; expectant mothers who do not like the baby before, may become particularly like the baby. When you see your baby, you always want to stopTake a look or touch.

In addition to the larger stomach, the changes in appearance may also grow stretch marks, grow spots, acne, and become rough.

Love life and son: I have been urinating frequently during pregnancy, and it has been difficult to get until 30 weeks. In the past two days, I have urinated me, and I started to doubt my life again.I want to buy an adult’s urine.

Whether you are at home, work or shopping malls, either in the bathroom, or on the way to the bathroom. Although it is a bit exaggerated, the frequent urination during pregnancy is really so frequently.

The boat to the bridge head is naturally straight: because the baby is too large, you can’t give birth. On the day of the cesarean section, not only took off the light, but also met a male doctor. It was really embarrassing.

Some caesarean section is only dragged on the lower body, but the upper body should be as much as possible. If you give birth, you have to take off your lower body clothes. Shyness is inevitable.Thinking about letting the baby coming out healthy quickly, I can’t care so much.

Jingma said: Pregnancy is a very happy process, but various experiences during pregnancy always make expectant mothers unforgettable for life.Finally, I wish the mothers can go smoothly during pregnancy and have a smart and healthy baby.

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